2019 Monterey Clinic of Champions – Pictures from this weekends 41st Annual Event.

Clinicians Dimitar “Mitko” Georgiev, Ivan Ivanov, and Isaac Ramaswamy (Suples, Ltd.)

Monterey Clinic Founder, Bill Grant and NCAA Champion, Daryl Weber (Attack Style)

Clinician Sammy Lopez – Head Coach at Selma High School

Isaac Ramaswamy, Al Fontes, and Ivan Ivanov

Olympian Marco Sanchez

Monterey Clinic vendor – WrestlingMart

Clackamas Head Coach Josh Rhoden demonstrating technique

Monterey Clinic vendor – RUDIS

Team FLUFFY Co-Founder, Paul Garcia & TCW’s Al Fontes

NCAA Champion Daryl Weber demonstrating technique

Coaches sharing stories during the break

Suples’ Ivan Ivanov teaching young wrestler the mechanics of the training bag.

Monterey Clinic – Coaches

Suples’ Dimitar “Mitko” Georgiev teaching exercise routine with bags

Kelly St. John selling Monterey Clinic T-Shirts

Clackamas College Head Coach Josh Rhoden discussing program

Monterey Clinic vendor – Takedown

Suples’ Dimitar “Mitko” Georgiev demonstrating training bag

Monterey Clinic Founder Bill Grant congratulating Coach Josh Rhoden for a job well done!

Coach Sammy Lopez having fun demonstrating technique

Clinician Daryl Weber (Attack Wrestling)

Suples’ Ivan Ivanov & Dimitar “Mitko” Georgiev demonstrating technique

Clinicians Sammy Lopez and Marco Sanchez

Monterey Clinic vendor – My House Sports Gear

Monterey Clinic vendor – Resilite

2019 Monterey Clinic of Champions – Coaches and Clinicians

A special thank you to Jim Thrall and staff for providing photos of this great even.