2017 Clovis Doc Buchanan Preview by Al Fontes

2017 Clovis Doc Buchanan Weight-by-Weight Preview

By Al Fontes 


THE BIG PRIZE – Coveted Doc Buchanan Cowboy Hat.



Super 32 champion Antonio Lorenzo (Del Oro) should be the odds-on favorite to win his first cowboy hat this week. Thus far, he has won the Clovis West Shootout and was successful in winning the Sierra Nevada Classic last week. Lorenzo should get a challenge from double Fargo Cadet runner-up Brendon Garcia (Pueblo County, CO). This is the first tournament for Garcia. If he does compete, he could walk away with the title. Cole Reyes (Frontier) was a state qualifier last year and finished in the blood round of the Doc Buchanan tournament. Tristan Lujan (Selma) is a tough freshman that has recently dropped to the 106-pound weight class. He will be someone the fans might want to check out as he could surprise some people this week.
Other wrestlers we can’t exclude that could make their way onto the podium include Giano Petrucelli (Clovis), UWW Cadet All-American Wyatt Yapoujian (Pomona, CO), Noah Padilla (Victor Valley), and Fargo Cadet All-American Tim Levine (St. John Bosco).


1. Lorenzo, Antonio (Del Oro, SJ) 10
2. Garcia, Brendon (Pueblo County, Colorado) 10
3. Reyes, Cole (Frontier, CS) 10
4. Sanchez, Eric (Silver Creek, CC) 11
5. Lujan, Tristan (Selma, CS) 9
6. Tubera, Izzy (Pitman, SJ) 9
7. Petrucelli, Giano (Clovis, CS) 9
8. Yapoujian, Wyatt (Pomona, Colorado) 9
9. Unpingco, Dakota (Freedom, NC) 10
10. Padilla, Noah (Victor Valley, S) 12
11. Bencomo, Taylor (Clovis North, CS) 10
12. Poore, Josh (Buchanan, CS) 10
13. Mouritsen, Justin (Clovis, CS) 9
14. Castillo, Ramiro (Central, CS) 10
15. Benevidez, Brian (Porterville, CS) 9
16. Garcia, Devin (James Logan, NC) 10



Two returning Doc Buchanan champions, a three-time Fargo national champion, a CIF California state champion, and the 2016 Walsh Jesuit Ironman tournament runner-up are all scheduled to compete in this weight class this week. Three-time Fargo champion Nic Aguilar (Gilroy) is up a weight class and ready to win a second consecutive Doc Buchanan title. Last year, he defeated Matt Olguin (Buchanan) in the finals, 3-0. Olguin returned the favor at the state tournament as he defeated Aguilar 11-4 in the finals. Olguin is currently undefeated with a 16-0 record. Fab freshman Jesse Vasquez (St. John Bosco) is rested and ready to claim his first cowboy hat this week. During the month of December, he placed second at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman tournament. Josiah Nava (Pueblo County, CO) is the defending 113-pound champion and finished in the round of top 12 at the Ironman tournament.
Other wrestlers that will battle for an opportunity to be on the podium include Oregon state champion Hunter Sparks (Roseburg), Walsh Jesuit Ironman top 12 finisher Justin Pacheco (Pomona, CO), and California state qualifiers Jake Lilienstein (De La Salle), Riley Siason (Alvarez), Matthew Sanchez (Central), Dustin Chavez (Oakdale), and Oscar Nellis (Rancho Buena Vista). Keep an eye on freshman Zane Romney of Simi Valley who is having a great season, thus far.


1. Olguin, Matthew (Buchanan, CS) 10
2. Aguilar, Nic (Gilroy, CC) 11
3. Vasquez, Jesse (St. John Bosco, S) 9
4. Nava, Josiah (Pueblo County, Colorado) 11
5. Sparks, Hunter (Roseburg, Oregon) 11
6. Pacheco, Justin (Pomona, Colorado) 10
7. Murphy, Devin (Clovis North, CS) 9
8. Pacheco, Anthony (Sanger, CS) 12
9. Nellis, Oscar (Rancho Buena Vista, SD) 12
10. Chavez, Dustin (Oakdale, SJ) 10
11. Sanchez, Matthew (Central, CS) 12
12. Nira, Josh (Greeley Central, Colorado) 11
13. Paulson, Brandon (Clovis, CS) 10
14. Johnson, Brenden (Del Oro, SJ) 9
15. Moreno, Mario (Madera, CS) 11
16. Terrence, Thomas (Clovis East, CS) 12


ETHAN LEAKE (Buchanan, CS)

