Apr 012015
Walsh Ironman - The Toughest High School Tournament in the U.S.A.
Walsh Ironman – The Toughest High School Tournament in the U.S.A.
IRONMAN, as always we welcome California kids & teams – yes, the bar is high – we have tradition…many NCAA champs and All-Americans each year wrestle here, the top 2 states in NCAA qualifiers and All-Americans, Pennsylvania and Ohio bring their best here.” Bob Preusse
  • December 11 & 12, 2015
  • Location: Walsh Jesuit High School, Ohio
If interested, e-mail Bob Preusse @ ohiobob@aol.com


Walsh Ironman

California Medalist
1994 – 2014
Bosco Trio - Anthony & Zahid Valencia and Cade Olivas - Folkstyle National Champions

Bosco Trio – Anthony & Zahid Valencia and Cade Olivas

106 – Cade Olivas (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
170 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
182 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION (2nd 4x Champion)
132 – Julian Flores (San Marino, S), 6th Place
145 – Jeremy Thomas (Santiago, S), 3rd Place
145 – Zander Wick (San Marino, S), 5th Place
152 – Justin Thomas (Santiago, S), 8th Place
160 – Lorenzo De La Riva (Folsom, SJ), 8th Place
195 – Austin Flores (Clovis North, C), 5th Place
Nick Feigner
106 – Chris Lacayo (Santiago, S), 8th Place
132 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
138 – Mike Longo (Santiago, S), 3rd Place
138 – PJ Klee (Cardinal Newman, NC), 8th Place
170 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
182 – Nick Fiegener (Folsom, SJ), 3rd Place
182 – Corey Griego (Sultana, S), 5th Place
Aaron Pico
113 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
132 – Aaron Pico (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
160 – Isaiah Martinez (Lemoore, C), 2nd Place
170 – Peter Santos (Oakmont, SJ), 3rd Place
152 – Shayne Tucker (Bella Vista, SJ), 4th Place
170 – Corey Griego (Sultana, S), 4th Place
113 – Sean Williams (Lemoore, C), 8th Place
138 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), 4th Place
170 – Keaton Subject (Oak Ridge, SJ), 5th Place
182 – Immanuel Barber (Canyon Springs, S), 6th Place
Isaiah Martinez (Lemore HS)
Isaiah Martinez - Lemoore HS (C) FLO NATIONAL CHAMPION
106 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
152 – Isaiah Martinez (Lemoore, C), 2nd Place
103 – Johnson Mai (North Torrance, S), 4th Place
132 – Alex Cisneros (Selma, C), 3rd Place
160 – Victor Pereira (Newark Memorial, NC), 4th Place
125 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), 8th Place
220 – Austin Lobsinger (West Valley, N), 7th Place
Morgan McIntosh - Calvary Chapel (S), 3x State Champion
Morgan McIntosh – Calvary Chapel HS (S) 3x State Champion
189 – Morgan McIntosh (Calvary Chapel, S), CHAMPION
215 – William “Tank” Knowles (Calvary Chapel, S), 2nd Place
160 – Vincent Waldhauser (Oak Ridge, SJ), 2nd Place
125 – Alex Cisneros (Selma, C), 4th Place
189 – Preston Quam (San Clemente, S), 5th Place
Jesse Delgado - Gilroy (CC), NHSCA SR Champion
Jesse Delgado – Gilroy (CC), NHSCA NATIONAL CHAMPION
112 – Alex Cisneros (Selma, C), 2nd Place
189 – Tommy Burriel (Clovis, C), 3rd Place
215 – William “Tank” Knowles (Calvary Chapel, S), CHAMPION
138 – Nick Pena (Selma, C), 4th Place
125 – Jesse Delgado (Gilroy, CC), 4th Place
285 – Luis Barragan (Gilroy, CC), 4th Place
138 – Alec Dieter (Clovis, C), 7th Place
170 – Zack Nevills (Clovis, C), 8th Place
152 – Travis Gallegos (Foothill-Palo Cedro, N), 8th Place
145 – Vlad Dombrovski (Natomas, SJ) 4th Place
152 – Travis Gallegos (Foothill-Palo Cedro, N), 6th Place
145 – Kyle West (Oak Ridge, SJ), 8th Place
David Klingsheim - Liberty-Brentwood (NC), 2010 WUSA Dream Team
David Klingsheim – Liberty-Brentwood (NC), 2010 WUSA Dream Team
125 – Caleb Valloton (Foothill-Palo Cedro, N), 5th Place
119 – Marcus Orona (Santa Fe, S), 5th Place
119 – David Klingsheim (Liberty-Brentwood, NC), 7th Place
Jason Welch - Las Lomas (NC), 4x State Finalist
Jason Welch - Las Lomas HS (C), WUSA DREAM TEAM
160 – Jason Welch (Las Lomas, NC), CHAMPION
125 – Boris Navachkov (Fremont, CC), CHAMPION *OW
119 – Nikko Triggas (Campolindo, NC), 2nd Place
112 – Nikko Triggas (Campolindo, NC), CHAMPION
132 – Billy Murphy (Hughson, SJ), CHAMPION
103 – Boris Novachkov (Fremont, CC), 2nd Place
119 – Felip Novachkov (Fremont, CC), 2nd Place
152 – Jason Welch (Las Lomas, NC), 3rd Place
119 – Caleb Flores (Northview, S), 4th Place
160 – Ty Wilcox (Calvary Chapel, S), CHAMPION
138 – Jay McGuffin (Calvary Chapel, S), 3rd Place
145 – Joe Calavitta (Calvary Chapel, S), 3rd Place
285 – Josh Schultz (Calvary Chapel, S), 4th Place
125 – Tino Archuleta (Calvary Chapel, S), 5th Place
130 – Burt Pierson (Calvary Chapel, S), 5th Place
152 – Arsen Aleksanyan (Calvary Chapel, S), 6th Place
215 – Josh Saul (Calvary Chapel, S), 6th Place
Eric Guerrero - Independence HS (CC), 3/High School National Champion
Eric Guerrero – Independence HS (CC), NHSCA National Champion
138 – Eric Guerrero (Independence, CC), CHAMPION
125 – Tony Gomez (Independence, CC), 3rd Place
112 – Gabe Araujo (Independence, CC), 6th Place
130 – Tony Diep (Independence, CC), 6th Place
152 – Dana Garcia (Independence, CC), 6th Place


