Buchanan Dominates Zinkin Classic; Crown Seven Champions

BRANDON MARTINO - Clovis HS (CS) Verbally commits to Fresno State

160 – BRANDON MARTINO – Clovis HS (CS)

Buchanan HS (CS) 2016 Zinkin Champions

Buchanan HS (CS) 2016 Zinkin Champions


Buchanan (CS): 317.0
Clovis (CS): 265.5
Gilroy (CC): 173.0
Frontier (CS): 129.0
Oakdale (SJ): 127.0
Elk Grove (SJ): 101.5
Dinuba (CS): 88.0
Calvary Chapel (S): 82.
Del Oro (SJ)/James Logan (NC): 71.0
1st Place – Cole Reyes of Frontier
2nd Place – Giano Petrucelli of Clovis
3rd Place – Justin Mouritsen of Clovis
4th Place – Ahkil Vega of Cupertino
5th Place – Hunter Leake of Buchanan
6th Place – Adrian Chavez of Central
7th Place – Devin Garcia of James Logan
8th Place – Laz Maldanado of Clovis West
1st Place Match
Cole Reyes (Frontier) 12-0, So. over Giano Petrucelli (Clovis) 10-2, Fr. (Dec 5-1).
3rd Place Match
Justin Mouritsen (Clovis) 12-2, Fr. over Ahkil Vega (Cupertino) 8-3, Jr. (Fall 0:37).
5th Place Match
Hunter Leake (Buchanan) 10-4, Fr. over Adrian Chavez (Central) 11-3, Fr. (Dec 11-9).
7th Place Match
Devin Garcia (James Logan) 10-4, So. over Laz Maldanado (Clovis West) 5-5, Fr. (MD 9-0).
1st Place – Nic Aguilar of Gilroy
2nd Place – Dustin Chavez of Oakdale
3rd Place – Matthew Sanchez of Central
4th Place – Brenden Johnson of Del Oro
5th Place – Dakota Unpingco of Freedom
6th Place – Ryan Elgarico of Elk Grove
7th Place – Josh Poore of Buchanan
8th Place – Thomas Terrence of Clovis East
1st Place Match
Nic Aguilar (Gilroy) 4-0, RS Jr. over Dustin Chavez (Oakdale) 11-2, So. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
Matthew Sanchez (Central) 13-1, Sr. over Brenden Johnson (Del Oro) 6-3, Fr. (Fall 2:45).
5th Place Match
Dakota Unpingco (Freedom) 11-2, So. over Ryan Elgarico (Elk Grove) 10-4, So. (Fall 4:00).
7th Place Match
Josh Poore (Buchanan) 12-3, So. over Thomas Terrence (Clovis East) 5-5, Sr. (Dec 4-2).
1st Place – Matthew Olguin of Buchanan
2nd Place – Elijah Palacio of Calvary Chapel
3rd Place – Chase Saldate of Gilroy
4th Place – Steven Kroesen of Laguna Hills
5th Place – Joe Delgado of Gilroy
6th Place – Mario Moreno of Madera
7th Place – Brandon Paulson of Clovis
8th Place – Jeremiah Uribe of James Logan
1st Place Match
Matthew Olguin (Buchanan) 10-0, So. over Elijah Palacio (Calvary Chapel) 10-1, Jr. (Dec 5-4).
3rd Place Match
Chase Saldate (Gilroy) 5-1, Fr. over Steven Kroesen (Laguna Hills) 7-2, So. (Fall 3:36).
5th Place Match
Joe Delgado (Gilroy) 5-2, . over Mario Moreno (Madera) 12-5, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
7th Place Match
Brandon Paulson (Clovis) 4-2, So. over Jeremiah Uribe (James Logan) 11-4, Sr. (MD 10-1).
1st Place – Ethan Leake of Buchanan
2nd Place – Luciano Arroyo of Calvary Chapel
3rd Place – Jacob Seto of Elk Grove
4th Place – Wyatt Cornelison of Clovis
5th Place – Ryan Moprhis of Frontier
6th Place – Anthony Le of Laguna Hills
7th Place – Tai White of Acalanes
8th Place – Kendall Frank of Elk Grove
1st Place Match
Ethan Leake (Buchanan) 8-0, Jr. over Luciano Arroyo (Calvary Chapel) 9-1, So. (SV-1 10-8).
3rd Place Match
Jacob Seto (Elk Grove) 10-2, Sr. over Wyatt Cornelison (Clovis) 12-4, Sr. (MD 13-3).
5th Place Match
Ryan Moprhis (Frontier) 14-4, So. over Anthony Le (Laguna Hills) 13-3, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th Place Match
Tai White (Acalanes) 9-3, Sr. over Kendall Frank (Elk Grove) 3-3, So. (Dec 7-4).
1st Place – Isaiah Perez of Dinuba
2nd Place – Ricky Torres of Oakdale
3rd Place – Tyler Deen of Buchanan
4th Place – Lokahi Tonge of Elk Grove
5th Place – Anthony Chavez of Central
6th Place – Mason Hartshorn of Freedom
7th Place – Brock Rogers of Corcoran
8th Place – Aaron Perez of James Logan