Leading the way are two seasoned wrestlers with a lot of experience on the national stage. Ethan Leake (Buchanan) opened some eyes last season as he won the CIF state tournament despite being the underdog. Thus far, he is 14-0 and has won titles at the Curt Mettler Invitational and the Zinkin Classic. Ian Timmins (Wooster, NV) is well known in California and around the country. He is a former Fargo Cadet national champion and placed third in this tournament last year. Expect fireworks if these athletes do meet up in the finals. Colton Yapoujian (Pomona, CO) was successful during the summer in winning a Cadet Fargo national title. This season, he has placed at both the Walsh Jesuit Ironman and the Beast of the East tournaments. Greg Vilora (Merrill West), Eric Rivera (Clovis North), and Alex Nunez (Alta Loma) are returning state medalists who will have an impact on the tournament. Two wrestlers from the south that can’t be taken lightly are Sidney Flores (Bishop Amat) and Chance Rich (Valencia). Flores is 14-0 and has won titles at the Edison Bash and the Lemoore Bash. Rich is 14-1 and has been a terror on the mats of Southern California.
Other wrestlers that can’t be ignored and should have a great tournament include CIF state medalist Wyatt Cornelison (Clovis), Chase Saldate (Gilroy), Elijah Blake (Del Oro), Patrick Ramirez (De La Salle), Christian Nunez (St. John Bosco), Angelo Martinoni (Folsom), Jacob Seto (Oak Grove), and freshman sensation Jaden Le (Rancho Buena Vista).


1. Leake, Ethan (Buchanan, CS) 11
2. Timmins, Ian (Wooster, Nevada) 12
3. Yapoujian, Colton (Pomona, Colorado) 10
4. Bonham, Nathan (Pueblo County, Colorado) 10
5. Rivera, Eric (Clovis North, CS) 10
6. Viloria, Gregory (Merrill West, SJ) 12
7. Nunez, Alex (Alta Loma, S) 12
8. Flores, Sidney (Bishop Amat, S) 12
9. Rich, Chance (Valencia, S) 11
10. Martinoni, Angelo (Folsom, SJ) 11
11. Seto, Jacob (Elk Grove, SJ) 12
12. Cornelison, Wyatt (Clovis, CS) 12
13. Blake, Elijah (Del Oro, SJ) 9
14. Saldate, Chase (Gilroy, CC) 9
15. Ramirez, Patrick (De La Salle, NC) 12
16. Nunez, Christian (St. John Bosco, S) 10



This weight group is among the most competitive at the Doc B. The leader is 3x California State Champion Justin Mejia of Clovis High School. Mejia enters this season in position to make history by possibly becoming the second wrestler in the state of California to win four consecutive state titles. In the rich forty plus year history of the CIF state tournament, only Bakersfield’s Darrell Vasquez has accomplished this great feat (1999-2002). Four outstanding wrestlers are expected to give Mejia a challenge for the coveted “cowboy hat” this weekend. They include Super 32 finalist Andrew Alirez of Greely Central High School in Colorado (ranked no. 12 in the nation), as well as 2016 CIF state runner-up Jaden Abas of Rancho Bernardo. Abas is currently ranked no. 19 in the nation and finished in the top twelve at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman tournament, arguably the toughest in season high school tournament in the country. Also challenging is returning Doc B finalist Robert Garcia IV of Selma. A 2x CIF state medalist, Garcia will put his undefeated record on the line and attempt to navigate his way to the top of the podium. Keep an eye on sophomore Kyle Parco of San Ramon Valley High School. A state qualifier last year, Parco enters this tournament with four tournament titles under his belt and an unblemished record of 17-0. More recently, he beat 3x CIF state medalist Isaiah Palomino of Bellarmine Prep in the finals of the Peninsula tournament. Other wrestlers to watch include Fargo All-American Izaak Olejnik of Bakersfield, Buchanan’s Tyler Deen (2016 New Mexico State Champion), CIF state qualifier Lokahi Tonge (Elk Grove), Stanford signee Anthony Le (Laguna Hills, Mikey Mello (Oak Ridge), two-time state qualifier Joe Delgado (Gilroy), who is the younger brother of two-time NCAA Champion (Jesse), Matt Diaz (Clovis North), and a rugged sophomore from the North Coast Section in Jose Fernandez (Upper Lake).


