2017 Cliff Keen Women`s West Coast TOC Seeds


  1. Hailey Ward of Turlock
  2. Karly Scott of Elk Grove
  3. Gabrielle Medeiros of Tokay
  4. Kylie Titus of Lincoln
  5. Keila Rodriguez of Benicia
  6. Maricela Seronio of American Canyon
  7. Marissa Gomez of Golden Valley
  8. Angelina Ferrer of Rodriguez

Ward is the obviously No. 1 seed as she was a Sac-Joaquin Section champion and placed eighth at the state tournament. Two wrestlers that could meet up with Ward in the finals are Karly Scott (Elk Grove) who was a state qualifier and enters the tournament with a 6-1 record, or Grabielle Medeiros (Tokay) who was third at the Pittsburgh tournament and the champion at McNair.


  1. Angelina Gomez of Northview
  2. Sofia Martinez of Ayala
  3. Tianna Fernandez of Baldwin Park
  4. Lizzete Ramos-Mujica of Stagg
  5. Leila Sidhu of Del Oro
  6. Gissel Garcia of Birmingham
  7. Miranda Dibenedetto of Elk Grove
  8. Makayla Rydbeck of Esperanza

UWW and Fargo All-American Angelina Gomez (Northview) will enter the tournament with one loss in her outstanding wrestling career this season. For Gomez to advance to the finals, she will have to face Lizzete Ramos-Mujica (Stagg), a familiar wrestler who Gomez obtained the fall last year in the state tournament or undefeated wrestler (12-0) Leila Sidhu of Del Oro. Sidhu has won titles at Folsom, Casa Grande, and the San Leandro tournament. The bottom bracket will have Fargo All-American Sofia Martinez (Ayala) as the No. 2 seed and the huge favorite to meet up with Gomez. However, before Martinez gets to the finals, she will have to deal with a tough opponent in Miranda Dibenedetto (Elk Grove) in the quarterfinal round. Dibenedetto was third in this event last year.


  1. Charlotte Kouyoumtjian of Monache
  2. Esmeralda Arroyo of Elk Grove
  3. Nora Ochoa of Reed
  4. Omabuse Aiguokhian of Birmingham
  5. Mia Bonatan of Benicia
  6. Samira Mason of Tokay
  7. Charlotte Phillips of Del Oro
  8. Alize Mendez of Tokay

No. 1 seed Charlotte Kouyoumtjian (Monache) is only a freshman that obtained the top seed after defeating great wrestlers during the summer. She will look to continue her winning ways this weekend and claim her first tournament title of the season. A likely opponent for Charlotte in the semifinal round is Omabuse Aiguokhian (Birmingham). Omabuse was fourth in this tournament last year at 101-pounds. In the bottom bracket, Esmeralda Arroyo (Elk Grove) is the No. 2 seed after placing fifth at the state tournament and second at this event last year. Her likely semifinal opponent should be Nora Ochoa (Reed) who was third in the tournament last year at 121-pounds.


  1. Samantha Martinez of Ayala
  2. Jazmin Ruiz of Tokay
  3. Veronica Machian of Birmingham
  4. Destinee Lopez of Folsom
  5. Michelle Poland of Mountain House
  6. Martina Negrete of Rosemont
  7. Sophia Cahill-Wingo of Benicia
  8. Jessica Ocampo of Edison

In the top bracket, Fargo All-American Samantha Martinez (Ayala) is the top seed and the favorite to win the tournament. Aside from being a Fargo medalist during the summer, Martinez was also a state medalist as she was fifth in the 111-pound weight class. A likely finalist to face Martinez could be 2017 state medalist Jazmin Ruiz (Tokay). Ruiz is still undefeated on the season and recently won the prestigious Pittsburgh tournament.


  1. Tara Othman of Benicia
  2. Trinity Hernandez of Enochs
  3. Kim Lambert of Pleasant Grove
  4. Bressly Aleman of Golden Valley
  5. Cammie Fonseca of Franklin
  6. Amanda Kim of Mountain House
  7. Jocelyn Perez of Birmingham
  8. Anayeli Ochoa-Garcia of Tokay

2017 state medalist Tara Othman (Benicia) got the top seed as she still undefeated on the season (12-0) with tournament titles at Folsom, Overfelt, and the Briones Invitational. She was the tournament runner-up last year in this weight class. We could eventually see a rematch of the Briones Invitational between Othman and Trinity Hernandez (Enochs). Hernandez was a whiting a match from advancing to the state tournament she was sixth at the Sac-Joaquin tournament.


  1. Rory Coscia of Enochs
  2. Adriana Lopez of Upper Lake
  3. Sophie Muse of McClatchy
  4. Alayna Swilley of Ripon
  5. Aliana Lefotu of Golden Valley
  6. Sarah Norris of Casa Roble
  7. Rhiannon Racca of Monache
  8. Madelyn Evans of Tokay

Rory Coscia (Enochs) will make her debut competing at 127 after winning the state tournament last year at 116-pounds. She should get challenge in the semifinal round by Alayna Swilley (Ripon) who was a state qualifier and finish fifth last year in the tournament at 116-pounds. The bottom bracket should feature a great semifinal match between state medalist Adrianna Lopez (Upper Lake) and state qualifier Sophie Muse (McClatchy). Lopez was the runner-up in this tournament at 116-pounds.


  1. Alex Liles of Allen (Texas)
  2. Jahnea Miguel of Baldwin
  3. Morgan Norris of Reed
  4. Christina Wilson of Upper Lake
  5. Alex Ceballos of Inderkum
  6. Natalia Urbas of Albany
  7. Zoraya Phillips of Franklin
  8. Emily Alderman of Bella Vista

Two-time Cadet World Team Member and three-time Texas state champion Alex Liles (Allen) is the heavy favorite to win this event for the first time. Her style could be best described as in your face kind of wrestler who doesn’t stop attacking until she obtains the takedown on her opponents. Be on the lookout for her as wrestling fans could be watching a future four-time Women College Wrestling Association champion (WCWA).