1st Place Match
Isaiah Perez (Dinuba) 13-0, Sr. over Ricky Torres (Oakdale) 12-1, So. (MD 13-4).
3rd Place Match
Tyler Deen (Buchanan) 12-2, So. over Lokahi Tonge (Elk Grove) 10-3, Jr. (Dec 6-4).
5th Place Match
Anthony Chavez (Central) 6-2, Jr. over Mason Hartshorn (Freedom) 8-4, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
7th Place Match
Brock Rogers (Corcoran) 8-3, . over Aaron Perez (James Logan) 10-5, Jr. (Dec 10-5).
1st Place – Alex Felix of Gilroy
2nd Place – Steven Abbate of Central Catholic
3rd Place – Elijah Ozuna of Frontier
4th Place – Wyatt Peverill of Buchanan
5th Place – Max Anderson of Clovis
6th Place – Daniel Vizcara of Gilroy
7th Place – Chase Patterson of Del Oro
8th Place – Aaron Panduro of Corcoran
1st Place Match
Alex Felix (Gilroy) 6-0, Jr. over Steven Abbate (Central Catholic) 7-1, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Elijah Ozuna (Frontier) 13-2, Sr. over Wyatt Peverill (Buchanan) 9-2, Jr. (Dec 3-0).
5th Place Match
Max Anderson (Clovis) 14-3, So. over Daniel Vizcara (Gilroy) 5-3, . (Dec 8-3).
7th Place Match
Chase Patterson (Del Oro) 7-4, Sr. over Aaron Panduro (Corcoran) 6-4, . (For.).
1st Place – Brett Villarreal of Buchanan
2nd Place – Chris Gaxiola of Buchanan
3rd Place – Mikelli Chiramonte of Clovis
4th Place – Jeremy Ridge of Acalanes
5th Place – Zach Poore of Buchanan
6th Place – Johnny Fox of Gilroy
7th Place – Trent Tracy of Frontier
8th Place – Jacob Wright of Dinuba
1st Place Match
Brett Villarreal (Buchanan) 8-0, Jr. over Chris Gaxiola (Buchanan) 9-2, Jr. (Dec 4-1).
3rd Place Match
Mikelli Chiramonte (Clovis) 13-2, Fr. over Jeremy Ridge (Acalanes) 10-2, Jr. (SV-1 6-4).
5th Place Match
Zach Poore (Buchanan) 10-3, Jr. over Johnny Fox (Gilroy) 3-3, So. (Inj. 0:00).
7th Place Match
Trent Tracy (Frontier) 12-4, So. over Jacob Wright (Dinuba) 12-3, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
1st Place – Joel Romero of Buchanan
2nd Place – Beau Bradley of Monache
3rd Place – Nate Villarreal of Gilroy
4th Place – Cristian Dominguez of Central Catholic
5th Place – Gabe Martinez of Oakdale
6th Place – Tyler Gianakopulos of Clovis
7th Place – William Schwertscharf of Buhach Colony
8th Place – Alexander Escudero of Los Gatos
1st Place Match
Joel Romero (Buchanan) 8-0, Jr. over Beau Bradley (Monache) 4-1, Jr. (Fall 4:00).
3rd Place Match
Nate Villarreal (Gilroy) 5-1, So. over Cristian Dominguez (Central Catholic) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 1:43).
5th Place Match
Gabe Martinez (Oakdale) 12-3, So. over Tyler Gianakopulos (Clovis) 10-4, Fr. (Dec 4-3).
7th Place Match
William Schwertscharf (Buhach Colony) 13-5, Sr. over Alexander Escudero (Los Gatos) 8-4, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
1st Place – Brandon Martino of Clovis
2nd Place – Mark Cardwell of Monache
3rd Place – William Costanzo of Del Oro
4th Place – Jonathan Garcia of Frontier
5th Place – Anthony Lugo of Nipomo
6th Place – Tracey Hunter of Buchanan
7th Place – Chance Wirowek of Liberty-Bakersfield
8th Place – Jorge Gonzalez of Madera
1st Place Match
Brandon Martino (Clovis) 9-0, Sr. over Mark Cardwell (Monache) 4-1, So. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
William Costanzo (Del Oro) 8-2, Jr. over Jonathan Garcia (Frontier) 14-3, Sr. (Fall 0:40).
5th Place Match
Anthony Lugo (Nipomo) 12-2, Sr. over Tracey Hunter (Buchanan) 7-3, Fr. (Dec 8-6).
7th Place Match
Chance Wirowek (Liberty-Bakersfield) 5-2, Sr. over Jorge Gonzalez (Madera) 9-5, Sr. (Fall 3:47).
1st Place – Anthony Mantanona of Palm Desert
2nd Place – Victor Vargas of Clovis
3rd Place – Abel Garcia of Oakdale
4th Place – Joe Barnes of Gilroy
5th Place – Juan Rosales of Buhach Colony
6th Place – Rodney Kincaid of Anderson
