Interested in Walsh Ironman in Ohio? December 9&10


 December 9 & 10 at Walsh Jesuit high school

The bar is HIGH, this is not for most wrestlers, only the top 5 %, however we very much welcome qualified California very small partials and very good full teams. Other schools incl Blair, St Eds, St Paris Graham, Ohio’s best, Illinois best, some of Penn’s best, 18-20 states will be represented. …Team & Indiv rankings on the line
The Walsh Ironman is arguably the toughest high school tournament in the country…it doesn’t get any tougher. In short, the rubber meets the road from the first whistle and does not let up throughout the entire competition. It’s very common for state champions and nationally ranked competitors to go 0-2. The statistical number of Ironman competitors that go on to become collegiate All-Americans is second to none…the overall statistics for this tournament is awesome.
Much credit must go to tournament director, Bob Pruesse. Bob does an outstanding job bringing in the most competitive teams and individuals the sport can offer. When the Reno TOC was at its best, it was Bob behind the scenes promoting the event.
California has had a long and rich history with the Ironman, which dates back to the early 1990s when Eric Guerrero won it and Calvary Chapel was ranked in the top 3 nationally. The California elite have become an integral part of this great tournament and are encouraged to apply to future events.
Zahid Valencia - St. John Bosco (S) #1 in the Nation

ZAHID VALENCIA – St. John Bosco (S) 4x Walsh Ironman Champion

106 – Christian Nunez (St. John Bosco, S), 7th Place
132 – Navonte Demison (Bakersfield, C), 2nd Place
145 – Zander Wick (San Marino, S), 3rd Place
152 – Evan Wick (San Marino, S), 2nd Place
160 – Justin Thomas (Calvary Chapel, S), 2nd Place
170 – Jeremy Thomas (Calvary Chapel, S), 2nd Place
182 – Chasen Blair (Rancho Bernardo, SD), 5th Place
106 – Cade Olivas (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
170 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
182 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), 4x CHAMPION*
132 – Julian Flores (San Marino, S), 6th Place
145 – Jeremy Thomas (Santiago, S), 3rd Place
145 – Zander Wick (San Marino, S), 5th Place
152 – Justin Thomas (Santiago, S), 8th Place
160 – Lorenzo De La Riva (Folsom, SJ), 8th Place
195 – Austin Flores (Clovis North, C), 5th Place
*Second wrestler to achieve this honor at Ironman
106 – Chris Lacayo (Santiago, S), 8th Place
132 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
138 – Mike Long (Santiago, S), 3rd Place
138 – PJ Klee (Cardinal Newman, NC), 8th Place
170 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
182 – Nick Fiegener (Folsom, SJ), 3rd Place
182 – Corey Griego (Sultana, S), 5th Place
113 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
132 – Aaron Pico (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
160 – Isaiah Martinez (Lemoore, C), 2nd Place
170 – Peter Santos (Oakmont, SJ), 3rd Place
152 – Shayne Tucker (Bella Vista, SJ), 4th Place
170 – Corey Griego (Sultana, S), 4th Place
113 – Sean Williams (Lemoore, C), 8th Place
138 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), 4th Place
170 – Keaton Subject (Oak Ridge, SJ), 5th Place
182 – Immanuel Barber (Canyon Springs, S), 6th Place
106 – Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), CHAMPION
152 – Isaiah Martinez (Lemoore, C), 2nd Place
103 – Johnson Mai (North Torrance, S), 4th Place
132 – Alex Cisneros (Selma, C), 3rd Place
160 – Victor Pereira (Newark Memorial, NC), 4th Place
125 – Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, S), 8th Place
220 – Austin Lobsinger (West Valley, N), 7th Place
189 – Morgan McIntosh (Calvary Chapel, S), CHAMPION
215 – William “Tank” Knowles (Calvary Chapel, S), 2nd Place
160 – Vincent Waldhauser (Oak Ridge, SJ), 2nd Place
125 – Alex Cisneros (Selma, C), 3rd Place
145 – Nick Pena (Selma, C), 4th Place
189 – Preston Quam (San Clemente, S), 5th Place
112 – Alex Cisneros (Selma, C), 2nd Place
189 – Tommy Burriel (Clovis, C), 3rd Place
215 – William “Tank” Knowles (Calvary Chapel, S), CHAMPION
138 – Nick Pena (Selma, C), 4th Place
125 – Jesse Delgado (Gilroy, CC), 4th Place
285 – Luis Barragan (Gilroy, CC), 4th Place
138 – Alec Dieter (Clovis, C), 7th Place
170 – Zach Nevills (Clovis, C), 8th Place
152 – Travis Gallegos (Foothill, N), 8th Place
145 – Vlad Dombrovski (Natomas, SJ), 4th Place
152 – Travis Gallegos (Foothill, N), 6th Place
145 – Kyle West (Oak Ridge, SJ), 8th Place
125 – Caleb Valloton (Foothill, N), 5th Place
119 – Marcus Orona (Santa Fe, S), 5th Place
119 – David Klingsheim (Liberty, NC), 7th Place
160 – Jason Welch (Las Lomas, NC), CHAMPION
125 – Boris Navachkov (Fremont, CC), CHAMPION *OW
119 – Nikko Triggas (Campolindo, NC), 2nd Place
112 – Nikko Triggas (Campolindo, NC), CHAMPION
132 – Billy Murphy (Hughson, SJ), CHAMPION
103 – Boris Novachkov (Fremont, CC), 2nd Place
119 – Filip Novachkov (Fremont, CC), 2nd Place
152 – Jason Welch (Las Lomas, NC), 3rd Place
119 – Caleb Flores (Northview, S), 4th Place
160 – Ty Wilcox (Calvary Chapel, S), CHAMPION
138 – Jay McGuffin (Calvary Chapel, S), 3rd Place
145 – Joe Calavitta (Calvary Chapel, S), 3rd Place
285 – Josh Schultz (Calvary Chapel, S), 4th Place
125 – Tino Archuleta (Calvary Chapel, S), 5th Place
130 – Burt Pierson (Calvary Chapel, S), 5th Place
152 – Arsen Aleksanyan (Calvary Chapel, S), 6th Place
215 – Josh Saul (Calvary Chapel, S), 6th Place
138 – Eric Guerrero (Independence, CC), CHAMPION
125 – Tony Gomez (Independence, CC), 3rd Place
112 – Gabe Araujo (Independence, CC), 6th Place
130 – Tony Diep (Independence, CC), 6th Place
152 – Dana Garcia (Independence, CC), 6th Place
Coaches may contact co-director Bob Preusse while spots remain. We arent a real big tourn. Ironman is a NFHS approved tourn, not an open tourn …. your AD & Coach must approve participation. …s/BobP