2019 CIF San Diego Section Masters Results

145 – JADEN ABAS (Rancho Bernardo, 12)


1. Poway: 361.0
2. Rancho Bernardo: 220.0
3. Brawley: 129.5
4. Mira Mesa: 126.5
5. Olympian: 108.0
6. Mt. Carmel: 105.5
7. Imperial: 91.0
8. La Costa Canyon: 79.5
9. Holtville: 73.5
10. San Marcos: 73.0


1st Place – Andre Gonzales of Poway
2nd Place – Alexander Beato of Rancho Bernardo
3rd Place – Naythan Galbiso of Imperial
4th Place – Daniel Moreno of Brawley
5th Place – Zachary Ikaika Ramos of Olympian
6th Place – Jesus Plasencia of Eastlake

1st Place Match
Andre Gonzales (Poway) won by decision over Alexander Beato (Rancho Bernardo) (Dec 8-3)

3rd Place Match
Naythan Galbiso (Imperial) won by decision over Daniel Moreno (Brawley) (Dec 7-6)

5th Place Match
Zachary Ikaika Ramos (Olympian) won by major decision over Jesus Plasencia (Eastlake) (Maj 9-1)

1st Place – Brock Bobzien of Poway
2nd Place – Nicolas Demers of Mater Dei Catholic
3rd Place – Gavin Concepcion of Rancho Bernardo
4th Place – Anthony Maldonado of Brawley
5th Place – Anthony Bercu of Patrick Henry
6th Place – Matthew Jordan of Valhalla

1st Place Match
Brock Bobzien (Poway) won by fall over Nicolas Demers (Mater Dei Catholic) (Fall 1:38)

3rd Place Match
Gavin Concepcion (Rancho Bernardo) won by medical forfeit over Anthony Maldonado (Brawley) (MFF)

5th Place Match
Anthony Bercu (Patrick Henry) won by decision over Matthew Jordan (Valhalla) (Dec 9-3)

1st Place – Carson Sauriol of Poway
2nd Place – Israel Ramirez of San Ysidro
3rd Place – Raul Garcia of Mount Miguel
4th Place – Ralph J Magsino of Olympian
5th Place – Brock Puentes of Valley Center
6th Place – Michael Aguirre of Oceanside

1st Place Match
Carson Sauriol (Poway) won by fall over Israel Ramirez (San Ysidro) (Fall 1:35)

3rd Place Match
Raul Garcia (Mount Miguel) won by decision over Ralph J Magsino (Olympian) (Dec 10-6)

5th Place Match
Brock Puentes (Valley Center) won by decision over Michael Aguirre (Oceanside) (Dec 7-2)

1st Place – Jason Miranda of Poway
2nd Place – Alexander Schwaebe of San Diego
3rd Place – Andy Nguyen of Mira Mesa
4th Place – Micah Levine of Mt. Carmel
5th Place – Roy Figueroa of Mar Vista
6th Place – Sebastian Coates of Grossmont

1st Place Match
Jason Miranda (Poway) won by fall over Alexander Schwaebe (San Diego) (Fall 0:43)

3rd Place Match
Andy Nguyen (Mira Mesa) won by major decision over Micah Levine (Mt. Carmel) (Maj 11-3)

5th Place Match
Roy Figueroa (Mar Vista) won by decision over Sebastian Coates (Grossmont) (Dec 5-3)

1st Place – Chaz Hallmark of Scripps Ranch
2nd Place – Zane Stoddard of Poway
3rd Place – Eddie Chiw of Mira Mesa
4th Place – Ezra Cardenas of Steele Canyon
5th Place – Ethan Strahm of Holtville
6th Place – Sebastian Day of Mt. Carmel

1st Place Match
Chaz Hallmark (Scripps Ranch) won by fall over Zane Stoddard (Poway) (Fall 1:03)

3rd Place Match
Eddie Chiw (Mira Mesa) won by decision over Ezra Cardenas (Steele Canyon) (Dec 13-6)

5th Place Match
Ethan Strahm (Holtville) won by decision over Sebastian Day (Mt. Carmel) (Dec 9-5)

1st Place – Jaden Le of Rancho Bernardo
2nd Place – Noah Tolentino of Poway
3rd Place – Christian Navida of San Marcos
4th Place – Jose Guiterrez of Brawley
5th Place – Manny Aramburo of Valhalla
6th Place – Logan Spangenberg of Mt. Carmel

1st Place Match
Jaden Le (Rancho Bernardo) won by fall over Noah Tolentino (Poway) (Fall 1:09)

3rd Place Match
Christian Navida (San Marcos) won by medical forfeit over Jose Guiterrez (Brawley) (MFF)

5th Place Match
Manny Aramburo (Valhalla) won by decision over Logan Spangenberg (Mt. Carmel) (Dec 6-4)

1st Place – Jaden Abas of Rancho Bernardo
2nd Place – Jeffrey Ramsthaler of Ramona
3rd Place – Nathan Hart of Imperial
4th Place – Christian Morales of Poway
5th Place – Daniel Reyes of Bonita Vista
6th Place – A. Daniel Navarro of Vista

1st Place Match
Jaden Abas (Rancho Bernardo) won by major decision over Jeffrey Ramsthaler (Ramona) (Maj 15-5)