1. Mejia, Justin (Clovis, CS) 12
2. Alirez, Andrew (Greeley Central, Colorado) 10
3. Abas, Jaden (Rancho Bernardo, SD) 10
4. Garcia IV, Robert (Selma, CS) 12
5. Greenwood, Job (Poudre, Colorado) 10
6. Parco, Kyle (San Ramon Valley, NC) 10
7. Palomino, Isaiah (Bellarmine Prep, CC) 12
8. Olejnik, Izzak (Bakersfield, CS)
9. Deen, Tyler (Buchanan, CS) 10
10. Mello, Mikey (Oak Ridge, SJ) 11
11. Le, Anthony (Laguna Hills, S) 12
12. Tonge, Lokahi (Elk Grove, SJ) 11
13. Delgado, Joe (Gilroy, CC) 11
14. Diaz, Matt (Clovis North, CS) 10
15. Gonzalez, Ruben (Sanger, CS) 12
16. Fernandez III, Jose (Upper Lake, NC) 10


GRANT WILLITS (Pueblo County, Colorado). Photo/The Pueblo West View

With four wrestlers ranked nationally, this weight class will be exciting to watch. Leading the way is Super 32 and Walsh Jesuit Ironman medalist Grant Willis of Pueblo County High School in Colorado. Willis, who will be joining his brother (Hunter) at Oregon State, placed third at the Doc B last year in the 126-pound weight class. Right behind Willis is 2x Reno TOC Champion and Fargo Cadet All-American Theorius Robison of Pomona High School in Colorado. In the finals of Reno, he was successful in defeating California and Walsh Jesuit Ironman place winner Gary Joint of Lemoore, 11-4. Joint was seventh at this weight last year and is in contention to challenge for the title. Another outstanding individual to watch is returning Doc B medalist (4th) Chris DeLoza of Clovis North High School. In December, DeLoza placed at the prestigious Walsh Jesuit Ironman tournament. Other talented wrestlers to watch include California state medalist Adam Velasquez (Pitman), Ricky Torres (Oakdale), as well as Colorado and Utah state medalist Jack Lang (West, UT) and Zeke Alirez (Greeley Central, CO). Keep an eye on Elijah Ozuna (Frontier) and Tino Lopez (Alta Loma). Not competing last season, Ozuna was a state qualifier in 2015 and more recently had a huge win over DeLoza in OT at the Frontier Duals. Lopez is a returning medalist (4th 120s) and will challenge for a top spot on the podium. Keep an eye on Isack Espana (Clovis West), Anthony Chavez (Central), Daniel Vizcara (Gilroy), and Marco Ramirelazos (Rancho Buena Vista).


1. Willits, Grant (Pueblo County, Colorado) 12
2. Robison, Theorius (Pomona, Colorado) 10
3. Joint, Gary (Lemoore, CS) 12
4. Velasquez, Adam (Pitman, SJ) 12
5. Deloza, Chris (Clovis North, CS) 12
6. Ozuna, Elijah (Frontier, CS) 12
7. Torres, Ricky (Oakdale, SJ) 10
8. Peverill, Wyatt (Buchanan, CS) 11
9. Polluconi, Cole (Monarch, Colorado) 11
10. Lang, Jack (West, Utah) 10
11. Alirez, Zeke (Greeley Central, Colorado) 11
12. Lamb, Brody (Poudre, Colorado) 11
13. Stinson, James (Del Oro, SJ) 9
14. Lopez, Tino (Alta Loma, S) 11
15. Chavez, Anthony (Central, CS) 11
16. Hartshorn, Mason (Freedom, NC) 12



With eight returning state medalist, this is among the toughest brackets to be contested at the Doc Buchanan. In fact, several talented wrestlers will be hard pressed to make it to the medal round. Among the favorites to bring home a coveted Doc B “cowboy hat” is 2 x state medalists Alex Felix of Gilroy. A state runner-up last year, he enters this season ranked no.15 in the country. Along with Felix, three other wrestlers will challenge. They include Cal Poly-bound Zander Silva of Alta Loma. A 2x state medalist, Silva has yet to lose this season and has won titles at the Carter Classic, Clovis West Shootout, and the Las Vegas Holiday Classic. Also challenging is Selma’s Tony Mendoza. Undefeated this season with an 18-0 record, Mendoza has won titles at the Battle for the Rig, La Costa Canyon, and the Bash Tournament. Returning state bronze medalist Brett Villarreal of Buchanan will definitely be in the mix and challenge for a spot on the medal stand. Earlier this season, Villarreal won the Zinkin Classic and went 4-2 at the Clash dual meet tournament in Minnesota, among the toughest dual meet competitions in the nation. Let’s not forget about J.J. Figueroa of Bakersfield. Despite a season ending injury at sections last year, which prevented him from qualifying to state, he is back this year primed to contend for a top spot at Doc B and an individual state championship in March.
Three out of state competitors with state title credentials include Justin Davis of Pueblo County High School in Colorado, as well as 2x state champions Jacob Greenwood (Poudre CO) and Roseburg, Oregon’s Bennett Mesa. Other wrestlers not to be taken lightly include freshman sensation Sonny Santiago of St. John Bosco, Steve Abbate (Central Catholic), Joe Romero (Lemoore), Abraham Del Toro (Madera), along with Bernie Truax (Rancho Buena Vista) and Justin Sabrabia of Trabuco Hills, each undefeated on the season.


