Highschool spotlight: Carson Prim from Grace Davis High

CARSON PRIM (Grace Davis High, SJ)

Carson will be a sophomore at Grace Davis High, that has been involved in the sport of wrestling since his youth day competing for his father, Lim. A quarterback for the Junior Varsity football squad, Carson hopes to one day equal his father’s achievements and become an NCAA Champion like him in the sport of wrestling. His goals, for now, is to make it to the big dance in Bakersfield and become a state champion. The California Wrestler caught up with Carson and spoke about his wrestling career and future endeavors.

TCW – How long have you been involved in the sport of wrestling?
Prim – I have been wrestling since I was five years old, but I have been around the sport all my life.

TCW – What do you love about wrestling?
Prim – I love the comradery involved in the sport and the relationships it builds. Cael Sanderson says “Wrestlers compete as individuals, yet the sport builds comradery like no other.”.. I believe this to be true.

TCW – What’s your style on the mat?
Prim – I don’t have a style, I think a lot of it depends on my opponent. I go out and wrestle.

TCW – How have you improved as a wrestler over the past few years?
Prim – I have changed my way of thinking, I wrestle now to win instead of wrestling not to lose. For a while, every time I would compete, I was scared to lose, now I am driven by my desire to win.

TCW – Do you feel pressure by your father’s success as a high school and college wrestler?
Prim – Not at all. I admire his success. He teaches me so much and is always pushing me to be better than him.

TCW – Was not advancing to the CIF state tournament this past season a disappointment for you?
Prim – Probably one of the toughest lessons I’ve ever had. I promise, nothing like that will ever happen again.

TCW – How intense are the workouts with your father, Lim?
Prim – Team workouts with my dad are hard enough, but when I drill with him one-on-one, I feel like he shows no mercy. He is always harder on me than everyone else.

TCW – What are your future goals off and on the mat?
Prim – I am training extremely hard for Fargo right now, I am going to make Team California proud. Next year, I will make it through Masters and the CIF state tournament. I currently have a 3.75 GPA and my goal for next year is a 4.0. I will take a break during the fall to play football, and I hope to bring home a lot of wins!

TCW – How would you describe your personality?
Prim – I’m a pretty quiet guy, I don’t say much unless I have something to say.

TCW – What other hobbies keep you busy?
Prim – I like to play football, I like to play games on my PS4, and my favorite show is FRIENDS.

TCW – Who would you like to thank for their support?
Prim – My mom and my dad, my sisters Leah and Lexi, my work out partners, my NorCal family, and my auntie and uncle in San Diego for believing in me.