  1. Candice Corralejo of Del Oro
  2. Katrina Guevara of Enochs
  3. Jessica Sanchez of Tulare
  4. Destiny Lyng of Helix
  5. Hallie Beadles of Linden
  6. Danielle Garner of Rosemont
  7. Joanna Qiu of Albany
  8. Yesenia Ruiz of Tokay

Defending state and Women`s West Coast TOC champion Candice Corralejo (Del Oro) is the top seed and the huge favorite to win the tournament. Corralejo should get challenge in the semifinal round by Destiny Lyng (Helix) who was third in the state after losing a tight 6-3 semifinal match to Corralejo, and Hallie Beadles (Linden) who was eighth at the state tournament. Corralejo and Beadles met in the quarterfinal round of the state tournament with Corralejo coming out triumphant. The bottom bracket semifinal round should feature a great matchup between two-time state finalist Katrina Guevarra (Enochs) and third place medalist at the state tournament at 121-pounds Jessica Sanchez of Tulare.


  1. Emmily Patneaud of Newark Memorial
  2. Karla Rivera of Birmingham
  3. Faalia Martinez of Oakdale
  4. Gabbie Sanchez of McClatchy
  5. Francesca Lopresti of Albany
  6. Jessica Gutierrez of Tokay
  7. Ali Smith of Benicia
  8. Maicie Lockyer of Del Oro

Top seed Emmily Patneaud (Newark Memorial) should advance to the semifinal round before meeting up with either Gabbie Sanchez (McClatchy) or Francesca Lopresti (Albany) who are still undefeated on the season. The bottom bracket should see a semifinal matchup between 2017 state qualifier Karla Rivera (Birmingham) and Faalia Martinez (Oakdale) who won the tournament last year at 143-pounds.


  1. Julia Padilla of Northview
  2. Kaitlain Gilmour of Enochs
  3. Assata Lewis of Golden Valley
  4. Sierra Van rossem of Newark Memorial
  5. Dynasty Ratliff of Birmingham
  6. Bryanna Bernal of Tokay
  7. Aniseta Acosta of Johnson
  8. Natasia Selvidge of Live Oak

Top see Julia Padilla (Northview) is a three-time state qualifier and was a sixth at the state tournament at 153-pounds. She could be facing 2017 North Coast Section Champion Sierra Van rossem of Newark Memorial in the semifinal round for the right to advance to the finals. In the bottom bracket, we could see a matchup between Kaitlain Gilmour of Enochs and Assata Lewis of Golden Valley.


  1. Yelena Maroyed of Bella Vista
  2. Shareni Donis of South Bakersfield
  3. Monica Chavez of Golden Valley
  4. Tiffany Calderon of Birmingham
  5. Kylaia Efhan of Franklin
  6. Itzel Morales of Tokay
  7. Leslie Alvarez of Roseville
  8. Alexys Dailly of Pleasant Grove

2017 state medalist Yelena Maroyed of Bella Vista will be the top seed at 161-pounds. A potential semifinalist for Maroyed could be Kylaia Efhan (Franklin), a 2016 state qualifier. In the bottom bracket, we could see a potential matchup between Central Section champion Shareni Donis (South Bakersfield) and state qualifier, Monica Chavez of Golden Valley.


  1. Avealoumamalu Lefotu of Golden Valley
  2. Ariana Pereira of Newark Memorial
  3. Vanessa Ceja of Winters
  4. Dominque Hernandez of Birmingham
  5. Sienna Lejeune of Elk Grove
  6. Lina Quade of Johnson
  7. Zakayya Nichols of Rodriguez
  8. Faith Luquin of Live Oak

Last season, Avealoumamalu Lefotu of Golden Valley, finished a match from placing at the CIF state tournament. This year, she will enter the West Coast TOC as the top seed at 171lbs. If all goes according to the seeds, we could see her facing Los Angeles section medalist Dominique Hernandez of Birmingham. In the bottom bracket, two grapplers from the North Coast section in Ariana Pereira of Newark Memorial and Vanessa Ceja of Winters, could be competing against each other in the semifinal round. Pereira was a state qualifier last season at 170-pounds.


  1. Alexis Young of River Valley
  2. Kayvette Osorio of Golden Valley
  3. Abyah Fields of Ponderosa
  4. Adrienne Dominguez of American Canyon
  5. Emalee Beavers of Del Oro
  6. Anitzia Rodriguez of Monache
  7. Arriana Galvan of Tokay
  8. Kayla Mccullough of Benicia

2017 state champion Alexis Young (River Valley) should have an easy path until she hits the semifinal round where she could eventually meet up with state qualifier and West Coast TOC third-place finisher Emalee Beavers of Del Oro. In the bottom bracket, we could see a semifinal match between Central Section champion Kayvette Osorio (Golden Valley) and 2017 state qualifier Abyah Fields of Ponderosa.


  1. Fvatino Moala of McNair
  2. Julissa Chavez of South Bakersfield
  3. Tavi Heidelberg of McClatchy
  4. Jasmine Guerrero of Del Oro
  5. Hailey Brinkman of Tokay
  6. Katherine Gust of Tokay
  7. Macy Bullard of Golden Valley
  8. Elisabeth Moore of Winters

2017 state runner-up Fvatino Moala (McNair) should advance to the finals of the tournament and probably meet up with either Central Section third-place finisher Julissa Chavez (South Bakersfield) or 2016 state medalist Tavi Heidelberg of McClatchy. Due to a season-ending injury, Heidelberg didn’t compete during the 2016-17 season.