3rd Place Match
Nathan Hart (Imperial) won by decision over Christian Morales (Poway) (Dec 4-0)

5th Place Match
Daniel Reyes (Bonita Vista) won by fall over A. Daniel Navarro (Vista) (Fall 4:02)

1st Place – Aaron Gandara of Poway
2nd Place – Tyler Badgett of Rancho Bernardo
3rd Place – Kymani Yambao of San Marcos
4th Place – Aidan Baker of La Costa Canyon
5th Place – Joseph Castillo of Central Union
6th Place – Alan Carrillo of Brawley

1st Place Match
Aaron Gandara (Poway) won by decision over Tyler Badgett (Rancho Bernardo) (Dec 7-5)

3rd Place Match
Kymani Yambao (San Marcos) won by decision over Aidan Baker (La Costa Canyon) (Dec 2-0)

5th Place Match
Joseph Castillo (Central Union) won by medical forfeit over Alan Carrillo (Brawley) (MFF)

1st Place – Alexander Hernandez of Poway
2nd Place – Jayden Smith of Brawley
3rd Place – Paul Ortiz of Imperial
4th Place – Benjamin Houri of La Costa Canyon
5th Place – Emerill Abad of Mt. Carmel
6th Place – Tyshawn N Anderson of Olympian

1st Place Match
Alexander Hernandez (Poway) won by decision over Jayden Smith (Brawley) (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Paul Ortiz (Imperial) won by fall over Benjamin Houri (La Costa Canyon) (Fall 3:38)

5th Place Match
Emerill Abad (Mt. Carmel) won by decision over Tyshawn N Anderson (Olympian) (Dec 12-8)

1st Place – Ivan Hernandez of Poway
2nd Place – Noah Rupp of Maranatha Christian
3rd Place – Zachary Zidarevich of Rancho Bernardo
4th Place – Timothy Hill of Mira Mesa
5th Place – David Bernstein of Torrey Pines
6th Place – Frank Sanchez of San Marcos

1st Place Match
Ivan Hernandez (Poway) won by major decision over Noah Rupp (Maranatha Christian) (Maj 9-1)

3rd Place Match
Zachary Zidarevich (Rancho Bernardo) won by injury default over Timothy Hill (Mira Mesa) (Inj. 3:00)

5th Place Match
David Bernstein (Torrey Pines) won in overtime over Frank Sanchez (San Marcos) (OT 8-7)

1st Place – Javen Jovero of Rancho Bernardo
2nd Place – Joseph Curtis of La Costa Canyon
3rd Place – Braden Pease of Poway
4th Place – Antonio Ramirez of Escondido
5th Place – Jeremiah Satberry of Granite Hills
6th Place – Nicholas Burwell of Mt. Carmel

1st Place Match
Javen Jovero (Rancho Bernardo) won by major decision over Joseph Curtis (La Costa Canyon) (Maj 11-0)

3rd Place Match
Braden Pease (Poway) won by decision over Antonio Ramirez (Escondido) (Dec 1-0)

5th Place Match
Jeremiah Satberry (Granite Hills) won by fall over Nicholas Burwell (Mt. Carmel) (Fall 1:24)

1st Place – Shane Hansen of Oceanside
2nd Place – Michael Morgan of Eastlake
3rd Place – Laith Gilmore of Poway
4th Place – Peter Thomas of Torrey Pines
5th Place – Jamison Ange of Calipatria
6th Place – Weiland Goudarzi of Mission Hills

1st Place Match
Shane Hansen (Oceanside) won by medical forfeit over Michael Morgan (Eastlake) (MFF)

3rd Place Match
Laith Gilmore (Poway) won by decision over Peter Thomas (Torrey Pines) (Dec 4-0)

5th Place Match
Jamison Ange (Calipatria) won by decision over Weiland Goudarzi (Mission Hills) (Dec 6-3)

1st Place – Tyler Watson of Mt. Carmel
2nd Place – Saul Sanchez of West Hills
3rd Place – Nathan Miller of Vista
4th Place – Champion Johnson of The Bishops School
5th Place – Charles-Andre Geffroy of Poway
6th Place – Edward Jones of Mount Miguel

1st Place Match
Tyler Watson (Mt. Carmel) won by decision over Saul Sanchez (West Hills) (Dec 10-4)

3rd Place Match
Nathan Miller (Vista) won by fall over Champion Johnson (The Bishops School) (Fall 2:33)

5th Place Match
Charles-Andre Geffroy (Poway) won by decision over Edward Jones (Mount Miguel) (Dec 7-4)

1st Place – Andrew Johnson of Poway
2nd Place – Luis A Castro of Olympian
3rd Place – Michael Toten of Holtville
4th Place – Blake Schmidt of Monte Vista
5th Place – Elijah Joseph of Mira Mesa
6th Place – Iverson Sandoval of Morse

1st Place Match
Andrew Johnson (Poway) won by fall over Luis A Castro (Olympian) (Fall 3:39)

3rd Place Match
Michael Toten (Holtville) won by fall over Blake Schmidt (Monte Vista) (Fall 2:55)

5th Place Match
Elijah Joseph (Mira Mesa) won by fall over Iverson Sandoval (Morse) (Fall 2:00)