Mar 312015


Khristian Olivas of Clovis High School

By Pablo Di Maria

Two-time CIF-California state place winner, Khristian Olivas will take his talent and dedication to Orem, Utah and wrestle for Coach Greg Williams and staff.
Olivas had an exceptional year wrestling for the Cougars of Clovis High. During Olivas’ senior campaign, he won championships at the Zinkin Classic, Doc Buchanan, and the Mission San Jose tournament. Olivas only had two loses his senior year and placed third in the California state tournament.
This past season, Utah Valley University finished fourth in the Western Regional Conference and advance three grapplers to Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri.
“Last summer while in Iowa, I met Ethan Lofthouse (Two-time All-American for the University of Iowa and current volunteer assistant coach) and I became real close friends with him. I look up to him and considered him like my older big brother; we have a really close relationship.” Said Khristian Olivas “The fact that Ethan is there and the school offered me a full ride, made my decision much easier.”


The Clovis High wrestling team is respected not just in the state of California, but in the country. Year after year, Clovis proves that they merit to be in the mix when fans speak about which school deserves to be named “National Champions.”
Having wrestled for Coaches Ben Holscher, Adam and Steve Tirapelle, was a great honor for me. To put on the Clovis singlet was an honor and I took pride in wearing it every time I walked out onto the mats. You knew you had a duty, which was to win in dominate fashion every time you wrestle a match.
Khristian hopes to enroll in the Woodbury School of Business at the University of Utah and earn his degree in Business with a minor in communications. He plans to excel in the classroom as well as the wrestling mats to become a National Champion in the near future.