1. Felix, Alex (Gilroy, CC) 11
2. Silva, Zander (Alta Loma, S) 12
3. Mesa, Bennett (Roseburg, Oregon) 12
4. Villarreal, Brett (Buchanan, CS) 11
5. Mendoza, Tony (Selma, CS) 11
6. Figueroa, JJ (Bakersfield, CS)
7. Greenwood, Jacob (Poudre, Colorado) 11
8. Davis, Justin (Pueblo County, Colorado) 12
9. Santiago, Sonny (St. John Bosco, S) 9
10. Abbate, Steven (Central Catholic, SJ) 12
11. Contreras, Erik (Mountain View, CC) 11
12. Ulaszek, Tony (Greeley Central, Colorado) 10
13. Marchello, Ryder (Arbor View, Nevada) 11
14. Petrucelli, Niko (Clovis North, CS) 12
15. Poore, Zach (Buchanan, CS) 11
16. Romero, Joe (Lemoore, CS) 11



Three exceptionally talented wrestlers stand out from the rest of the field at this weight. They include Mission Oaks’ Jaden Enriquez, Navonte Demison of Bakersfield, and De La Salle’s Payton Omania. Enriquez is well known around the nation and has several All-American honors to his credit. In 2016, he earned a trip to the CIF state finals, but was sidelined in the post season, as a result of an injury at sections. Despite the post season set back, Enriquez did well at last year’s Doc B where he defeated Demison in a highly contested bronze medal match. Demison has yet to compete in a tournament this season. In the event he sets foot on the mat this week; he will be among the favorites to win a Doc Buchanan title. Demison is a returning CIF state champion and was a runner-up at the prestigious Walsh Jesuit Ironman tournament last year. Omania is a highly competitive grappler from North Coast Section power, De La Salle High School. In 2016, he earned a UWW Cadet Greco-Roman National title and recently finished runner-up at the Reno TOC. Keep an eye on the following wrestlers, each capable of earning a spot on the podium this Saturday evening. They include Colorado wrestlers Chris Fasano (Pomona) and Parker Benekas (Ponderosa), as well as Alex Escudero (Los Gatos), Chris Gaxiola (Buchanan), Christian Dominguez (Central Catholic), Jack Ramalia (Granite Bay), Greg Guzman (Lemoore), Mikelli Chiaramonte (Clovis), and Nate Villarreal of Gilroy.


1. Demison, Navonte (Bakersfield, CS)
2. Enriquez, Jaden (Mission Oak, CS) 12
3. Omania, Peyton (De La Salle, NC) 11
4. Guzman, Greg (Lemoore, CS) 12
5. Ramalia, Jack (Granite Bay, SJ) 12
6. Gaxiola, Chris (Buchanan, CS) 11
7. Zamilpa, Tristan (Buchanan, CS) 11
8. Villarreal, Nate (Gilroy, CC) 10
9. Chiaramonte, Mikelli (Clovis, CS) 9
10. Franchina, Chaz (Rancho Bernardo, SD) 12
11. Fasano, Christopher (Pueblo County, Colorado) 10
12. Benekas, Parker (Ponderosa, Colorado) 11
13. Dominguez, Cristian (Central Catholic, SJ) 12
14. Escudero, Alexander (Los Gatos, CC) 11
15. Rens, Xander (Monarch, Colorado) 10
16. Anderson, Mace (Harbor, CC) 12


HUNTER WILLITS (Pueblo County, Colorado). Photo/The Pueblo West View

To date, there are fourteen wrestlers registered at this weight with previous state level experience. Oregon State-bound, Hunter Willits of Pueblo High School in Colorado is the lone returning medalist in the 152-pound weight group. In December, Willits placed fifth at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman in Ohio. Another tough Colorado wrestler capable of reaching the finals is Pomona’s Jason Romero. Romero earned All-American accolades at the Reno TOC and reached the quarterfinal round of the Walsh Jesuit Ironman. Three wrestlers that stand out among the rest of the field include Buchanan’s Joel Romero, John Manning (Villanova College, Canada), and David San Miguel of Bellarmine Prep, each capable of challenging for a Doc B title. Romero was third at last year’s CIF state tournament (138s) and has won titles at the Curt Mettler Invitational and Zinkin Classic. His lone loss this season was to Jake Brindley (Lake Highland Prep, FL) at the Clash tournament in Minnesota. Manning comes all the way from Ontario, Canada, ready to take home the coveted “cowboy hat.” More recently, Manning placed fourth at the highly competitive Beast of the East tournament in Delaware and won the 44th Annual Raymond B. Oliver tournament in Illinois. Fargo freestyle All-American San Miguel is coming off a successful title at the Sierra Nevada Classic, defeating CIF state qualifiers Erick Salcido (Rancho Bernardo) and Del Oro’s Noah Blake in the process. Finishing second to Romero of Buchanan at the Zinkin tournament, Monache’s Beau Bradley will challenge for a medal.
Other wrestlers to watch include CIF state qualifiers Jonathan Garcia (Frontier), Perez Perez (Windsor), Dillon Cravens (Bakersfield), and Emmanuel Zepeda (Fremont).


