CIF San Diego Section Masters Results

Poway HS – 2017 San Diego Section Champions


Final Team Scores
1. Poway 333.0
2. Rancho Bernardo 219.0
3. Rancho Buena Vista 95.0
4. San Marcos 94.0
5. Brawley Union 87.0
5. Steele Canyon 87.0
7. Ramona 86.5
8. Mater Dei Catholic 85.5
9. Olympian 81.0
10. Vista 78.0

108 Results
1st Place – Jacob Allen of Poway
2nd Place – Marcus Tucker of Helix Charter
3rd Place – Jasvinder Singh of Mira Mesa
4th Place – Gavin Conception of Rancho Bernardo
5th Place – Chaz Hallmark of Scripps Ranch
6th Place – Tommy Lavigne of Valley Center
1st Place Match
Jacob Allen (Poway) 8-0, Jr. over Marcus Tucker (Helix Charter) 6-2, Sr. (Dec 9-2).
3rd Place Match
Jasvinder Singh (Mira Mesa) 8-1, Sr. over Gavin Conception (Rancho Bernardo) 6-3, Fr. (Fall 2:11).
5th Place Match
Chaz Hallmark (Scripps Ranch) 8-4, So. over Tommy Lavigne (Valley Center) 7-3, Fr. (MD 13-3).

115 Results
1st Place – Carson Sauriol of Poway
2nd Place – Oscar Nellis of Rancho Buena Vista
3rd Place – Gustavo Benitez of Calexico
4th Place – Nathan Kiddoo of Ramona
5th Place – Aria Mazroy of Mission Hills
6th Place – Jake Grigg of Rancho Bernardo
1st Place Match
Carson Sauriol (Poway) 8-0, So. over Oscar Nellis (Rancho Buena Vista) 7-1, Sr. (Dec 9-4).
3rd Place Match
Gustavo Benitez (Calexico) 8-3, Sr. over Nathan Kiddoo (Ramona) 6-2, Jr. (M. For.).
5th Place Match
Aria Mazroy (Mission Hills) 7-3, Jr. over Jake Grigg (Rancho Bernardo) 5-4, Jr. (OT 13-11).

122 Results
1st Place – Allan Kenji Beato of Mt Carmel
2nd Place – Benjamin Martinez of Eastlake
3rd Place – Cameron Santiago of Poway
4th Place – Jeff Ramsthaler of Ramona
5th Place – Erick Marquez of San Marcos
6th Place – Jaden Le of Rancho Bernardo
1st Place Match
Allan Kenji Beato (Mt Carmel) 7-0, Jr. over Benjamin Martinez (Eastlake) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 4-2).
3rd Place Match
Cameron Santiago (Poway) 6-2, Jr. over Jeff Ramsthaler (Ramona) 7-3, So. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
Erick Marquez (San Marcos) 8-2, Sr. over Jaden Le (Rancho Bernardo) 6-3, Fr. (M. For.).

128 Results
1st Place – Jaden Abas of Rancho Bernardo
2nd Place – Chase Zollmann of Poway
3rd Place – Devinaire Hayes of Mira Mesa
4th Place – Ethan A Ramos of Olympian
5th Place – Joseph Curtis of La Costa Canyon
6th Place – Matthew Le of Vista
1st Place Match
Jaden Abas (Rancho Bernardo) 8-0, So. over Chase Zollmann (Poway) 5-2, Jr. (MD 12-4).
3rd Place Match
Devinaire Hayes (Mira Mesa) 7-1, Sr. over Ethan A Ramos (Olympian) 7-3, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
5th Place Match
Joseph Curtis (La Costa Canyon) 7-4, Fr. over Matthew Le (Vista) 6-5, Sr. (Dec 5-0).