Mar 312015

usa girls folkstyle nationals

By Pablo Di Maria
For three long days our California wrestlers wrestled tough in Oklahoma to garner All-American honors, as well as win a Folkstyle National title.
Cadet Division Recap
A total of 10 wrestlers accumulated All-American honors in the Cadet division. Three wrestlers made the finals of this event, Alleida Martinez (Selma, CS), Diona Freitas (Yuba City, SJ) and Gracie Figueroa of Selma High School. Freitas, a freshman, made the finals of the event at 95 pounds, but was defeated in the finals via a fall by 2014 Folkstyle All-American, McKayla Campbell of team Ohio. The 2015 California state champion, Gracie Figueroa (Selma, CS), cruised her way into the finals of this event at 115 pounds, to face one of the best girl’s wrestlers in the state of South Dakota and the country, Ronna Heaton of Brookings High School. Heaton made history in her state this season by becoming the first-ever female wrestler to medal in the boys division of the South Dakota state tournament. Heaton is also the defending Folkstyle champion in both the Cadet and junior division, as well as the 2014 Fargo Freestyle National Champion. Subsequently a big battle in regulation between Figueroa and Heaton, the couple went into overtime where Heaton got the win to re-peat as National Champion. Both Heaton and Figueroa also met in the finals of the junior division.


Alleida Martinez of Selma, CS

Freshman, Alleida Martinez (Selma, CS), gained her first Folkstyle title when she defeated 2014 Folkstyle All-American, Mia Rodriguez of Team Illinois, 12-0 of their championship match. Martinez had two falls and a majored decision during the tournament. Martinez also won the junior division by defeating fellow California teammate Aleeah Gould of Canyon High School.
Other cadet wrestlers becoming All-Americans
Brittany Wynn (Granite Hills, CS) 108 pounds
Shandrea Shelby (Corona, SS) 108 pounds
Rory Coscia (Enochs, SJ) 115 pounds
Mia Dow (Walnut, SS) 124 pounds
Taea Regua (Silver Creek, CC’S) 143 pounds
Emma Reusing (La Sierra, SS) 143 pounds
Deidra Valles (Northview, SS) 154 pounds
Junior Division Recap
Team California had 10 finalists in this event, the most of any state. The champions in the junior divisions were – Alleida Martinez (Selma, CS), Dominique Parrish (Scotts Valley, CC’S), Kendall Reusing (La Sierra, SS) and Lakiyah Wagoner of Birmingham High School (LA).


Dominique Parrish of Scotts Valley, CCS

Parrish wrestled a tough match where she defeated the 2014 Fargo Freestyle National Champion, Marizza Birrueta of team Washington, 7-6, to claim her second Folkstyle championship at 117 pounds. Reusing pinned her finals opponent, Audrey Bucher of team Wisconsin, in the first round to win her second Folkstyle championship. Reusing will take her talent in the future to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Reusing had three pins during the tournament. Two-time California state champion, Lakiyah Swagoner of Birmingham, defeated teammate, Jackie Quinones, to gain her second National championship. Quinones is also a two-time California state champion. Four of the eight All-Americans in this weight class were from the state of California.


Kendall Reusing of La Sierra, SS

Other junior wrestlers becoming All-Americans
Diona Freitas (Yuba City, SJ) 97 pounds
Aleeah Gould (Canyon, SS) 105 pounds
Sariyah Jones (Enochs, SJ) 105 pounds
Abygail Garces (Hillcrest, SS) 105 pounds
Gracie Figueroa (Selma, CS) 112 pounds
Lauren Mason (Woodcreek, SJ) 112 pounds
Daishea Jaime (San Dimas, SS) 121 pounds
Eva Piroth (Albany, NC) 121 pounds
Ricki Liang (Bethel, SJ) 121 pounds
Gabrielle Garcia (Valencia, SS) 125 pounds
Miyuki Pugrad (Kennedy, SS) 125 pounds
Kendal Davis (Los Gatos, CCS) 130 pounds
Erica Sotelo (Albany, NC) 130 pounds
Monica Samaniego (A.B. Miller, SS) 139 pounds
Rachael Butler (Foothill, NC) 148 pounds
Iman Kazem (West, SJ) 148 pounds
Ophelia Lara (Gahr, SS) 159 pounds
Angel Ochoa (Sierra Vista, SS) 159 pounds
Azusenna Molina (Northview, SS) 172 pounds
Jackie Quinones (Arroyo, SS) 198 pounds
Victoria Espinoza (Rancho Cotate, NC) 198 pounds
Torey Barrett (Pioneer Valley, SS) 198 pounds
Mar 262015
Justin Mejia, 2x CA State Champion

