Returning state medalists Bailey, Franco, Monteiro back in action at the SV Scuffle

Ryan Franco (Clovis North, CS): 2x state finalist, 3x state medalist

January 23, Bakersfield, Calif. — For the first time in a long time, wrestlers were on the mat in CA. Competitors representing six different sections – Southern, Central, Central Coast, Sac Joaquin, North Coast, and Northern –  participated at the SV Scuffle Invitational. In the results below, returning state qualifiers will be identified in green.

Lehigh-bound Carter Bailey (5th CA 120 in 2020) cruised to the 126 title with three pins. 132 featured three returning state qualifiers bumping way up from their previous year’s weights: Wanderlei Whittington defeated Salahdin Farukh 11-0 (both were at 113 last season) and taking third was Kevin Lopez (who was a 106-pounder). Two-time state finalist and West Point-bound Ryan Franco won the 138 championship, beating up-and-comer, freshman Eric Cortez in the finals. 145 also had three returning state qualifiers in the draw, with 2019 state qualifier Tony Yuke defeating Julian Victoria 7-3 in the finals with Jose Flores taking 3rd. Julian’s younger brother Jayson Victoria, a freshman, who the 120 title.

At 152, Austin Rhoads posted a dominant 12-0 score-line against fellow state qualifier Anthony Estrada. The top 3 at 160 were returning state qualifiers with Duke-bound Adar Schwarzbach beating James Juarez 7-3 in the finals and Jackson Morgan taking 3rd. Tye Monteiro (8th CA 152) has packed on the pounds after a tremendous freshman campaign, winning the 182 title. Returning state qualifiers with Central ties took the top spots at 195 with Hunter Weimer beating Luke Meyer 8-4. In the semifinals, Meyer had pinned Tyler Garone. Finally, one of the top heavyweights in the state, Javier Martinez won the big boy crown.

High School Boys
1st Place – Dominic Marquez of All American Elite 8-6
2nd Place – Jeremy Ortiz of San Dimas
3rd Place – Josiah Sandoval of Sacramento 7-4
4th Place – William Farren of Elk Grove Wrestling Academy

1st Place – Robert Anthony Ornelas of Clovis 4-2 SV1
2nd Place – Jackson Calvert of Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
3rd Place – Aiden Wilder of Nor Cal Take Down 6-0
4th Place – Jacob Estrada of Shed Wrestling

1st Place – Jayson Victoria of Livermore Elite Wrestling Club 9-4
2nd Place – Chase Manski of Mad Dawg
3rd Place – Ahmaad Lewis of Elk Grove Wrestling Academy 7-4 SV1
4th Place – Noah Chacon of The Club

1st Place – Carter Bailey of Livermore Elite Wrestling Club 1:42
2nd Place – Nathan Come of Shed Wrestling
3rd Place – Jaxson Taber of Swamp Monsters 6-0
4th Place – Vanden Caudillo of Central Catholic

1st Place – Wanderlei Whittington of Shed Wrestling 11-0
2nd Place – Salahdin Farukh of Swamp Monsters
3rd Place – Kevin Lopez of Elk Grove Wrestling Academy 5-1
4th Place – Damien Montoya of Redwave

1st Place – Ryan Franco of Redwave 1:05
2nd Place – Eric Cortez of Elk Grove Wrestling Academy
3rd Place – Isaac Fernandez of Pma wreslting I-D
4th Place – John Valdez of Central Catholic

1st Place – Tony Yuke of Swamp Monsters 7-3
2nd Place – Julian Victoria of Livermore Elite Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Jose Flores of Shed Wrestling 1-0
4th Place – Devin Alexander of The Club

1st Place – Austin Rhoads of The Club 12-0
2nd Place – Anthony Estrada of Shed Wrestling
3rd Place – Taj Capri of Ukiah Wrestling Club 3:37
4th Place – Jack Brusseau of The Club

1st Place – Adar Schwarzbach of ttwc 7-3
2nd Place – James Juarez of Driller Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Jackson A. Morgan of Livermore Elite Wrestling Club FF
4th Place – Adrian Juarez of Driller Wrestling Club

1st Place – Tyler Hodges of The Club 9-2
2nd Place – Brian Velazquez of Elite Force
3rd Place – Caiden Williford of Swamp Monsters 0:27
4th Place – Joshua Bass of Brentwood

1st Place – Tye Monteiro of GMHS 1:05
2nd Place – Adrien Reyes of The Club
3rd Place – Baoanh Duncan of The Club 3:15
4th Place – Isaac Villalobos of Driller Wrestling Club

1st Place – Hunter Weimer of Shed Wrestling 8-4
2nd Place – Luke Meyer of Driller Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Tyler Garone of Redwave 3-1
4th Place – Michael Murillo of Driller Wrestling Club

1st Place – Benjamin Vega Sanchez of Swamp Monsters 2:12
2nd Place – Geo Rico of NorCal All-stars
3rd Place – Daniel Frank of Club EG 8-5
4th Place – Jack Bednar of Ukiah Wrestling Club

1st Place – Javier Martinez of Dinuba Wrestling Club 5-0
2nd Place – Chase Nutting of War head wrestling club
3rd Place – Adam Stanley of Driller Wrestling Club 1:25
4th Place – Brandon Vargas of Ukiah Wrestling Club