134 Results
1st Place – Scott Kiyono of Poway
2nd Place – Tyler Badgett of Rancho Bernardo
3rd Place – Nathan Navida of San Marcos
4th Place – Jimmy Alvarez of Southwest IV
5th Place – Jovani Venegas of Vista
6th Place – Jayden Smith of Brawley Union
1st Place Match
Scott Kiyono (Poway) 8-0, Sr. over Tyler Badgett (Rancho Bernardo) 6-2, Fr. (Dec 11-5).
3rd Place Match
Nathan Navida (San Marcos) 8-1, Sr. over Jimmy Alvarez (Southwest IV) 8-3, Jr. (Dec 8-2).
5th Place Match
Jovani Venegas (Vista) 6-3, Jr. over Jayden Smith (Brawley Union) 7-3, So. (OT 3-1).

140 Results
1st Place – Josh Tolentino of Poway
2nd Place – Bernie Truax of Rancho Buena Vista
3rd Place – Shehadeh Mitwalli of Carlsbad
4th Place – Julien Tabarez of Southwest IV
5th Place – Colin Baldwin of Mira Mesa
6th Place – Jacob Rodriguez of Ramona
1st Place Match
Josh Tolentino (Poway) 8-0, Jr. over Bernie Truax (Rancho Buena Vista) 7-1, Jr. (Dec 7-4).
3rd Place Match
Shehadeh Mitwalli (Carlsbad) 7-2, Jr. over Julien Tabarez (Southwest IV) 6-3, Sr. (M. For.).
5th Place Match
Colin Baldwin (Mira Mesa) 6-4, Sr. over Jacob Rodriguez (Ramona) 7-4, Sr. (Dec 7-4).

147 Results
1st Place – Domonic Mata of Poway
2nd Place – Charles Franchina of Rancho Bernardo
3rd Place – Juan Ruiz of Mt. Miguel
4th Place – Hunter Roberson of Rancho Buena Vista
5th Place – Luciano A Parra of Olympian
6th Place – Michael Johnson of Eastlake
1st Place Match
Domonic Mata (Poway) 8-0, Fr. over Charles Franchina (Rancho Bernardo) 5-2, Sr. (Fall 3:48).
3rd Place Match
Juan Ruiz (Mt. Miguel) 8-1, Sr. over Hunter Roberson (Rancho Buena Vista) 8-3, Sr. (Fall 2:48).
5th Place Match
Luciano A Parra (Olympian) 9-4, Jr. over Michael Johnson (Eastlake) 8-3, Sr. (M. For.).

154 Results
1st Place – Quentin Hovis of Poway
2nd Place – Erik Salcido of Rancho Bernardo
3rd Place – Xavier Silva of Steele Canyon
4th Place – Gilbert Carrillo of Brawley Union
5th Place – Malachi Chavira of El Camino
6th Place – Johnny Miller of Vista
1st Place Match
Quentin Hovis (Poway) 8-0, Sr. over Erik Salcido (Rancho Bernardo) 6-2, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:32 (20-5)).
3rd Place Match
Xavier Silva (Steele Canyon) 9-3, So. over Gilbert Carrillo (Brawley Union) 7-2, Sr. (M. For.).
5th Place Match
Malachi Chavira (El Camino) 9-2, Sr. over Johnny Miller (Vista) 5-4, Sr. (Dec 10-6).

162 Results
1st Place – Aaron Olmos of Mater Dei Catholic
2nd Place – Hampton Boyd of Poway
3rd Place – Elijah Davis of Vista
4th Place – David Lipscomb of Steele Canyon
5th Place – Joshua Kopmeyer of Helix Charter
6th Place – Sean Moran of Mt Carmel
1st Place Match
Aaron Olmos (Mater Dei Catholic) 8-0, Sr. over Hampton Boyd (Poway) 7-1, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Elijah Davis (Vista) 7-1, Sr. over David Lipscomb (Steele Canyon) 6-3, So. (M. For.).
5th Place Match
Joshua Kopmeyer (Helix Charter) 8-3, So. over Sean Moran (Mt Carmel) 7-3, Jr. (Dec 10-7).

