Frontier Edges Buchanan For Chukchansi Invitational Team Championship

FRONTIER (CS) 10th Annual Chukchansi Invitational Champions


TCW Bear LogoMADERA, CA. – A great team race, great individual matches, an exciting atmosphere — wrestling fans at the 10th Annual Chukchansi Invitational were treated to that Saturday night at Madera South.

Unfortunately for Buchanan fans and to the elation of Frontier fans, it only took 2018 CIF state champion Trent Tracy (Frontier) 2:58 of his championship match to pin Kevin Fernandez (El Capitan) to help the Titans win the team championship.

Tracy’s pin gave Frontier 276 points, while Buchanan High finished second with 270. Central was third with 179.5, followed by Pitman with 164, and El Capitan with 142.

However, the Bears of Buchanan High got something to cheer about when freshman Jack Gioffre (106) and state place winner Hunter Leake (126) pinned their respective opponents in the finals to earn individual titles. Buchanan High had a total of six finalists.

Super freshmen Hayden Zinkin (113) and Joey Cruz (120) of Clovis North, displayed great technique throughout the tournament to show those in attendance what to expect from them this season.

Other champions for Frontier included Garrett Fletcher (138) who defeated Buchanan’s Logan Gioffre, 2-1. Ryan Morphis (145) who won minutes after Fletcher as he was able to upend Sac-Joaquin Masters Finalist Sammy Silveria of Pitman, 5-4. Max Aguirre (170) won his weight class via a forfeit over teammate Christian Landin.

Final Results


1st Place – Jack Gioffre of Buchanan

2nd Place – Abraham Cerda of Hoover

3rd Place – Dominic Mendez of Righetti

4th Place – Joseph Pia of El Capitan

5th Place – Joshua Longoria of Kingsburg

6th Place – Aiden Wilder of Grace Davis

7th Place – Kamren Taylor of Central

8th Place – John Estrada of Central


1st Place – Hayden Zinkin of Clovis North

2nd Place – John Valdez of Grace Davis

3rd Place – Michael Gioffre of Buchanan

4th Place – Zak Thompson of Palma

5th Place – Josh Acala of Frontier

6th Place – Manuel Bermudez of Mission Oak

7th Place – Javier Castro of Dinuba

8th Place – Alan Granada of Clovis B


1st Place – Joey Cruz of Clovis North

2nd Place – Kyler Lake of Buchanan

3rd Place – James Murphy of Central

4th Place – Noah Ozuna of Frontier

5th Place – Martin Chavez of Orange Cove

6th Place – Jayven Rojas of Golden Valley

7th Place – Phillip Arroyo of Reedley

8th Place – Conner La Rosa of Pitman


1st Place – Hunter Leake of Buchanan

2nd Place – Jesse Gayton of Lemoore

3rd Place – Wyatt Bedrosian of Coalinga

4th Place – Mark Murabito of Los Gatos

5th Place – Anthony Bartolome of Ceaser Chavez

6th Place – Carson Prim of Grace Davis

7th Place – Joaquin Mosqueda of Watsonville

8th Place – Antonio Zapata of Bullard


1st Place – Wayne Joint of Lemoore

2nd Place – Devin Holman of El Capitan

3rd Place – Cole Reyes of Frontier

4th Place – Cole Gregerson of Liberty High School

5th Place – Everardo Rueda of Golden Valley

6th Place – Tanner Porter of Paso Robles

7th Place – Fernando Gonzales of Sanger

8th Place – Christian Diaz of Downey


1st Place – Garrett Fletcher of Frontier

2nd Place – Logan Gioffre of Buchanan

3rd Place – Dominick Leon of Golden Valley

4th Place – George a Zuniga of Central

5th Place – Andrew Calderon of Mission Oak

6th Place – Jesse Lopez of Golden West

7th Place – Ean Evans of Mission Oak

8th Place – Logan Broome of Stockdale


1st Place – Ryan Morphis of Frontier

2nd Place – Sammy Silveria of Pitman

3rd Place – Jose Perez of Firebaugh

4th Place – Jett Jackson of Kingsburg

5th Place – David Lopez of Stockdale

6th Place – Esteban Sanchez of Silver Creek

7th Place – Kyle Downs of Buhach Colony

8th Place – Casey Strand of Liberty High School


1st Place – Noah Cortez of Dinuba

2nd Place – Joseph Martin of Buchanan

3rd Place – Nate Paulson of Liberty High School

4th Place – Chase Aulabaugh of Corning

5th Place – Matthew Rodriguez of Righetti

6th Place – Lance Brazet of Bullard

7th Place – Gabriel Salcedo of Mission Oak

8th Place – Isaiah Ontiveros of Pitman


1st Place – Kendall La Rosa of Pitman

2nd Place – Donbeui Banduenga of Righetti

3rd Place – Cooper Lilles of Clovis A

4th Place – Patrick Garcia of Modesto Christian

5th Place – Julien Gaeth of Central

6th Place – Shane Carl of El Capitan

7th Place – Raymond Torres of South

8th Place – Alex Peralta of Pitman


1st Place – Max Aguirre of Frontier

2nd Place – Christian Landin of Frontier

3rd Place – Daniel Long of Dinuba

4th Place – Nicholas Zavala of Mission Oak

5th Place – William Kloster of Lemoore

6th Place – Paul Sharp of Clovis North

7th Place – Abel Cardenas of Madera South

8th Place – Rashad Wilson of Sierra Pacific


1st Place – Trent Tracy of Frontier

2nd Place – Kevin Fernandez of El Capitan

3rd Place – Brandon Rocha of Kingsburg

4th Place – Cruz Piedra of Central

5th Place – Caden Rodgers of Buchanan

6th Place – Angel Reyes of Madera South

7th Place – Erik Ruiz of Hoover

8th Place – Samuel Bauscherberg of Liberty Ranchos


1st Place – Adrian Chavez of Liberty High School

2nd Place – Jadon Martin of Buchanan

3rd Place – Bo Jackson of Kingsburg

4th Place – Jaron Azevedo of Pitman

5th Place – Ty Shepherd of Frontier

6th Place – Justin Tripp of Mt. Whitney

7th Place – Jack Pafford of Frontier

8th Place – Andrew Valdez of Central


1st Place – Kwabena Watson of Edison

2nd Place – Juan Mora of Pitman

3rd Place – Nathan Enriquez of Independence

4th Place – Dillon Bailey of Corning

5th Place – Hulise Santiago of Madera

6th Place – Tyler Garone of Central

7th Place – Angel Lugo of Liberty Ranchos

8th Place – David Schwartz of Centennial


1st Place – Mike Wiley of Los Gatos

2nd Place – Mike Lizaola of Palma

3rd Place – Regan Lee of Golden West

4th Place – Javier Martinez of Dinuba

5th Place – Joel Ortiz of Overfelt

6th Place – Francisco Rojas of Liberty Ranchos

7th Place – John Cook of Madera

8th Place – Christian Herrera of Mission Oak