1. Willits, Hunter (Pueblo County, Colorado) 12
2. Romero, Joel (Buchanan, CS) 11
3. Romero, Jason (Pomona, Colorado) 12
4. San Miguel, David (Bellarmine Prep, CC) 12
5. Manning, John (St. Thomas Villanova, Canada) 11
6. Blake, Noah (Del Oro, SJ) 10
7. Bradley, Beau (Monache, CS) 11
8. Salcido, Erik (Rancho Bernardo, SD) 12
9. Cravens, Dillon (Bakersfield, CS)
10. Garcia, Jonathan (Frontier, CS) 12
11. Martinez, Gabe (Oakdale, SJ) 10
12. Gianakopulos, Tyler (Clovis, CS) 9
13. Luchau, Jace (Selma, CS) 10
14. Perez, Perez (Windsor, NC) 11
15. La Rosa, Joseph (Pitman, SJ) 12
16. Russell, Garrett (Roseburg, Oregon) 11


LAYNE VAN ANROOY (Roseburg, Oregon)

The odds-on-favorite to win Doc B for a third consecutive time is Layne Van Anrooy or Roseburg High School in Oregon. Van Anrooy will be taking his talent to the University of Michigan next year and enters the tournament as the second-ranked wrestler in the nation. Van Anrooy will be aiming for his fourth Oregon state championship this season. Providing a challenge to Van Anrooy is three returning state placers in Colorado’s Kolsen Welham (Holy Family), Brandon Martino (Clovis), and Alex Enloe (Clovis). Welham finished second in the Colorado State tournament and is yet to be defeated this season. This season, he has earned titles at the Clovis West Shootout and Zinkin Classic. Enloe has yet to compete in a tournament this season. In the event he enters the Doc B, he would be challenge for a spot on the medal stand.
Mark Cardwell of Monache High School is an individual to keep an eye on. Last week, he won the Cerritos TOC, defeating 2016 CIF state medalist Hampton Boyd of Poway, 5-2 in the finals. The talent doesn’t stop here. Aaron Olmos of Mater Dei Christian returns to the mats ready to make his mark after missing last season. Olmos is a FLO Nationals All-American and currently ranked fourth in the state by TCW. Other medal hopefuls include Joe Barnes (Gilroy), Ricky Gonzalez (Bakersfield, Willian Costanzo (Del Oro), Oscar Diaz (Selma), and Jacob Buena (St. John Bosco), each state qualifiers in 2016. Another wrestler to watch is Bronson Harmon of Oakdale. Last year he was a CIF state qualifier and made it to the round of 12.


1. Van Anrooy, Layne (Roseburg, Oregon) 12
2. Martino, Brandon (Clovis, CS) 12
3. Olmos, Aaron (Mater Dei Catholic, SD) 12
4. Cardwell, Mark (Monache, CS) 10
5. Barnes, Joe (Gilroy, CC) 10
6. Enloe, Alex (Clovis, CS) 12
7. Harmon, Bronson (Oakdale, SJ) 11
8. Gonzalez, RIcky (Bakersfield, SJ)
9. Welham, Kolsen (Holy Family, Colorado) 12
10. Costanzo, William (Del Oro, SJ) 11
11. Skyrud, Jeffery (Folsom, SJ) 12
12. Bueno, Jacob (St. John Bosco, S) 12
13. Diaz, Oscar (Selma, CS) 11
14. Vargas, Nate (Sultana, S) 11
15. Lugo, Anthony (Nipomo, S) 12
16. Alejandro, Matthew (Arbor View, Nevada) 12



