High School: Getting to know Javen Jovero of Rancho Bernardo

Photos by Jen Jovero

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JAVEN JOVERO is not your typical freshman who entered the high school season competing in the lower weights; Jovero is a solid 170-pound grappler that is currently ranked No. 24 in the state via The California Wrestler and No. 4 in the San Diego section. He has placed at such tournaments as La Costa Canyon, El Cajon, Sierra Nevada, Five Counties, and the Holtville Invitational this season.

He is destined for glory on the mats of the state of California and could be finding himself competing at the CIF state tournament if he keeps his winning ways. The California Wrestler got the opportunity to sit down with Javen and speak about wrestling, his social life, and his goals in life.

TCW – Javen, how did you got involved in the sport of wrestling?

Javen:  I had first started wrestling when I was in 1st grade.  At the time I had been doing jiu-jitsu, so I kept pinning myself by pulling guard.  It was quite funny now but sad back then.  I had no idea why I was losing. Then I took a break and started competing in jiu-jitsu. A couple years later I had a better understanding of what the sport was about, and I excelled quickly. My 1st year at competing in wrestling I took 2nd at SCWAY State.

TCW – How has Judo/Jiu-jitsu helped you in wrestling?
Javen: Judo and Jiu-Jitsu got me comfortable on the mat with moving my opponent, unlike many beginners that are awkward at first. I also was able to move my hips and keep on top of an opponent well to keep him/her pinned.

TCW – You’re not a typical freshman who has competed in the lower weights (ex 106-126lbs); does not wrestling in the lower weights affected your performance on the mat wrestling older and stronger opponents?
Javen: It did at first. However, I have focused on getting stronger and then using a lot more technique to “burn” my opponents and win.

TCW – Are you excited about the upcoming post-season?
Javen: Of course, I am. I can’t wait to make some noise and upset many great wrestlers from the San Diego section to punch my ticket to the CIF state tournament.

TCW – What does it mean for you to compete for a top 10 team in the state of California?
Javen: To be able to practice and improve with all these top wrestlers in the state is quite an honor. I love hearing all the experiences, philosophies, and techniques from all my coaches and teammates. Everything thing they teach me helps me grow as a wrestler.

TCW – What are your strengths on the mat?
Javen: I feel that since I’ve wrestled for quite some time, that I have acquired more technique and skills than some of my opponents. Also, by being on a mat since a young age, I feel that my scrambles and position awareness have helped me in being a top competitor.

TCW – What are your goals for the 2017-18 season?
Javen: I would love to make it to State and compete, but I would also like to get stronger, faster, and better as the season progresses.

TCW – How do you balance school, wrestling, and social life?
Javen: Honestly, it gets exhausting at sometimes. Having to come home from a tough practice to study for a test in all your classes can be rough. I try just to focus on all my goals I want to achieve a great way to motivate myself. Each time I complete a goal and check it off my list makes it all worthwhile. My social life is mostly sacrificed. Traveling out of town with the team, going to all these weekend tournaments, practices, and just being too tired are all ways that I might not be popular. However, I genuinely believe that these sacrifices now will make all the achievements at the end a lot sweeter.