High School: Q&A with Jaden Abas of Rancho Bernardo High

JADEN ABAS (Rancho Bernardo, SD) in the preliminary rounds of Doc B – Eljay Pena (Tri-Titans)


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The Abas surname is synonymous with the sport of wrestling. Jaden’s father, Gerry, was a former runner-up at the CIF state tournament in 1989 and a three-time NCAA Division I finalist for Fresno State. His uncles Stephen and Norman were state champions, while Stephen was also a silver medalist at the 2004 Olympic games.

Jaden himself, is a two-time state medalist and has the opportunity in 2020 to become a rare four-time state medalist. During the off-season, he was the runner-up at the prestigious Super 32 tournament and most recently placed second at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman tournament, considered the most rugged tournament in the country.

The California Wrestler had the opportunity to speak to Jaden about who he got started in the sport of wrestling, what Division I college he is currently leaning towards, and his future endeavors on and off the wrestling mats.

Coach Gerry Abas

TCW – Since you come from a wrestling family, have long have you been wrestling?

ABAS – I’ve been wrestling since I was 7 years old. Contrary to the belief, I didn’t begin wrestling after I learned how to walk.

TCW – What are you doing to win a coveted CIF state title?

ABAS – To win a state title I treat every practice as an opportunity to get better and sharpen my moves. I push my body to deep waters as often as possible and get in extra lifting and running but a CIF title is not the ultimate goal of my wrestling career.

TCW – Are you usually home during the summer or do you seek out the competition and compete at Fargo and other major events?

ABAS – Summertime is strictly freestyle time, so I usually stay home and train but always hit the significant events to test my skills.

TCW –  Do you put any weight in the rankings? Or are rankings made on the mat?

ABAS – They are always a joy to see and to appreciate your success, but ultimately they are made on the mat.

TCW – Do you believe you will have a better career than your father and uncles?

ABAS – That’s the goal.  I know if I shoot to catch my dad and uncles I’m going to be pretty successful in college and life.

TCW – What was going through your mind when you got the fall over three-time Ohio state champion Mitch Moore from St. Paris Graham at Super 32?

ABAS – There isn’t one word I could say to explain the feeling, but those are the moments all wrestlers live for. The moment when you know your hard work has been paying off. It is an amazing feeling.

TCW – Do you believe Rancho Bernardo could challenge Poway this year for the San Diego Masters Meet title?

ABAS – Rancho Bernardo can 100% challenge Poway for the title. We are a talented, hardworking team and with those attributes, we could beat anybody.

TCW – Which college programs are you currently leaning towards at the moment?
– At the moment I am trying to keep my grades as high as possible, so I can keep my options open, but I am leaning towards Stanford.

TCW – Is there a quote you use to motivate you on life and the mat?

ABAS – In life and your wrestling career is to always strive for more but to also still enjoy the journey of it and the highs the sport/life gives you. Don’t let one victory or loss affect and define you too much and enjoy the process of progressing through life or wrestling career.

TCW – If you attend college, what are you planning to study?

ABAS – Probably a field in psychology or engineering.