California Women’s Fargo Team

All photos courtesy of John Sachs (Tech-Fall)

Once again Team California will be bringing the heat to Fargo this year. The women’s Junior team is loaded with great individuals that could emerge as champions. Leading the pack are Selma’s one-two-punch of Alleida Martinez (117) and Gracie Figueroa (122). Figueroa will be attempting to make history this year and become the first wrestler from the Golden State to win five Fargo titles. If Martinez wins her four Fargo Championship, she will be joining the elite group of just three wrestlers to achieve this task (Tatiana Padilla, Aaron Pico, and Gracie Figueroa).

Alex Castillo (180) was the runner-up last season in the Junior Division. She is a two-time Fargo All-American and will be one of the favorites to win it all this year. Trina Nguyen (106), Victoria Borrego (106), and Corey Burton (220) will be in the hunt to place at Fargo for the third time. Nguyen and Borrego could face each other in the finals of Fargo at 106, as both are title contenders.

Looking to acquire All-American status for the second time are Trinity Ordina (112), Adreinne Dominguez (180), Alyssa Seguira (100), Jessica Sanchez (127), and Dalia Garibay (132). Cadets will begin competing Monday, July 17th, while Juniors Wednesday, July 19th.

Division Wrestler Weight Fargo Accomplishments
Junior Angie Gomez 100
Junior Nina Pham 100
Junior Trina Nguyen 106 2016 Cadet (5th), 2015 Cadet (8th)
Junior Jessica Vasquez 106
Junior Victoria Borrego 106 2016 Cadet (7th), 2015 Cadet (4th)
Junior Trinity Ordina 112 2015 Cadet (8th)
Junior Julie Tran 112
Junior Alleida Martinez 117 3x champion
Junior Rory Coscia 117
Junior Tiana Jackson 117
Junior Clare Garcia 122
Junior Gracie Figueroa 122 4x champion
Junior Caitlin Cardenas 127
Junior Alexandra Ceballos 127
Junior McKenna Hutchinson 132
Junior Candice Coralejo 132
Junior Christina Wilson 132
Junior Michelle Camacho 138
Junior Jenna Garcia 138
Junior Julia Padilla 144
Junior Haven Olmos 144
Junior Anatli Smalley 154
Junior Abbi Turner 154
Junior Anna Castro 164
Junior Dymond Guilford 164
Junior Alyssa Baylon 180
Junior Alex Castillo 180 2016 Cadet (3rd), 2016 Junior (2nd)
Junior Jenny Minnah Adam 180
Junior Adreinne Dominguez 180 2016 Cadet (5th)
Junior Emily Sandoval 180
Junior Corey Burton 220 2016 Cadet (2nd), 2016 Junior (4th)
Junior Kim DeLa Cruz 225
Junior Alexandria Goudreau 225
Junior Arianna Cobian 225
Cadet Genesis Quirarte 94
Cadet Melissa Lee 94
Cadet Lizette Rodriguez 94
Cadet Krystal Betanzo 100
Cadet Sophia Martinez 100
Cadet Elaine Young 100
Cadet  Alyssa Seguira 100 2016 Cadet (8th)
Cadet Samantha Martinez 106
Cadet Melanie Mendoza 106
Cadet Brittany Ramirez 106
Cadet Nicole Lee 106
Cadet Hailey Ward 106
Cadet Merijah Morales 112
Cadet Zyana Cabrera 117
Cadet Aleena Gomez 117
Cadet Alexis Medina 117
Cadet Ashley Venegas 117
Cadet Alisha Narvaez 117
Cadet Niya Gaines 122
Cadet Jessica Sanchez 127 2016 Cadet (4th)
Cadet Mary Lopez 127
Cadet Aliya Smithson 132
Cadet Dalia Garibay 132 2016 Cadet (7th)
Cadet Emmily Patneaud 138
Cadet Emily Se 138
Cadet Gianna Anaya 144
Cadet Alia Abushi 152
Cadet Julianna Bolli 180
Cadet Jasmin Clarke 200