113 – Justin Mejia, 2x CA State Champion #1 InterMat Rankings

InterMat Rankings – FINAL

106 – Cade Olivas (St. John Bosco, S, 9) #1

106 – Randon Miranda (Quartz Hill, S, 12) #6

106 – Jordan Aquino (Vacaville, SJ, 12) #19

113 – Justin Mejia (Clovis, C, 10) #1

113 – David Campbell (Mission Oak, C, 11) #20

120 – Durbin Lloren (Buchanan, C, 11) #8

126 – Israel Saavedra (Modesto, SJ, 11) #5

138 – Wyatt Wyckoff (Paradise, N, 12) #9

138 – McCoy Kent (Enochs, SJ, 12) #12

145 – Ralphy Tovar (Poway, SD, 12) #15

145 – Zander Wick (San Marino, S, 11) #18

145 – Jeremy Thomas (Santiago-Corona, S, 11) #19

152 – Zack Velasquez (Ponderosa, SJ, 12) #19

160 – Colt Doyle (Poway, SD, 12) #17

170 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S, 12) #2

182 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S, 12) #1

Clovis High School, 2015 CIF State Team Champions

Clovis High School, 2015 CIF State Team Champions

Team Rankings

Clovis (C) #5

Poway (SD) #8

Buchanan (C) #12

Mar 202015
157 - ISAIAH MARTINEZ (Illinois/Lemoore HS, C), NCAA Champion

157 – ISAIAH MARTINEZ (Illinois/Lemoore HS, C), NCAA Champion

Chris Mecate (Old Dominion/Redlands East Valley HS, S)

141 – CHRIS MECATE (Old Dominion/Redlands East Valley HS, S), 6th PLACE

125 - Nahshon Garrett - Cornell (Chico HS, N)

125 – NAHSHON GARRETT (Cornell/Chico HS, N), 5th PLACE

165 - Jim Wilson (Stanford/McNair HS, SJ)

165 – JIM WILSON (Stanford/McNair HS, SJ), 8th PLACE

197 - Morgan McIntosh (Penn State/Calvary Chapel HS, S)

197 – MORGAN McINTOSH (Penn St/Calvary Chapel HS, S), 3rd PLACE

2015 NCAA Division I All-Americans – Home States (Top States)

Pennsylvania (PA): 13
Ohio (OH): 11
New Jersey (NJ): 8
California (CA), Missouri (MO): 5
Illinois (IL), Iowa (IA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN): 4


Mar 182015


Nathan Cervantes of De La Salle (NC) wrestling Israel Saavedra of Modesto (SJ)

First Team

106-Jordan Aquino, Vacaville, Sr.
113-Donovin Guerrero, De La Salle, Jr.
120-Nico Colunga, Oakdale, Sr.
126-Anthony Hernandez, Vacaville, Sr.
132-Angel Velasquez, Pittman, Sr.
138-Wyatt Wickoff, Paradise, Sr.
145-Brandon Clairbone, Oak Ridge, Jr.
152-Zack Velasquez, Ponderosa, Sr.
160-Lorenzo De La Riva, Folsom, Sr.
170-Abel Garcia, Oakdale, So.
182-Roman Romero, McNair, Sr.
195-Yates Hunter, Lincoln, Sr.
220-Darryl Aiello, De La Salle, So.
285-Jake Minshew, Casa Robles, Sr.

Second Team

106-Christian Ramos, Benicia, Sr.
113-Landon McBride, Del Oro, Jr.
120-Devan Turner, Dixon, Jr.
126-Nathan Cervantes, De La Salle, Sr.
132-Kenny Jones, Lassen, Jr.
138-McCoy Kent, Enochs, Sr.
145-Layne Embrey, Orland, Sr.
152-Dominic Ducharme, Windsor, Jr.
160-Beau Colombini, Windsor, Jr.
170-Niko Chapman, Inderkum, Jr.
182-Nick Maximov, Chico, Jr.
195-Jay Johnson, Buhach Colony, Sr.
220-Sai Ta’amu, Elk Grove, Sr.
285-Gavin Nye, Corning, So.

