Getting to know Victor Jaquez Jr. of Bellarmine Prep

All photos courtesy of Tony Rotundo (Wrestlers Are Warriors)

Sophomore Victor Jaquez Jr. placed at the very competitive CIF state tournament last season for the Bells despite being the # 11 seed in the tournament. Jaquez also accomplished another goal of his by winning his first Central Coast Section championship. Next year he will be one of the favorites to acquire an individual state title for Coach Ricky Palomino.

TCW –  How long have you been wrestling, Victor?

Jaquez – I have been wrestling for about 12 years now. I started as a 1st-year bantam.

TCW – Who was your toughest opponent you faced last season?

Jaquez – My toughest opponent from the past season would have to be Colton Shultz out of Colorado, who I wrestled during the first round at the Doc B. He won the Doc B tournament as a freshman and a sophomore and has many other accomplishments. He is a very strong and smart wrestler and is very hard to score against.

TCW – How have you improved as a wrestler since you began at Bellarmine Prep?

Jaquez – Since I have been at Bellarmine, my wrestling mentality and skills have improved significantly. Wrestling at the high school level has pushed me to improve on my work ethic and intensity levels in the wrestling room.

TCW – How tough was it competing in the 220-weight class as a sophomore?

Jaquez – Competing at the 220-weight class was tough during the beginning of the season because I was not used to wrestling at that weight. As the season continued, I became more comfortable with the weight, but it was still a tough weight due to having to wrestle older guys who were cutting down to 220.

TCW – What exercises and diet do you follow to maintain both your weight and your strength?

Jaquez – I didn’t follow a particular diet, but I tried to eat as clean as possible during the season. To maintain my weight and strength, I would do a lot of running. I would get up in the morning and run a few miles, the after practice I would run a couple of miles and run sprints with my wrestling partner David San Miguel.

TCW – What were the team goals, and your individual goals, for 2016-17?

Jaquez – As a returning league champion team, we had a goal to defend our title, but unfortunately we fell short and took 3rd in the Western Catholic Athletic League. My individual goal for this season was to win CCS and become a state placer. Although I accomplished both of these aims, I feel like could have had a better performance at state.

TCW – What is your favorite sport to watch or play aside from wrestling?

Jaquez – Aside from wrestling, my favorite sport to play and watch is football. My family and I are big Raider fans, and try to watch every game during the season. I also played football in a youth league and during my freshmen year at Bellarmine.

TCW – Freestyle, Folkstyle, or Greco-Roman, and why?

Jaquez – Out of the three styles, definitely not Greco. Although I think it is a fun style to watch, it is my weakest style, and that’s why it is my least favorite. Freestyle and folkstyle are almost tied for me, but I think I like freestyle a little more because I do not need to worry about escaping from the bottom.

TCW – What was going through your mind after pinning Tony Rogers of Chester, in the second round of the state tournament as you were 0-1 against him?

Jaquez – After pinning the six seed, Tony Rodgers, at state, my mentality changed. Before the match, I was still unsure if I was going to place, but when I got the pin, I knew I was going to place.

TCW – What are your future goals for next season?

Jaquez – My goal for next season is simple, become a state champion.

TCW – If you could bring back any former TV show, which would it be?

Jaquez – I would have to bring back The Fresh Price of Bell Air, and Everybody Hates Chris. Some nights I would stay up all night to watch them because they would only air from midnight to sunrise. They would always make me laugh, and I would never get sick of watching them.

TCW – What book have you read recently? Did you like it?

Jaquez – The last book I’ve read was “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes, that was given to me by my uncle. I enjoyed reading the book, and it was inspiring to me.

TCW – Who would you like to thank for your success?

Jaquez – I’m always thankful for God, my family, coaches, and friends because their support is why I am here today. I would like to give special thanks to my parents for teaching me, providing for me, and for caring for me. Thank you to Ricky Palomino for coaching me and believing in me. And lastly, thank you to my partners/brothers Isaiah Palomino and David San Miguel for always being there for me and training with me for all these years.