The leader at this weight is returning state finalist, Anthony Mantanona of Palm Desert High School in SoCal (ranked no. 11 nationally). A signee of the University of Oklahoma, Mantanona is determined to win his first career “cowboy hat.” During the post season, he won the FLO Nationals with an explosive style on his feet, making him among the more exciting wrestlers to watch. Three Central section wrestlers will challenge for a spot in the finals. They include Victor Vargas (Clovis), Christian Rodriguez (Selma), and Jake Levatino of Buchanan. Vargas opened some eyes last season by qualifying to the CIF State Championships and finishing in the round of 12. Rodriguez is a rugged sophomore who has proven that he can compete at the next level. Placing fifth last year at 152s, Levatino will challenge for a higher position on the medal stand. Each wrestler listed above has the skill set to advance to the finals.
Abel Garcia of Oakdale is competing once again after sitting out last year due to an injury. Prior to his season-ending injury, Garcia placed at the Doc B and fourth at the CIF state tournament in 2015. Other notably wrestlers to watch with state level experience include Joey Greigo of Sultana (finished 3-2 at Walsh Jesuit Ironman), Birmingham’s Carlos Gomez (currently 17-1 on the year at 182s), Jonathan Hackett (De La Salle) who went 6-0 at the Clash tournament, 2x state qualifier Isaiah Perez (Pitman), and San Ysidro’s Pablo Perez, currently ranked no. 9 in the state by TCW.
Out of state entrants with state medals to their credit include Andrue Rojas (Greeley Central, CO), Nolan Krone (Pomona, CO), Jayden Woodruff (Ponderosa, CO), and Mathew McDowell of Roseburg, Oregon.


1. Mantanona, Anthony (Palm Desert, S) 12
2. Rojas, Andrue (Greeley Central, Colorado) 12
3. Vargas, VIctor (Clovis, CS) 12
4. Garcia, Abel (Oakdale, SJ) 12
5. Perez, Isaiah (Pitman, SJ) 11
6. Griego, Joey (Sultana, S) 12
7. Rodriguez, Christian (Selma, CS) 10
8. Perez, Pablo (San Ysidro, S) 12
9. Levatino, Jake (Buchanan, CS) 12
10. Krone, Nolan (Pomona, Colorado) 12
11. Woodruff, Jayden (Ponderosa, Colorado) 11
12. Hackett, Jonathan (De La Salle, NC) 12
13. Gomez, Carlos (Birmingham Charter, LA) 11
14. Davis, Jayson (Pueblo County, Colorado) 10
15. Lozada, Godfrey (Rancho Bernardo, SD) 11
16. Fleming, Maxwell (Miramonte, NC) 12



2016 California state runner-up Anthony Montalvo of Buchanan will be eyeing another Doc Buchanan “cowboy hat” this year. Montalvo comes into the tournament with a 15-1 record. His lone loss was to Super 32 Champion Bryce Rogers (Lake Highland Prep, FL), 3-2 at the Clash tournament in Minnesota. Colorado state champion Dante Garcia of Pueblo County High School finished in top 12 last year in this tournament and is expected to compete for a spot on the podium. Ranked no. 3 in the state by the TCW and coming off a strong performance at the highly competitive Powerade tournament in Pennsylvania, Oakdale’s Colbey Harlan is expected to challenge for a high medal this weekend. Down a weight class since placing eighth at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman, Lemoore’s Angel Solis will be tough to beat. We cannot forget about CIF state medalist Samuel Loera of Bakersfield, Roseburg Oregon’s Austin Harris (6-0 at the Clash), Gerardo Hernandez of Capistrano Valley, who is unbeaten this season.
Other wrestlers to watch include Jacob Good (Clovis), Jeremy Maas (Liberty-Bakersfield), and Dylan Turkowski of Sultana.


1. Montalvo, Anthony (Buchanan, CS) 11
2. Solis, Angel (Lemoore, CS) 12
3. Harlan, Colbey (Oakdale, SJ) 11
4. Loera, Samuel (Bakersfield, CS)
5. Garcia, Dante (Pueblo County, Colorado) 11
6. Harris, Austin (Roseburg, Oregon) 12
7. Maas, Jeremy (Liberty-Bakersfield, CS) 12
8. Good, Jacob (Clovis, CS) 10
9. Martinez, Matthew (Alvarez, CC) 11
10. Madien, Robert (Stockkdale, CS) 11
11. Turkowski, Dylan (Sultana, S) 12
12. Hernandez, Gerardo (Capistrano Valley, S) 11
13. Feenstra, Keegan (Monarch, Colorado) 10
14. Smith, Jeremiah (Rim of the World, S) 12
15. Haas, Nathan (St. John Bosco, S) 12
16. Feliciano-Takafua, Taniela (Fremont-Sunnyvale, CC) 11


CHASEN BLAIR (Rancho Bernardo, SD)