7th Place – David Vardanyan of Bullard
8th Place – Wyatt Myers of Ukiah
1st Place Match
Anthony Mantanona (Palm Desert) 16-0, Sr. over Victor Vargas (Clovis) 11-2, Sr. (Dec 10-5).
3rd Place Match
Abel Garcia (Oakdale) 12-1, Sr. over Joe Barnes (Gilroy) 3-2, So. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
Juan Rosales (Buhach Colony) 9-3, Sr. over Rodney Kincaid (Anderson) 9-3, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th Place Match
David Vardanyan (Bullard) 12-4, . over Wyatt Myers (Ukiah) 9-3, Sr. (Dec 7-4).
1st Place – Anthony Montalvo of Buchanan
2nd Place – Colbey Harlan of Oakdale
3rd Place – Jeremy Maas of Liberty-Bakersfield
4th Place – Victor Cruz of Buhach Colony
5th Place – Connor Aiello of Las Lomas
6th Place – Cameron Casey of Maria Carrillo
7th Place – Cameron VanDyke of Palm Desert
8th Place – Manny Martinez of Ukiah
1st Place Match
Anthony Montalvo (Buchanan) 10-0, Jr. over Colbey Harlan (Oakdale) 12-1, Jr. (Fall 0:00).
3rd Place Match
Jeremy Maas (Liberty-Bakersfield) 15-2, Sr. over Victor Cruz (Buhach Colony) 14-3, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0)).
5th Place Match
Connor Aiello (Las Lomas) 11-2, Sr. over Cameron Casey (Maria Carrillo) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 9-3).
7th Place Match
Cameron VanDyke (Palm Desert) 15-3, Sr. over Manny Martinez (Ukiah) 8-4, Sr. (SV-1 9-4).
1st Place – Trevor Ervin of Buchanan
2nd Place – Jacob Good of Clovis
3rd Place – Willem DeBoer of Frontier
4th Place – Robert Maiden of Stockdale
5th Place – Joey Ainsworth of James Logan
6th Place – Adam Lowe of Del Oro
7th Place – Luis Ayala of Oakdale
8th Place – Chris Velez of Robert F Kennedy
1st Place Match
Trevor Ervin (Buchanan) 7-0, Jr. over Jacob Good (Clovis) 10-2, So. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
Willem DeBoer (Frontier) 12-3, Sr. over Robert Maiden (Stockdale) 7-4, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
Joey Ainsworth (James Logan) 11-5, Sr. over Adam Lowe (Del Oro) 3-3, So. (SV-1 4-2).
7th Place Match
Luis Ayala (Oakdale) 10-3, Sr. over Chris Velez (Robert F Kennedy) 3-3, . (Dec 3-2).
1st Place – Cade Belshay of Buchanan
2nd Place – Tony Andrade of Gilroy
3rd Place – Ruger Wyneken of Clovis
4th Place – Stone Airoso of Elk Grove
5th Place – Juan Solis of San Fernando
6th Place – Joey Jaramillo of Clovis
7th Place – Tony Serna of Dinuba
8th Place – Dylan Miles of Ukiah
1st Place Match
Cade Belshay (Buchanan) 8-0, Sr. over Tony Andrade (Gilroy) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 5-1).
3rd Place Match
Ruger Wyneken (Clovis) 8-2, Sr. over Stone Airoso (Elk Grove) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
5th Place Match
Juan Solis (San Fernando) 8-3, Sr. over Joey Jaramillo (Clovis) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 7-1).
7th Place Match
Tony Serna (Dinuba) 13-3, Sr. over Dylan Miles (Ukiah) 9-4, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
1st Place – Seth Nevills of Clovis
2nd Place – Jesus Flores of Delhi
3rd Place – Isaiah Ortiz of Buchanan
4th Place – Luke Cruz of South San Fancisco
5th Place – Ryan Higginbotham of Modesto Christian
6th Place – David Robles of Buchanan
7th Place – Luis Penick of Anderson
8th Place – Jacob Roberts of Buchanan
1st Place Match
Seth Nevills (Clovis) 9-0, Jr. over Jesus Flores (Delhi) 4-1, . (Fall 0:00).
3rd Place Match
Isaiah Ortiz (Buchanan) 5-1, Sr. over Luke Cruz (South San Fancisco) 10-3, Sr. (Dec 9-5).
5th Place Match
Ryan Higginbotham (Modesto Christian) 10-4, Jr. over David Robles (Buchanan) 8-5, Sr. (Dec 7-3).
7th Place Match
Luis Penick (Anderson) 11-2, Jr. over Jacob Roberts (Buchanan) 9-5, Sr. (Fall 0:47).

ETHAN LEAKE (Buchanan, CS)