Five Reason to attend the USA Folkstyle Showcase

Attendance at sporting events is enormous. Major League Baseball alone brings more than 30 thousand fans to each game each season. But it’s more than just the game that draws so many fans into the stands. The live experience — from the smell of hot dogs to the sound of a roaring crowd — is something that you just can’t get watching at home. The USA Folkstyle Showcase tournament ran by Rocky Mountain National Events, is working on bringing that similar atmosphere into the wrestling world on January 6th, 2018 to Southern California. Here are the top five reasons to attend the USA Folkstyle Showcase.
Anaheim Convention Arena
800 Katella Avenue
Anaheim, California 92802
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Socializing and networking with fellow wrestling coaches
Whether it’s the parents you brought along, or the people seated next to you, wrestling tournaments bring fans together. Maybe it’s the common interest in (or dislike of) a wrestling team that starts the conversation. Whatever the reasons, talk to any wrestling fan and you’re bound to hear a story or two about encounters from great ones either at the state tournament or the regular season. The USA Folkstyle Showcase tournament is a great venue to mix, mingle, and network with other coaches from all over the golden state.
Watching the best competition in the state
Who doesn’t enjoy a great match between elite wrestlers when attending a tournament? A good tournament engages the crowd and keeps them happy and talkative throughout the event. The USA Folkstyle Showcase tournament is dedicated to bringing the best athletes from all over California and the country to Anaheim. This event will have some great matches throughout the tournament that wrestling fans won’t want to miss.
Promotions and giveaways
Free stuff — ‘nuff said. Though the odds might be slim, there’s always the chance that you could walk away with some cool swag. Wrestling fans in attendance could get the opportunity to leave the tournament with some merchandise that they can show off in their next tournament. That’s the mission of Rocky Mountain National Events, to promote the sport of wrestling in every state around the country.
Team spirit
People — especially wrestling fans — are competitive by nature. When you put wrestling fans from opposing teams in the same gym, there’s bound to be a ton of smack talk, and, of course, team camaraderie. Diehard fans live and breathe this kind of environment; it’s the perfect chance for them to show some team pride, painted faces and all. It would be great to bring all your team members and compete for a coveted team title to take back to your hometown.
We will be giving out our new custom belts that are simply unmatched in quality and design. The thickness and weight of the belts are something to be proud of if you have the opportunity to climb on top of the podium. I have seen nearly ALL of the belts that are awarded to champions across the country and have been told the RMN Event championship belts are simply supreme!
The production: RMN Events will be bringing $150,000 in production equipment. They have been told numerous times they are the UFC of wrestling. They want to bring an experience to the weekend that you can’t find anywhere else. From the venue which was the host to the 1984 Olympics, the sound and lights will make this event come alive like no other.