Former High School Coach Bounces out of Retirement

Photo credit John Sachs

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Small TCW Bear LogoThe last thing that was on TERRY FISCHER’S mind was to continue coaching wrestling after 24th years at the helm of El Camino Real High School. His passion for hiking and exploring the most beautiful sceneries in the world was destined for him after retiring from coaching wrestling in 2016.

“I wanted to see the gorgeous waterfalls, forests, caves, valleys, mountain ranges, parks, lakes, islands and other landscapes to ever exist. These beautiful places in nature have scenery that cannot compare to anything manmade.” Fischer said.

With his expertise in the high school level and coaching a multitude of grapplers at Fargo Nationals, current Cal State Northridge Coach Evan Hess asked Fischer to join the wrestling staff.

“I’m grateful that Coach Hess asked me to join the staff at CSUN,” Fischer said. “I’m excited about coaching at CSUN because there’s so much talent in the San Fernando Valley. I truly believe the club level will interest many of our local high school wrestlers to continue at the next level.”

Cal State Northridge competes in the West Coast Conference with 12 other schools that field a team. In the state of California, Fresno State University (FSU), University of Southern California (USC), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California, Merced (UCM), California State University, San Marcos (CSUS), and Sacramento State University (SAC), also offered wrestling at the club level.

“The club level can be as competitive as any other organization. We (CSUN) have a solid group of talented wrestlers this season.”

Three former athletes of Coach Fischer will be joining him this season. They include Abbas Khan, Shane Rooney, and Seamus Sullivan. Abbas was a two-time state qualifier for the Conquistadors, while Rooney and Sullivan were second at the section tournament.

The West Coast Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year, with the National College Wrestling Association (NCWA) Nationals in Dallas, Texas.