Advertisements on TCW

Why advertise with TCW?
The California Wrestler has been the #1 source for CA wrestling since 1974 with an online presence dating back to the mid-1990s.

What kind of page view numbers are generated?
Historically, the site averages 50,000 monthly views during the offseason (March to October) and that figure increases to nearly 250,000 views every month during the HS wrestling season running from November through February.

But wait, there’s more …?
The TCW page view numbers do not include those from state rankings. Previously, the rankings were maintained on a separate website ( and this site hit 1.2 million page views during the four-month HS wrestling season in 2019-2020. In 2021, the two sites will be consolidated under common ownership with the rankings/data provided only on TCW.

Why advertise to our audience?
Targeted and niche. According to the most recent NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey for 2018-2019, California had 22,602 wrestlers on the boys side. This is 60% more than the next closest state (Illinois, 14,170) and 100% more than the third most populous state (New York, 11,184). On the girls side, California had 6,014 wrestlers which is nearly 29% of the TOTAL national population (21,124). In all, a pool of nearly 30,000 wrestlers from 900+ high schools – as well as many thousands more aged K-8 – buy wrestling equipment, attend summer camps, and compete in off-season tournaments.

Ads Payment Options

Following payment, please send us:

Banner ads can be run in 1 to 12 month increments. Please contact Michael Cho at with your request for a banner ad and please include the following information:

1. Confirm both the start date and the length of time you would like the ad to be posted on The California Wrestler website.

2. Send your ad information including all graphics and text and any additional information. Please send your graphics as a jpg, jpeg, or a gif file only.

3. You must provide TWO ADS as one will go on our website pages and the other on our forum. One ad (forum) must be 140px by 80px in size while the second ad (website) must be 300px by 150px in size. Your ad will not be placed unless the ad dimensions are correct. Also, if you are sending us an ad that you wish to ROTATE (gif format), it is your responsibility to ensure the settings allow your ad to rotate “forever.”

4. We will email an invoice to you with the charges for the ad. Please contact us with any questions.