Buchanan Dominates Field at Temecula – Battle for the Belt; Produces 5 Champions

145 – Cael Valencia (St. John Bosco)


1 – Buchanan (CS): 313.5

2 – Bakersfield (CS): 181.5

3 – St. John Bosco (S): 170.5

4 – Frontier (CS): 156.0

5 – De La Salle (NC): 128.0

6 – Temecula Valley (S): 122.5

7 – Rowland (S): 120.0

8 – Del Oro (SJ): 111.5

9 – San Marino (S): 110.5

10T – Oak Hills (S)/Green Valley (Nevada): 100.0

Buchanan – Battle for the Belt Team Champions
Battle for the Belt Champions


1st Place – Jack Gioffre of Buchanan

2nd Place – Zach Espalin of Chandler

3rd Place – Devin Garcia of James Logan

4th Place – Fernando Barreto of Rowland

5th Place – Ryan Luna of Saint Francis

6th Place – Justin Rodriguez of Palm Desert

7th Place – Ryan Vigil of Broomfield

8th Place – Adrian Ledsema of Eleanor Roosevelt


1st Place – Carlos Negrete jr of Buchanan

2nd Place – Michael Gioffre of Buchanan

3rd Place – Koa Ruiz of San Marino

4th Place – Joaquin Arroyo of Calvary Chapel/SA

5th Place – Ibrahim Ahmed of Palm Desert

6th Place – Romeo Mcneal of James Logan

7th Place – Richard Rojo of Rowland

8th Place – Rawlin Szewczyk of Great Oak


1st Place – Maximo Renteria of Buchanan

2nd Place – Antonio Lorenzo of St John Bosco

3rd Place – Kyler Lake of Buchanan

4th Place – Gabriel Schumm of Citrus Hills

5th Place – Steele Dias of Green Valley

6th Place – Savion Dixon of Paloma Valley

7th Place – Mj Gaitan of Temecula Valley

8th Place – Raul Jimenez of San Marino


1st Place – Alex Ramirez of Rowland

2nd Place – Cole Reyes of Frontier/BAK

3rd Place – Hunter Leake of Buchanan

4th Place – Ryan Spangler of Sultana

5th Place – Isaac Salas of St John Bosco

6th Place – Evan Ivaldi of Del Oro

7th Place – Will Zernich of Green Valley

8th Place – Riley Hilt of De La Salle


1st Place – Kyle Parco of De La Salle

2nd Place – Logan Gioffre of Buchanan

3rd Place – Cade Lucio of Bakersfield

4th Place – Garrett Fletcher of Frontier/BAK

5th Place – Brenden Johnson of Del Oro

6th Place – Frank Abacherli of Martin Luther King

7th Place – Timmy Levine of St John Bosco

8th Place – Luke Gayer of Calvary Chapel/SA


1st Place – Jesse Vasquez of Excelsior Charter

2nd Place – Darren Green of Broomfield

3rd Place – Tyler Deen of Buchanan

4th Place – Andrew Bloemhof of Bakersfield

5th Place – Ryan Morphis of Frontier/BAK

6th Place – Dwayne Guerrero of De La Salle

7th Place – Christian Navida of San Marcos/SD

8th Place – Beau Perez of San Marino


1st Place – Cael Valencia of St John Bosco

2nd Place – Luka Wick of San Marino

3rd Place – Jeff Ramsthaler of Ramona/SD

4th Place – Jose Landin of Frontier/BAK

5th Place – Matthew Rodriguez of Righetti

6th Place – Joey Mora of Esperanza

7th Place – Alex Hendrix of La Costa Canyon

8th Place – Josiah Engstrom of Citrus Hills


1st Place – Troy Mantanona of Palm Desert

2nd Place – Noah Cortez of Dinuba

3rd Place – Zeke Guerrero of Cibola

4th Place – Andrew Sparks of Calvary Chapel/SA

5th Place – Jonathan Orozco of Oak Hills

6th Place – Don beni Banduenga of Righetti

7th Place – Reymundo Raiz of Buchanan

8th Place – Juan Lopez of Bishop Amat


1st Place – Matthew Olguin of Buchanan

2nd Place – Noah Blake of Del Oro

3rd Place – Jt Stinson of East Nicolaus

4th Place – Max Aguirre of Frontier/BAK

5th Place – Marc Williams of Shadow Ridge

6th Place – Justus Scott of Green Valley

7th Place – Louis Rojas of St John Bosco

8th Place – Michael Scarponi of Temecula Valley


1st Place – Mark Cardwell of Monache

2nd Place – Ryan Cosio of Temecula Valley

3rd Place – Jarad Priest of Bakersfield

4th Place – Rocco Contino of Buchanan

5th Place – Isaac Morris of Castro Valley

6th Place – Daniel Long of Dinuba

7th Place – Desmond Bowers of Green Valley

8th Place – Christian Landin of Frontier/BAK


1st Place – Nathan Haas of St John Bosco

2nd Place – Jonovan Smith of Birmingham

3rd Place – Joe Curtis of La Costa Canyon

4th Place – Ivan Espinoza of Basic Academy

5th Place – Jordan Annis of Bakersfield

6th Place – Carsten Rawls of Saint Francis

7th Place – Israel Webster of Paloma Valley

8th Place – Thomas Orr of Eleanor Roosevelt


1st Place – Jadon Martin of Buchanan

2nd Place – Brandon Leon of Eleanor Roosevelt

3rd Place – Trevor Tinker of Bonita

4th Place – Ty Shepherd of Frontier/BAK

5th Place – Rodrigo Hernandez of Capistrano Valley

6th Place – Shane Hansen of Oceanside

7th Place – Adam Lowe of Del Oro

8th Place – Aj Porter of Citrus Hills


1st Place – Justin Darter of Bakersfield

2nd Place – Guillermo Escobedo of Bishop Amat

3rd Place – Gabriel Carranza of Victor Valley

4th Place – Branden Cardwell of Buchanan

5th Place – Jacob Gaskin of Walnut

6th Place – Ralph Barajas of Heritage

7th Place – Logan Melendez of Temecula Valley

8th Place – Steven Solis of Elsinore


1st Place – Josiah Hill of Bakersfield

2nd Place – Josh Avila of Rowland

3rd Place – Julio Duron of Basic Academy

4th Place – Randy Arriaga of Capistrano Valley

5th Place – William Von goeben of Walnut

6th Place – Jacob Smith of Etiwanda

7th Place – Elijah Joseph of MIra Mesa

8th Place – Jacob Hernandez of St Joseph/Santa Maria