Billy Townson fights torn PCL injury to return to the wrestling mats

Los Angeles
– The last time Billy Townson of Team Puma was on the mat, he was competing in an exhibition match on a hot autumn day on September 28, 2017.

According to Billy’s Mom, Rheanon Carbajal, “Billy only had one kid in his bracket, so he got an exhibition match with a boy who weighed about 15 pounds more than him. During the match his knee bent inward, and the other athlete fell with him, he immediately started screaming, and multiple people said they heard a pop.”

After the injury, young Billy was rushed to the emergency room to have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on his knee. At first, the Doctor’s told Rheanon that he (Billy) had torn his ACL and PCL and might need surgery with the possibilities of being on the sidelines for at least a year. You see, what differs wrestling from other sports is the more variables, like awkward movements, fast decisions, quick jumps, shots and sprawls, and more possibilities he could tear the ligament again if he comes back too soon.
At first, Rheanon and her husband were utterly devastated for Billy. Nevertheless, there was nothing they could do, but stay optimistic for the sake of Billy’s wellbeing. Billy, a kid that doesn’t give up when confronting adversity, decided to continue going to practice and to tournaments to help coach the beginning wrestlers at Team Puma.


Good news emerged weeks later when Billy’s parents were referred to a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. The surgeon informed them that he (Bill) fact did not have a torn ACL, she would consider it a sprain and only a partially torn PCL, which does not require surgery only Physical Therapy. After many rehab appointments and a lot of patience, Billy returned back to the wrestling mats this past week where he had a good start.

This was his first injury, and I believe he was humbled by this experience. He was on his way to having an amazing season; we thought the 2016-17 season would be his to shine. It was taken away, and he’s got to start somewhat over to get back to where he was. But he’s been such a trooper, and he has learned a lot from this.” Rheanon.

He competed at the 7th Annual San Diego-Imperial Kids Wrestling Association (SDIKWA) tournament in the Novice Division at 74-pounds, where he won the first-place medal after earning a technical fall and pinning his finals opponent in 50 seconds.

I thought I knew how much I loved wrestling until it was taken from me...I’ll never take it for granted again, I got to give it my all at every practice and every tournament,” Said Billy.