Irv Oliner Award Recipients 1995 – 2019

Clark Conover (CA HOF ’19) and Al Fontes (CA HOF ’16) award Bob Bronzan the Irv Oliner Award at the 2019 CIF State Championships


2019Bob Bronzan

2018 – Pablo DiMaria

2017Dr. Marco Sanchez*

2016 – Terry Fischer

2015Rhonda Moore*

2014Pat Cadwallader*

2013Jay Lawson

2012Tony Rotundo

2011Louie Madrigal

2010Mike Applegate

2009Bob Gustafson

2008Jeff Roberts*

2007John Sachs

2006Judy Rider*

2005Dick Bailey*

2004Armand Guerrero*

2003Dr. John Dahlem*

2002Mike Stricker*

2001Al Fontes*

2000David Nelson*

1999Matt Alvarado*

1998 – Larry Katz*

1997Roy Spomer*

1996 – Jim Root*

1995Lynn Dyche*

The California Wrestler (TCW) awards the Irv Oliner Award at the CIF State Championships to individuals for their most outstanding contributions and promotion of wrestling in the state of California.

*California Wrestling Hall-of-Fame member.