Irv Oliner Award Recipients

The Irv Oliner Award is presented each year at the California State Wrestling Championships to individuals for their outstanding contributions and promotion of wrestling in California.

BOB BRONZAN, 2019 Irv Oliner Award Recipient

2020 – Dennis Golcher & Bennie LaFever

2019 – Bob Bronzan

2018 – Pablo DiMaria

2017Dr. Marco Sanchez*

2016 – Terry Fischer

2015Rhonda Moore*

2014Pat Cadwallader*

2013Jay Lawson

2012Tony Rotundo

2011Louie Madrigal

2010Mike Applegate

2009Bob Gustafson

2008Jeff Roberts*

2007John Sachs

2006Judy Rider*

2005Dick Bailey*

2004Armand Guerrero*

2003Dr. John Dahlem*

2002Mike Stricker*

2001Al Fontes*

2000David Nelson*

1999Matt Alvarado*

1998 – Larry Katz*

1997Roy Spomer*

1996 – Jim Root*

1995Lynn Dyche*

*California Wrestling Hall-of-Fame member