172 Results
1st Place – Uriel Beristain of Mater Dei Catholic
2nd Place – Pablo Perez of San Ysidro
3rd Place – Jacob Mendoza of Del Norte
4th Place – Damien Gomez of Brawley Union
5th Place – Celso Silva of Poway
6th Place – Godfrey Lozada of Rancho Bernardo
1st Place Match
Uriel Beristain (Mater Dei Catholic) 8-0, Jr. over Pablo Perez (San Ysidro) 7-1, Sr. (Dec 6-5).
3rd Place Match
Jacob Mendoza (Del Norte) 7-3, Jr. over Damien Gomez (Brawley Union) 7-2, Jr. (M. For.).
5th Place Match
Celso Silva (Poway) 6-3, Sr. over Godfrey Lozada (Rancho Bernardo) 6-4, Jr. (M. For.).

184 Results
1st Place – Nathan Tausch of Poway
2nd Place – Hunter Phillips of University City
3rd Place – Kalani Sorensen of San Marcos
4th Place – Oman Hernandez of El Camino
5th Place – Thomas Schmitt of Mater Dei Catholic
6th Place – Greg Sandoval of Escondido
1st Place Match
Nathan Tausch (Poway) 8-0, Jr. over Hunter Phillips (University City) 6-1, Jr. (Fall 3:31).
3rd Place Match
Kalani Sorensen (San Marcos) 7-1, Jr. over Oman Hernandez (El Camino) 8-3, Sr. (MD 9-0).
5th Place Match
Thomas Schmitt (Mater Dei Catholic) 7-3, Jr. over Greg Sandoval (Escondido) 5-4, Sr. (M. For.).

197 Results
1st Place – Chasen Blair of Rancho Bernardo
2nd Place – Manuel Perez of Valley Center
3rd Place – Chris Dixon of La Costa Canyon
4th Place – Javier Espinoza of Poway
5th Place – Isaiah Hawkins of Valhalla
6th Place – Nicholas Ghosn of Grossmont
1st Place Match
Chasen Blair (Rancho Bernardo) 8-0, Sr. over Manuel Perez (Valley Center) 5-2, Sr. (Fall 0:38).
3rd Place Match
Chris Dixon (La Costa Canyon) 7-1, Jr. over Javier Espinoza (Poway) 7-3, Jr. (Dec 2-1).
5th Place Match
Isaiah Hawkins (Valhalla) 6-3, Jr. over Nicholas Ghosn (Grossmont) 5-5, Jr. (Dec 10-4).

222 Results
1st Place – Gerardo Jaime of Steele Canyon
2nd Place – Ryan Olivas of Rancho Bernardo
3rd Place – Justin Pursley of Poway
4th Place – Jonathan Zhang of Army-Navy Academy
5th Place – Evan Sharpe of Central Union
6th Place – Anthony Douglas of Escondido
1st Place Match
Gerardo Jaime (Steele Canyon) 8-0, Sr. over Ryan Olivas (Rancho Bernardo) 5-2, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Justin Pursley (Poway) 7-2, Sr. over Jonathan Zhang (Army-Navy Academy) 7-2, Sr. (M. For.).
5th Place Match
Evan Sharpe (Central Union) 6-2, Sr. over Anthony Douglas (Escondido) 6-3, Jr. (M. For.).

287 Results
1st Place – Luis Torres of Carlsbad
2nd Place – Chase Riegg of Montgomery
3rd Place – Andrew Poumele of Helix Charter
4th Place – Lucas Ahkey of West Hills
5th Place – Enrique Galicia of San Marcos
6th Place – Travis Johnson of Ramona
1st Place Match
Luis Torres (Carlsbad) 8-0, Sr. over Chase Riegg (Montgomery) 7-1, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Andrew Poumele (Helix Charter) 7-2, Sr. over Lucas Ahkey (West Hills) 7-5, Jr. (Dec 8-4).
5th Place Match
Enrique Galicia (San Marcos) 6-3, Jr. over Travis Johnson (Ramona) 4-5, Sr. (M. For.).