Intro and CA Wrestlers on College Rosters

For over two decades, The California Wrestler website has been an indelible part of our state’s wrestling scene, with all credit due to the dedicated efforts of Al Fontes, Bill Grant, and the rest of the TCW staff. We say goodbye to a couple folks but excited for the future.

So, I’m Michael Cho. Hello and happy holidays. In the immediate future, not much will change on this site but I’ll certainly do my best to keep it running. With all that’s going on, there’s been a bit of a lag in terms of content and discourse. But hopefully things will pick up.

If you know me, you know I’m fond of data. So my first post will revolve around that theme: a list of CA wrestlers on college rosters.

Though opportunities to compete may be limited going into 2021, I did some digging to see which ex-California high school wrestlers are on college rosters – NCAA Divisions I, II, III and NAIA on the men’s side and WCWA for the women’s. For reference, I’ve also included the links to team pages for those who may be interested in contacting college coaching staffs. It’s never too early to send an intro email and get on their radars. As the below lists indicate, you don’t have to be a world-beater to compete in college, just have the desire to do so.

As a note, I understand there are two-year (NJCAA, CA community colleges) and club programs but for now, I’ve limited the reach of my net. I’m sure I’ve missed some student-athletes so feel free to get in touch with any corrections/edits. Some interesting facts:

Some interesting findings:

  • 176 wrestlers from CA high schools are on NCAA Division 1 rosters.
  • Alumni from powerhouses lead the way: Poway (12), Clovis (10), Buchanan (9), St. John Bosco (8), Gilroy (6), and Bakersfield (5).
  • California has nearly 300 competitors at the Division 2, Division 3, and NAIA levels.
  • California is dominant on the women’s college scene with 221 wrestlers listed on WCWA rosters.
  • The Southern Section leads the way with graduates from Kennedy (9), Northview (7), Corona (6), Walnut (5), Cerritos (4), Duarte (4), Paloma Valley (4), San Dimas (3), and Yucca Valley (3) competing at the highest level in women’s college wrestling.


CA wrestlers on NCAA Division 1 rosters 


CA wrestlers on NCAA Division 2 rosters


CA wrestlers on NCAA Division 3 rosters


CA wrestlers on NAIA rosters


Image result for njcaaCA wrestlers on NJCAA rosters


CA wrestlers on WCWA (women’s) rosters