Simpson University Wrestling – Letter to Coaches and Supporters

Dear Coaches,

My name is Joc Muir and I am the assistant wrestling coach at Simpson University, coaching with Rod Forseth. I’m writing to you on behalf of the Simpson wrestling program. Last season, the Simpson Wrestling Program was going to be cut from the university due to circumstances beyond our control. However, Rod and I fought very hard and convinced administration to keep the program intact so that we could work to save it from being completely dissipated.

Rod Forseth has been with Simpson Wrestling since it began 5 years ago, and took on the roll of head coach this year. He has gone above and beyond to raise funds, motivate the team, and keep the program going, with hopes of recruiting more athletes. We have worked diligently with the university administration, but as of now the continuation of the program is still unclear, and there is ongoing discussion regarding eliminating the program at the end of this 2017 season.

I know and believe that if this program is saved and continues at Simpson University, we will have a competitive wrestling program from the North State competing at the NAIA college level for Simpson University. There is a great deal of talent in our wrestling community, which has come from the integrity and commitment of you, the coaches. Keeping the wrestling program intact at Simpson will provide wrestlers the opportunity to attend a local college, give family members and friends the ability to support them as they compete, and it would make our wrestling community even stronger by allowing us to continue to collaborate with our local high school teams. Unfortunately, if this program is lost it will be nearly impossible to bring back in the future.

Rod and I would be very grateful if you would be willing to email a letter to the Simpson University Administration, including President Dr. Robin Dummer ( and Athletic Director Mr. Tom Galbraith (, asking them to keep this program intact for our students and to support the amazing athletic abilities that our North State students have to offer. I have included the emails of those above, as well as the Simpson University website where you can contact any of the Board of Trustees or President’s Cabinet Members directly via email. The Simpson website is

Thank you for your time and support with Northern California Wrestling. Let’s keep it going strong.

Sincerely, Joc Muir