Brotherly competition helps Romney brothers to wrestling success

Photos Brent Romney

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The Romney siblings, ZANE and ZETH, have had success in the sport of wrestling since they began competing nine years ago at a local club near their hometown of Simi Valley.

“Freestyle was the first style of wrestling they learned,” mentions Brent Romney, father of Zane and Zeth “They wrestled with another local club which got them wrestling more competitively. Then we got them into Pounders Wrestling Club. It was a big commitment for our family, driving from Ventura County to Rowland Heights three to four hours a week, close to a 2-hour drive just to get to practice. They learned so much in those four years with two outstanding coaches and a room full of stud youth wrestlers.”

The brothers start every morning with a workout — running or the gym. Neither wants to be the guy who bails on a workout, so needless to say, they rarely miss. The fact that they work together is one of the reasons they’ve both accomplished so much in their young careers.

Senior Zane, had a great season last year by placing fifth at the Southern Section Masters Meet and becoming a CIF state qualifier. His discipline and love for the sport help him become one of the top grapplers in Ventura County. Zane wrestles for Simi Valley High School and is blessed with a coach that is just as passionate about wrestling as he is about his faith; It is essential to our family. God, Family, and wrestling. Zane currently holds a 3.4. GPA.

Younger sibling Zeth has won major tournaments from around the country which includes Reno Worlds, Freakshow, California World Challenge, and many USA Wrestling state events. Zeth goes to Valley View Middle School in Simi Valley, and he currently has a 4.0 GPA. He’s been working hard so that he could be a part of the O3T club for Tri-Titans. Thank you to Duke Le for pushing my boy to do his best in school.

The Romney brothers currently compete for Los Angeles Wrestling Club (LAWC) where they are coached by former CIF state medalist and Fargo finalist, Vlad Kochiev. The brothers have grown a lot in the last couple of years in this room and are blessed to have a fantastic coach and great partners. They still have a long way to go, but they are on the right path.

The boys have another unique advantage, and that is the involvement of their father and mother.

“My dad has sat in our corner … well, I don’t think he’s ever missed a match,” Zane said. “He knows so much after nine years of wrestling.” Zeth adds, “It doesn’t feel right if he’s not in my corner, honestly. I can pick his voice out of anyone else’s.”

Brent Romney said he studied the sport so that he could support his boys, and it just led to him helping them in every aspect of the sport.

The boys may both excel in the same sport, but they are very different young men — on and off the mat. “Zeth is hard-wired for wrestling,” Brent said. “He’s built for it, born for it. Zane, he’s just a good athlete, and that’s why he’s good at wrestling.”

Brent said their relationship gives them an edge, but their personalities also help them excel.

“Living in a house full of wrestlers is crazy. The amount of laundry my poor wife must do is never-ending. She plans meals and grocery shopping around who are cutting weight and who are trying to gain. We don’t take vacations unless you consider Fresno, Reno or Tulsa a vacation destination,” Brent says “The one thing we love more than anything about wrestling is how close our boys are. They are super competitive with each other, but they are each other’s biggest fan. And when they’re not wrestling they’re pushing each other in skateboarding and surfing. We’re also very blessed to have support from great coaches, family, and friends who care about our boy’s success and future,” mentions Brent Romney.