Competing in the sport of wrestling has brought the Merrill brothers closer


In many sports, but more commonly in the sport of wrestling, it is not unusual to see siblings competed together throughout their high school and collegiate year’s. As both sibling’s workout with each other, they become better capacitated to achieve greatness.

The Titan Mercury Wrestling Club has been blessed to have many brothers go through their program and achieve success.

The Wick brothers (Zander, Evan, and Luka) come to mind as brothers who are still involved with wrestling and the club. Another set of brothers who are creating waves in the state of California are the Merrill brothers -Coby and Cody.

The Merrill brothers share the same motivation, drive, and goals of being the best they can be. Both brothers came from athletic

families and started wrestling before they began grade school.

Now in middle school, the Merrill brothers have been destroying the competition with ease. Most recently, they both acquired the coveted “California USA Wrestling Triple Crown Award” by winning Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Folkstyle state; it was the second for Cody who achieved this rare feat last year as well.

Competing versus each other as training partners have intensified their desire event more to wrestle. “I love competing against my brother,” Cody says. “We do not want to beat up on each other, but we do it because we know it will make us better. It is tough to do because it is your family and because you do not want to hurt your brother or teammate. However, we look at it as we are making each other better.”

Both of us worked hard in the wrestling room,” Coby says. “Even though he is my brother, I go 100-percent against him because as it will benefit me, it is also going to help him too in the long run.”

Both siblings have a great relationship that has become stronger with the sport of wrestling. They do everything together, know what each other is doing, and like similar things. They have been closed all their lives that it provides a sense of security for both brothers.

“We are closer than you can imagine. I know that no matter what, Coby has my back and I have his as well,” Cody said. “The relationship we have is a bond that you cannot find anywhere else.”