High School Spotlight: Peter Ming (Elk Grove, SJ)


PETER MING (Elk Grove, SJ)

TCW Bear LogoThe California Wrestler got the opportunity to speak to Peter Ming of Elk Grove and find out about his future endeavors on and off the mat. An athlete that competes in various sports for the Thundering Herd, Ming is still undecided if he will continue competing on the mats or be playing on the gridiron on Saturdays. Here’s what Peter told us.

TCW: How long have you been wrestling and who got you involved in the sport?
MING – Since I was five years old when my dad took me to the local junior high where he was coaching.

TCW: Last season you advanced to the CIF state tournament for the first time, what was that experience like?
MINGIt was comforting to know that I had wrestled with a bunch of them before….the legend of the state tourney was demystified after all these years. That said, the quality of the competitors was much higher than other tourneys during the year.

TCW: What do you believe will be the most significant difference for you this upcoming season than last year?
MINGMy confidence will be the most changed thing about me coming into this next year. I’ve been wrestling tough guys all year at Stanford Camp, Vegas, Fresno, Bakersfield, Iowa & Fargo and knew I’m right there.

TCW: Is there a specific focus you have on perfecting your technique?
MINGI want to specifically perfect my shot finishes….close down the time it takes between the movements of the various finishes.

TCW: How tough is to crack the varsity lineup at Elk Grove?
MINGThis year there was nobody else at my weight, but last year as a freshman I didn’t crack the lineup…Carson Gause was technically better, more mature and I wasn’t polished enough to take advantage of the rare mistakes he would make. He just rode me out and could take me down. 2-0, 3-0, 3-1…every time. Most kids are just not going to crack lineup first year at Elk Grove…unless there is a hole, lighter weights or upper weights. After a year at Elk Grove, you are twice as tough as you were when you came in and your fundamentals are sound.

TCW: What advice would you give wrestlers who are just getting into the sport?
MINGMy advice is stick with it and just because you do good or bad in grade school or middle school doesn’t mean you’ll be that in high school….keep at it.

TCW: Will you be competing in college in the sport of wrestling?
MINGI am still evaluating the options, but I love wrestling. I also play middle linebacker for Elk Grove. Don’t want to jinx it, but have had good feedback from colleges in both sports. USC Football Camp and Fargo produced good feedback.

TCW: Are there any activities outside of wrestling?
MINGSwiss wrestling. It’s outdoors, in sawdust and there are no weight classes. It’s the national sport of Switzerland. Swimming, cards and hanging out with friends and family.

TCW: Favorite T.V. show?
MingThe Office

TCW: Whom would you like to thank for your success on and off the mats?
MINGTom Tirapelle, David Klingsheim, my dad, Ryan Loder, pat Coffing, Ryan Shaw, Nick Jordan, Coach Tinker, Coach Brusato, Coach Pacheco, Coach Walter Ulrich, Coach Ben West, Coach Roger and Coach Frank, William Calvert, my mom, and Corey McGuire are just the ones I can think of. There are so many, I forget…but I wouldn’t have gotten to where I have gotten so far without them.