This weight group features several top ranked California wrestlers. Making his debut at the Doc B is 2x CIF state medalist and NHSCA National Champion, Chasen Blair of Rancho Bernardo. Ranked nationally, Blair has verbally committed to compete for the University of North Carolina. Another favorite to challenge for a Doc B title is 2x CIF state medalist Danny Salas of St. John Bosco. Last month, Salas put together a strong performance at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman by placing fourth in a strong field. Three wrestlers from the Central Valley that will also challenge for the top spot include Ryan Reyes of Clovis West, Foothill’s Adrian Godinez, and Trevor Ervin of Buchanan. Reyes was second at the Reno TOC and won the Clovis West Shootout by defeating Godinez, 3-1 in the finals. Godinez placed fifth at the CIF state championships last year. A 2x state qualifier (2x top 12 finisher at state), Ervin is an exciting wrestler to watch and will challenge.
An outstanding wrestler from the Southern Section to watch is state qualifier, Kyle Marshall of San Clemente. A top 12 finisher at state last season, Marshall owns a 22-0 record thus far and has four tournament titles under his belt.
Other wrestlers to watch include Jacob Good (Clovis), Mason Roush (Folsom), Ryan Fischer (Clayton Valley), Mark Halajian (Clovis North), Cameron Campbell (Roseburg, OR), and Donavon Rincon (Pueblo County, CO).


1. Salas, Danny (St. John Bosco, S) 12
2. Blair, Chasen (Rancho Bernardo, SD) 12
3. Reyes, Ryan (Clovis West, CS) 10
4. Godinez, Adrian (Foothill-Bakersfield, CS) 12
5. Ervin, Trevor (Buchanan, CS) 11
6. Wyneken, Ruger (Clovis, CS) 12
7. Marshall, Kyle (San Clemente, S) 12
8. Rincon, Donavon (Pueblo County, Colorado) 12
9. Roush, Mason (Folsom, SJ) 12
10. DeBoer, Willem (Frontier, CS) 12
11. Fischer, Ryan (Clayton Valley, NC) 12
12. Halajian, Mark (Clovis North, CS) 12
13. Airoso, Stone (Elk Grove, SJ) 12
14. Campbell, Cameron (Roseburg, Oregon) 12
15. Bicocca, AJ (Oak Ridge, SJ) 11
16. Ainsworth, Joseph (James Logan, NC) 12


COHLTON SCHULTZ (Ponderosa, Colorado)

This weight group is lead by returning Doc B Champion Cohlton Schultz of Ponderosa High School in Colorado. Ranked nationally, Schultz has placed second at the Walsh Ironman and recently won the Reno TOC by defeating Haydn Maley of Roseburg, 5-2 in the semifinals and Darryl Aiello of De La Salle, 12-4 in the finals. Three-time Oregon state and 2016 USAW Greco-Roman National Champion Haydn Maley of Roseburg, Oregon is up a weight class from last season and more than ready to win a “cowboy hat” for the first time in his career. Maley is a returning Doc B medalist, placing sixth in 2015 at 182s.
Two California wrestlers expected to make an impact at this weight is De La Salle’s Darryl Aiello and Cade Belshay of Buchanan. Aiello is a 2x state medalist who finished second at the Reno TOC and went 6-0 at the Clash tournament. Belshay is up three weight classes from last year. To date, he has earned championships at the Curt Mettler Invitational, Zinkin Classic, and finished 6-0 at the Clash tournament by winning all matches by fall.
Keep an eye on Joey Daniel of Santa Ana. This season, Daniel has won titles at the ASICS Southern California Challenge, Mann Classic, and the Westminster Cossarek. Other wrestlers to watch include state qualifiers Hunter Halverson (Del Oro), David Aranda (St. John Bosco), Sam Aguilar (Sultana), Dominik Urena (Elsinore), Kyle Richards (Folsom), John Halajian (Clovis North), and Gilroy’s Tony Andrade.


1. Schultz, Cohl (Ponderosa, Colorado) 10
2. Maley, Haydn (Roseburg, Oregon) 12
3. Belshay, Cade (Buchanan, CS) 12
4. Aiello, Darryl (De La Salle, NC) 12
5. Joey, Daniel (Santa Ana, S) 11
6. Halverson, Hunter (Del Oro, SJ) 12
7. Andrade, Tony (Gilroy, CC) 11
8. Aguilar, Sam (Sultana, S) 12
9. Muxlow, Ty (Kingsburg, CS) 12
10. Urena, Dominik (Elsinore, S) 12
11. Aranda, David (St. John Bosco, S) 11
12. Richards, Kyle (Folsom, SJ) 10
13. Halajian, John (Clovis North, CS) 12
14. Rosas, Kobe (Coalinga, CS) 12
15. Jaquez, Victor (Bellarmine Prep, CC) 10
16. Mayer, Weston (Poudre, Colorado) 11



The odd on favorite to win this weight class is 2x CIF state champion Seth Nevills of national power Clovis High School. Undefeated in scholastic competition, Nevills is on course to win a possible four Doc Buchanan titles, as did brother Nick from 2011-’14. His agility, determination, and great mat awareness have proven trouble for his competition. Two returning state placers that have made great strides since last season and more than capable of making it to the finals are Del Oro’s Pablo Miller and Jesus Flores of Delhi. Flores met with Nevills in the finals of the Zinkin Classic, but came up short losing by fall. Miller is coming off a placing fourth at the Sierra Nevada Classic and hopes to improve upon his performance this weekend. Other potential medalist include Sultana’s Austin Gilham, who recently placed at the Walsh Ironman, Folkstyle All-American Nathaniel Holloway of Clovis North, and Roseburg, Oregon’s Aaron Adair who finished with a 4-1 dual record at the Clash tournament.


