Cheyenne Bowman wins USMC Cadet Freestyle Nationals


FARGO, N.D. – Freshman sensation Cheyenne Bowman, added another national title to her already long wrestling resume this afternoon as she won the prestigious USMC Cadet Freestyle Nationals at 132-pounds.

A 2018 UWW Cadet team member, Bowman became the 13th grappler from California to win a women’s Cadet championship by defeating Lily Sherer of Pennsylvania, 10-0.

Bowman was unscored throughout the tournament as she pinned three of her opponents and earned two (10-0) victories. Despite being the lone champion from the golden state, Team California was prosperous in capturing the championship title with 79 points and 19 All-Americans.

Charlotte Kouyoumtjian (112) was also a finalist in the tournament but was defeated (6-2) by New York grappler Ally Fitzgerald. Katja Osteen (164) and Adelina Parra (180) were also runners-up in their respective weight classes.

Osteen met a familiar opponent in Tristan Kelly of Colorado. Kelly had defeated Osteen at the finals of UWW Cadet winning the best-of-three series, two matches to one. At one point on the match, Osteen was up 4-0 on Kelly. Nevertheless, Kelly stormed back with two takedowns and a push-out point to edge Osteen, 5-4.

It is the first time that Team California has had 19 All-Americans in the Cadet Division since the tournament was first started in 2011. The most All-Americans team California have had prior to 2018 was in 2013 when 18 wrestlers earned All-American honors.


94 pounds

1st – Sterling Dias (Nevada) tech. fall Ava Bayless (Pennsylvania), 10-0, 5:40

3rd –Melissa F. Lee (California) pin Abbygale Duke (New York), 6:00

5th – Zoe Omura (Hawaii) inj. dft. Taylor Wilson (Washington)

7th – Faith Vega (California) dec. Sydney Petzinger (New Jersey), 20-19

100 pounds

1st – Sage Mortimer (Utah) tech. fall Alejandra Corral (Hawaii), 14-4, 2:16

3rd – Grace Gundrum (Pennsylvania) pin Julianne Moccia (Maryland), 2:15

5th – Dianna Holmes (Georgia) dec. Hailey Ward (California), 7-4

7th – Rayana Sahagun (Michigan) dec. Heaven Fitch (North Carolina), 8-6

106 pounds

1st – Mia Palumbo (Illinois) tech. fall Samara Chavez (Texas), 12-1, 4:48

3rd – Amani Jones (Georgia) tech. fall Tehani Soares (Nevada), 10-0, 3:50

5th – Jenavi Alejandro (Nevada) dec. Amiyah Hart (Illinois), 6-3

7th – Marissa Riojas (Washington) tech. fall Paige Denke (Nebraska), 10-0, 2:18

112 pounds

1st – Ally Fitzgerald (New York) dec. Charlotte Kouyoumtjian (California), 6-2

3rd – Kenzie Cormier (Washington) tech. fall Brelane Huber (Idaho), 11-1, 4:13

5th – Montana Delawder (Pennsylvania) dec. Cayden Condit (Colorado), 10-9

7th – Molly Williams (Washington) pin Greta Gustafson (California), 5:18

117 pounds

1st – Adriana Dorado-Marin (Colorado) dec. Camille Fournier (Texas), 10-0, 2:53

3rd – Riley Dalrymple (New York) tech. fall Olivia Mottley (Texas), 10-0, 2:33

5th – Alisha Narvaez (California) tech. fall Samantha Barragan (California), 14-3, 3:49

7th – Desinee Lopez (California) tech. fall Anunthaya Macdonnell (Michigan), 10-0 2:12

122 pounds

1st – Alexys Zepeda (Oregon) tech. fall Nanea Estrella (Hawaii), 10-0, 0:46

3rd – Maggie Palmore (Maryland) dec. Melanie Mendoza (California), 14-9

5th – Amor Tuttle (Minnesota) pin Lana Perez (Hawaii), 4:17

7th – Sofia Macaluso (New York) dec. Aki Choates (Georgia), 11-4

127 pounds

1st – Mia Macaluso (New York) dec. Naomi Henry (New York), 11-8

3rd – Nonnie Justice (Missouri) dec. Jessi Johnson (New Jersey), 4-2

5th – Claire Dicugno (Washington) tech. fall Natalie Dunn (New York), 10-2, 2:21

7th – Carolina Moreno (Arizona) dec. Madison Sandquist (Texas), 12-8

132 pounds

1st – Cheyenne Bowman (California) tech. fall Lily Sherer (Pennsylvania), 10-0, 0:54

3rd – Grace Pauls (New York) pin Hannah Strauss (Illinois), 2:23

5th – Nanen Aguilar (Colorado) tech. fall Nallely Rivadeneira (California), 13-2, 2:31

7th – Madison Matta (Pennsylvania) pin Alicia Pieper (Michigan), 0:38

138 pounds

1st – Jahnea Miguel (Hawaii) pin Sara Sulejmani (Illinois), 1:58

3rd – Jordan Suarez (Texas) dec. Jade Herzer (Wisconsin), 8-4

5th – Annie N. Hua (California) forfeit over Beyonce Garcia (California)

7th – Tristen Music (Georgia) tech, fall Tays Pascual (New York), 10-0, 3:20

144 pounds

1st – Nevaeh Cassidy (Washington) dec. Sydney Manos (Illinois), 14-7

3rd – Tiffani Baublitz (Pennsylvania) pin Seda Tsarni (Maryland), 2:10

5th – Jayden Bentley (Iowa) tech. fall Khaila Hughes (Illinois), 12-0, 3:29

7th – Jaleena Graham (South Carolina) forfeit Beatriz Zubiran (California)

152 pounds

1st – Kennedy Blades (Illinois) tech. fall Kiley Hubby (Washington), 10-0, 1:48

3rd – Madison Konopka (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Alice Brulotte (Washington), 10-0

5th – Kai Poux (New York) vs. Madison Ellis (Alaska)

7th – Kaylee Gross (Missouri) tech. fall Joylynn Wegman (Texas), 10-0, 3:20

164 pounds

1st – Tristan Kelly (Colorado) dec. Katja Osteen (California), 5-4

3rd – Alia Abushi (California) dec. Katie Moore (New York), 8-4

5th – Olivia Robinson (Oregon) forfeit over Sariah Stewart (New York)

7th – Sierra Mason (Washington) dec. Heaven Byrd (Georgia), 18-13

180 pounds

1st – Jaycee Foeller (Missouri) dec. Adelina Parra (California), 7-0

3rd – Brittyn Corbishley (Texas) pin Joanna Jones (New York), 1:29

5th – Brianna Staebler (Wisconsin) dec. America Lopez (California), 10-2

7th – Jayleen Sekona (Alaska) pin Tatum Heikkila (Washington), 2:30

200 pounds

1st – Olivia Brown (Oklahoma) pin Isabeau Shalack (Illinois), 4:52

3rd – Ryan Schlereth (Missouri) tech. fall Taja Showers (Virginia), 13-1, 1:44

5th – Emma Lozada (Texas) pin Hollie Espinoza (California), 0:34

Top 10 Team Standings

1.California 79

2.New York 62

3.Illinois 48

4.Washington 40

5.Pennsylvania 38

6.Texas 36

7.Hawaii 29

8.Colorado 23

9.Missouri 22

10.Nevada 17

Cadet – Junior – Women’s All-Americans 1972 – 2018 (FS/GR)