Third Team

106-Edward Bond, De La Salle, Sr.
113-Logan Eaton, Oakdale, Sr.
120-Lawrence Saenz, Vacaville, Fr.
126-Israel Saavedra, Modesto, Jr.
132-Tyler Bennett, Freedom, Jr.
138-Mason Boutain, Benicia, Jr.
145-Michael Klee, Cardinal Newman, Sr.
152-John Leal, Chico, Sr.
160-Jonathon Villapania, Gridley, Sr.
170-Mason Koshiyama, Folsom, Sr.
182-Bobby Posadas, Grace Davis, Sr.
195-Willie Amen, Las Lomas, Jr.
220-Kyle Jennings, Ponderosa, Jr.
285-Dominic Balmer, Woodcreek, Sr.
 *All picks were chosen by the TCW staff based on their performance at the CIF state tournament.
Mar 182015


Jacob Thalin of Santa Teresa (CC) vs.  Joseph Jauregui of Clovis East (C)

First Team

106-Isaiah Perez, Dinuba, So.
113-Justin Mejia, Clovis, So.
120-Durbin Lloren, Buchanan, Jr.
126-J.J. Figueroa, Bakersfield, So.
132-Jaden Enriquez, Mission Oaks, So.
138-Khristian Olivas, Clovis, Sr.
145-Jared Hill, Clovis, Jr.
152-Jacob Thalin, Santa Teresa, Sr.
160-Dominic Kincaid, Clovis, Sr.
170-Josh Hokit, Clovis, Jr.
182-A.J. Nevills, Clovis, Jr.
195-Austin Flores, Clovis North, Sr.
220-Seth Nevills, Clovis, Fr.
285-Hexton Coronado, Clovis, Sr.

Second Team

106-Bryce Morita, Clovis West, Sr.
113-David Campbell, Mission oaks, Jr.
120-Navonte Demison, Bakersfield, So.
126-Elijah Ozuna, Frontier, So.
132-Alex Felix, Gilroy, Fr.
138-Ruben Garcia, Selma, Jr.
145-Conner Francis, Buchanan, Sr.
152-Isaiah Hokit, Clovis, Sr.
160-Alex Garcia, Christopher, Sr.
170-Mark Penyacsek, Gilroy, Sr.
182-Julio Fuentes, Golden Valley, Sr.
195-Adam Prentice, Clovis, Sr.
220-Bevan Brandt, Bullard, Jr.
285-Jose Alvarez, Selma, Sr.

Third Team

106-Ethan Leake, Buchanan, Fr.
113-Javier Alaniz, Clovis West, Jr.
120-Isaiah Palomino, Bellarmine Prep, So.
126-Tony Mendoza, Selma, Fr.
132-Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan, Jr.
138-Ian Cramer, Gunn, Sr.
145-Dam Mito, Live Oak, Sr.
152-Joseph Jauregui, Clovis East, Sr.
160-Sam Loera, Bakersfield, So.
170-Antonio Gutierrez, Bakersfield, Jr.
182-Christian Murabito, Saratoga, Sr.
195-Alec Gamboa, Madera, Sr.
220-David Padilla, Dinuba, Jr.
285-Jarrod Snyder, Frontier, Sr.
*All picks were chosen by the TCW staff based on their performance at the CIF state tournament.
Mar 182015


Colt Doyle of Poway (SD)

TCW All-California Boys Southern Team

First Team

106-Cade Olivas, St. John Bosco, Fr.
113-David Gonzales, San Dimas, Sr.
120-Richie Casillas, Northview, Jr.
126-Daxton Gordon, Brawley, Sr.
132-Julian Flores, San Marino, Jr.
138-Evan Wick, San Marino, Jr.
145-Ralphy Tovar, Poway, Sr.
152-Justin Thomas, Santiago, Jr.
160-Colt Doyle, Poway, Sr.
170-Anthony Valencia, St. John Bosco, Sr.
182-Zahid Valencia, St. John Bosco, Sr.
195-Chris Bailey, Poway, Jr.
220-David VanWeens, Corona/Centennial, Sr.
285-Abe Ochoa, Yorba Linda, Sr.