1. Nevillis, Seth (Clovis, CS) 11
2. Miller, Pablo (Del Oro, SJ) 12
3. Flores, Jesus (Delhi, SJ)
4. Holloway, Nathaniel (Clovis North, CS) 12
5. Gillham, Austin (Sultana, S) 11
6. Schuler, Brett (Bakersfield Christian, CS) 12
7. Wright, Noah (Lemoore, CS) 12
8. Ortiz, Isaiah (Buchanan, CS) 12
9. Cruz, Luke (South San Francisco, CC) 12
10. Jackson-Clark, Elijah (Buena, S) 11
11. Higginbotham, Ryan (Modesto Christian, SJ) 11
12. Hutchinson, David (Bishop Amat, S) 12
13. Lezama, David (Central Valley, N) 12
14. Madrid, Manuel (Corcoran, CS)
15. DeLira, Andy (Clayton Valley, NC) 12
16. Garcia, Matt (Selma, CS) 12


Buchanan (CS) #1 CA/#2 Nationally

Clovis (CS) #2 CA/#6 Nationally

Pueblo County HS (Colorado) Ranked #1 Colorado/#22 Nationally

Roseburg HS (Oregon) #1 Oregon 6A/#37 Nationally


Aliso Niguel (S)
Alta Loma (S)
Alvarez (CC)
American (NC)
American Canyon (SJ)
Analy (NC)
Arbor View (Nevada)
Bakersfield (CS) #7 State
Bellermine Prep (CC)
Birmingham (LA)
Bishop Amat (S)
Buchanan (CS) #1 State/#2 Nationally
Capistrano Valley (S)
Cardinal Newman (NC)
Central (CS)
Central Catholic (SJ)
Central Valley (SJ)
Chaminade Prep (S)
Clayton Valley (NC)
Clovis (CS) #2 State/#6 Nationally
Clovis East (CS)
Clovis North (CS)
Clovis West (CS)
Coalinga (CS)
Corcoran (CS)
De La Salle (NC)
Del Oro (SJ) #4 State
Dos Pueblos (S)
Elsinore (S)
Folsom (SJ)
Foothill-Bakersfield (CS)
Foothill-Palo Cedro (NS)
Freedom (NC)
Fremont (LA)
Frontier-Bakersfield (CS)
Gilroy (CC) #5 State/#31 Nationally
Granite Bay (SJ)
Greeley Central (Colorado) #2 State (4A)
Harbor (CC)
Highland (S)
Holy Family (Colorado)
James Logan (NC)
Kingsburg (CS)
Laguna Hills (S)
Lakewood (Colorado)
Las Vegas (Nevada)
Lemoore (CS)
Liberty-Bakersfield (CS)
Los Gatos (CC)
Madera (CS)
Mater Dai Catholic (SD)
Mayfair (S)
McLane (CS)
Merrill West (SJ)
Miramonte (NC)
Mission Oak (CS)
Modesto Christian (SJ)
Monache (CS)
Monarch (Colorado)
Mountain View (CC)
Nipomo (S)
North Medford (Oregon)
Oak Ridge (SJ)
Oakdale (SJ) #9 State
Pitman (SJ)
Pomona (Colorado) #1 State (5A)/#23 Nationally
Ponderosa (Colorado) #7 State (5A)
Poudre (CO) #3 State (5A)
Pueblo County (Colorado) #1 State (4A)/#22 Nationally
Rancho Bernardo (SD) #8 State
Rancho Buena Vista (SD)
Ridgeview (CS)
Righetti (S)
Rim of the World (S)
Roseburg (Oregon) #1 State (6A)/#37 Nationally
Royal (S)
San Clemente (S)
San Marino (S)
San Ramon Valley (NC)
San Ysidro (SD)
Sanger (CS)
Santa Ana (S)
Santa Teresa (CC)
Selma (CS) #6 State
Silver Creek (CC)
Simi Valley (S)
Sonoma Valley (NC)
South San Francisco (CC)
St. John Bosco (S) #10 State
St. Joseph (S)
St. Thomas Villanova (Ontario, Canada)
Stockdale (CS)
Sultana (S)
Trabuco Hills (S)
Upper Lake (NC)
Valencia (S)
Victor Valley (S)
Villa Park (S)
West (Utah)
Windsor (NC)
Wooster (Nevada)