CIF provides updated proposal for HS sports … wrestling still a long way away

Direct Link (as of January 26, 2021)

(1) As we know, for the 2020-2021 school year, wrestling is a CIF Season 2 Sport (March to June).

(2) Wrestling is a “contact” sport so within a county, a yellow color tier (“minimal”) is required for any tournament or dual meet to be held. Our state recently exited SIP but as of February 2, 54 of 58 CA counties are still in the purple color tier (“widespread”). The decision of when to start competition will be left up to the counties and school districts themselves.

(3) Under such continued restrictions and having to navigate through a tier progression from purple -> red -> orange -> yellow, my guess for a best case scenario this spring is limited-and-localized competition for some, but not all, teams. And by competition, I’d say a handful of dual meets and a couple one-day tournaments. I wouldn’t be surprised if some school districts decide to cancel their seasons altogether. As such, the possibility of having any sanctioned “state-wide” event for wrestling is very, very, very low. But fingers crossed as there’s still a bit of runway between now and the postseason (June).

(4) However, if the season is postponed or canceled, I’d expect tournaments, at the club-level, to be held this spring in California, and CA wrestlers will also continue to pursue competition out-of-state. For instance, in January alone, CA wrestlers competed in events held in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah, among others.