Getting to Know USAW Fargo All-American Gary Joint of Lemoore HS – Q&A


GARY JOINT (Lemoore HS, CS) CIF State Medalist/Junior FS All-American


Getting to Know USAW Fargo All-American Gary Joint of Lemoore High


Gary Joint is a senior who attends and competes for Central Section power Lemoore High. Joint transferred from the state of Kansas, where he was a two-time state runner-up at 126 and 106 pounds for Junction City High School. While at Junction City High, he compiled a prep record of 58-6. The California Wrestler spoke with him about wrestling, school, life, and at the colleges he is presently hoping to attend and compete for in the near future.


TCW: How old were you when you began competing in the sport of wrestling?
JOINT: I began wrestling at the age of 4 in the state of Kansas.
TCW: Which state do you believe has tougher competition, California or Kansas and why?
JOINT: I believe the competition level state wide is about the same, very tough wrestlers in either state, the only thing separating California is the state tournament and the road to state. All one division instead of four like Kansas, it’s the difference maker and 3 qualifying tournaments unlike just one for Kansas.
TCW: How intense are the workouts in the Lemoore High wrestling room?
JOINT: The workouts in Lemoore are very intense, especially when I am there because if I’m slacking off the coaches get to me and that makes me work even harder and the level of intensity throughout the whole room is elevated.
TCW: How ready are you to return back to the CIF state tournament in 2017 and win an individual state championship?
JOINT: Words can’t describe how ready I am to go claim what’s mine, a state title. No matter who or what gets in my way. You could be a 1st-year wrestler or going for your 4th state title, I am going to prove a point every single match and dominate.
TCW: How much wrestling knowledge have you learned from former Fresno State All-American Marcio Botelho now that you’re at Lemoore?
JOINT: I’ve learned a lot, Coach Marcio is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had, he has not only helped with technique, but is there for me all the time making sure I’m on my grades and making good decisions day in and day out.
TCW: Which style of wrestling do you prefer: Folkstyle, Greco-Roman or Freestyle?
JOINT: I love freestyle and Greco, I believe as a nation, we should wrestle that instead of folkstyle because we would do better on an international level and be prepared for the Olympics and come out with more than 3 medalists like we did this year.
TCW: What is a typical day of training for you?
JOINT: A typical in season training day is, a run or lift in the morning, (depending on the day of the week and how my weight is) then during lunch I go to the wrestling room and do stance and motion for 30 minutes and then jump rope and run sprints, then after school, I get in before practice and jump rope and run sprints, then I go through a normally 2 hour long practice, then I do 200 of the same takedowns after practice and sometimes I’ll run home.
TCW: Is wrestling the only sport you participate at Lemoore?
JOINT: Yes, I only wrestle in Lemoore, I would run cross country or track to get into shape, but I run a lot more than those guys, they run 5-6 miles a day. I usually put 10-12 a day.
TCW: Are you planning on competing in college? And if so, which college programs have you consider?
JOINT: I do plan on competing in college and one of the colleges I have been considering is Fresno state, especially since it’s right here in the valley and has a great staff, I’ve already had a few practices with coach Steiner and coach Silva at dethrone and camps.
TCW: How do you balance social life, school and wrestling?
JOINT: Most of my close friends are wrestlers, so I get to hang out with them all the time, but grades and all the wrestling I do…I just find a way…champions always find a way. If I want to go D1, I have to have the grades and wrestling background, so I’ll do homework after practice and when I’m not in the room during lunch, I’m in our team grades person’s room. Mrs. Sullivan and I have a place to do work and get help when I need it.

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