Second Team

106-Liam Cronin, Servite, Jr.
113-Zander Silva, San Marino, So.
120-Brandon Kier, Poway, Jr.
126-Russell Rohlfing, Sonora, Sr.
132-Manny Lair, Poway, Sr.
138-Josh Cortez, Temecula Valley, Sr.
145-Zander Wick, San Marino, Jr.
152-Luke Troy, San Marino, So.
160-Kenneth Moore, Hoover, Sr.
170-Andrew Morgan, Fountain Valley, Sr.
182-Leangelo White, Western, Sr.
195-Danny Salas, St. John Bosco, Jr.
220-Liam Sorehan, Poway, Sr.
285-David Eubanks, Temescal Canyon, Sr.

Third Team

106-Randon Miranda, Quartz Hill, Sr.
113-Alex Nunez, Alta Loma, So.
120-Andres Lopes, San Fernando, Sr.
126-Trence Gillem, Helix, Jr.
132-Anthony Vargas, Citrus Hills, Sr.
138-D.J. Garcia, Poway, So.
145-Jeremy Thomas, Santiago, Jr.
152-Troy Jordan, Ramona, Sr.
160-Ricky Padilla, Northview, Sr.
170-Mike Marshall, San Clemente, Sr.
182-Chasen Blair, Rancho Bernardo, So.
195-Rory McClellan, El Camino Real, Sr.
220-Jesus Madrigal, Oak Hills, Jr.
285-Patrick Sanchez, Damian, Sr.
 *All picks were chosen by the TCW staff based on their performance at the CIF state tournament.
Mar 182015



First Team

101-Micaela Kent, Enoch, So.
106-Sariyah Jones, Enoch, Jr.
111-Lauren Mason, Woodcreek, Jr.
116-Alex Hedrick, Bell Vista, So.
121-Ricki Liang, Benicia, Sr.
126-Miranda Lamela, Pacheco, Sr.
131-Erica Sotelo, Albany, Sr.
137-Alyson Sabbagh, Casa Roble, So.
143-Vanessa Tria, James Logan, Sr.
150-Iman Kazem, West, Sr.
160-Marianne Schauer, Modesto, Jr.
170-Alexandria Glaude, Christian Brothers, Sr.
189-Hannah Quade, Johnson, Sr.
235-Vickie Espinoza, Rancho Cotate, Jr.

Second Team

101-Harmonie Roberts, Ukiah, Sr.
106-Candice Corralejo, Del Oro, Fr.
111-Caithlyn Macanas, St. Patrick/St. Vincent, Sr.
116-Rory Coscia, Enochs, Fr.
121-Eva Piroth, Albany, Jr.
126-Alex King, Wheatland, Sr.
131-Shelly Avelino, Benicia, So.
137-Angelina Canevari, Ukiah, Jr.
143-Rachael Butier, Foothill, Jr.
150-Alyvia Fiske, Vintage, So.
160-Nicole Diaz, Liberty, Jr.
170-Gabby Agenbroad, Willits, Sr.
189-Vika Eli, Hayward, Jr.
235-Michelle Larsen, Petaluma, Jr.

Third Team

101-McKenzie Bacich, Bear Creek, Jr.
106-Talissa Noriega, James Logan, Sr.
111-Marie Seely, Eureka, So.
116-Kiah Martin, Ukiah, So.
121-Hayley Aguilar, James Logan, Sr.
126-Sabrina Afana, Foothill, Jr.
131-Cassie Olive, Las Plumas, So.
137-Rose Beltran, Buhach Colony, Sr.
143-Nallely Patino, Albany, Sr.
150-Elana Topete, Del Oro, Jr.
160-Jaclyn Fields, Ponderosa, Sr.
170-Courtney Juarez, Atwater, Fr.
189-Kelly Swanson, Vintage, Jr.
235-Bethany Baldwin, Casa Roble, Sr.
*All picks were chosen by the TCW staff based on their performance at the CIF state tournament.