David Schultz Champion of Champions Memorial Trophy By Joey Krebs

2019 Dave Schultz Champion of Champions Memorial Trophy Recipients (L to R): Amit Elor (College Park, NC) and Jesse Vasquez (Excelsior, S)

Each year the David Schultz Champion of Champions Memorial Trophy is exclusively created, produced, and designed for a very special wrestler in  the State of California. The process begins with the etching onto a gold-plated kiln fired glass with gold-rimmed plate. The Trophy is exhibited and individually presented to the Most Outstanding Wrestler every year at the Bakersfield CIF State Championship in Bakersfield California. Joey Krebs of Wrestling  Saves Lives has  CSUB has created and produced diverse and distinguished campaign  projects and exclusive works of Art for many groups and causes in our Wrestling community. The Artist  who wrestled is committed to memorializing the legendary tradition of Dave Schultz in creating a limited edition glass Ceremonial Trophy platter for the CIF State Wrestling Championship.   

Previous most outstanding David Schultz Champion of Champions Memorial Trophy winners include some of the greatest wrestlers in America today.  Previous Champion of Champions recipients have included   California High School  Wrestlers; Jesse Vasquez, Zahid Valencia, Jason Welch, Jason Lara, Jake Varner and Billy Murphy, Nicholas Sierra, and Morgan McIntosh. Our Award Winning wrestlers have gone on to become the top ranked national and international wrestlers in America and in the world today.   What greater Athlete to represent the distinction of our trophy then the  athlete who first received its award in 2004, Olympic Gold Medalist Jake Varner was present during the 2012 awards ceremony where he went on to a great NCAA college  career and ranked as international top competitor   and was a representative of the USA Olympic Team for the London 2012 Olympiad in winning the Gold.     There is no award as Democratically directed or distinguished as the David Schultz Champion of Champions Memorial Trophy. The Trophy stands as a testimonial to the great-recognized California State of Wrestling and its Wrestlers. 

In 2006 the Wrestling Saves Lives Project was first presented to Alan Paradise and the CIF State Championship committee in the interest of proposing an exclusive Design Award for the California State Wrestling Championship. Alan Paradise was the grandson of Artist Phil Paradise who was first taught art by Ruth Heil Stutzman at Kern Union High School; Ruth Heil Stutzman was the first founder of the Bakersfield Art Association where a scholarship was awarded to honor her name at Cal State Bakersfield.

Tony Okada (Savanna, S) 1991 Recipient

Wrestling fans have asked how the selection process begins for the award. The Democratic selection process begins each year with ballots being given to all individual State champions. Each State Champion Wrestler then cast their ballots for who exemplify the best wrestler at State.  Once individually completed the votes are then returned to the CIF Tournament Championship Director where they are recounted in making the final choice of who is selected as the Most Outstanding Wrestler in the State of California. The MOW award was renamed in 2004 as The David Schultz Champion of Champions Memorial Trophy which ultimately represented a memorial which is dedicated to the deceased Olympian whose life was a living testimonial as a champion role model  through hard work, creativity and dedication. The Artist had the opportunity to review Nancy Schultz private photo archives where as a friend and inspired by the life of David Schultz,  selected a photo portrait of David Schultz winning the 1984 Olympics, in Los Angeles. The trophy stands 18 inches high from its diameter, the symbolic length of a typical wrestler’s first step in the  initiation of a takedown. 

 During the year of 2006 which was the 10th anniversary of the passing of David Schultz,   Both CSUB Alumni Wrestlers  Alan Paradise and  Joey Krebs marked the anniversary of Schultz passing  in presenting the David Schultz Champion of Champion Memorial Trophy Award which included the release of a memorial interstitial which accompanied its trophy presentation.  The video was directed by Joey Krebs  and broadcast on YOUTUBE. The Interstitial gave the audience members a brief history of David Schultz, in celebrating and honoring his life’s accomplishments as well as the making of its Award.   Directed by the artist who has joined with many organizations and individuals to create and produce diverse cause campaigns and exclusive works of Art for many groups and individuals in our combative community.  

The YOUTUBE Video has been reviewed by 20,000 individual hits.   One day, Wrestling Saves Lives would like to present an exclusive web-cast of the David Schultz Champion of Champion Memorial Trophy and its Ceremonial Tribute Interstitial at CIF States. 

The intent in creating this Trophy was to capture the essence of wrestling legend Dave Schultz’s monumental strength and personality through this artwork.   The Award will mark the first of many traditions of passing on recognition through the arts to the next generation of young wrestling talent.  The Ceremonial Platter was individually handcrafted by Joey Krebs transforming  likeness and sheet glass magically into a decorative platter. The glass platter will be carefully shaped inside a closed kiln by heating it to melting temperature. Once the glass has approached its nearly liquid state, it gravitates to the formed shape as seen in this unique line. After a gradual decrease in temperature to a complete cool-down, the platter is hand cut and high polished on diamond wheels. The plate was designed and composed inspired by the portrait of Olympian Dave Schultz surrounded by an etched text included with a unique individual flair.  Upon completion, the Schultz Trophy piece was signed and dated by the Artist effectively becoming a collectible. Wrestling Saves Lives Productions (WSL) is an artistic community which is dedicated to creating new cultural commentary combining many forms and  disciplines.  The Committees for the David Schultz Memorial Trophy plans are to endow the creative process supported by patrons and philanthropists like Harlan Kistler, Esq who are long-time supporters of the memorial platter and CIF Wrestling through their tireless efforts and their generous contributions. The WSL project bears the deceased Wrestlers name and is planned to be endowed in perpetuity. The future plans for the award will be scheduled  to be exhibited at the Wrestling  Hall of  Fame  which will travel  throughout  the  State for one year prior to its final presentation at the CIF State  Wrestling meet. WSL aims to bring to life innovative and significant works of art that will challenge awareness and responsibly change the way one views the world through the arts. Through the collaboration of our diverse collective WSL seeks to create an artistic community can affect responsible difference and social commentary in the world. WSL seeks to build community among craftsman, artisans and artists of many media and disciplines with the intent to unite our wrestling community in common cause.