Junipero Serra Wins 2019 Cupertino Bianchini Tournament


1 – Junipero Serra (CC): 131.5

Philp Tran (Livermore, NC) Upper weight OW

2 – Benicia (NC): 130.0

3 – Palo Alto (CC): 124.5

4 – Westmont (CC): 115.0

5 – Livermore (NC): 111.5

6 – Cupertino (CC): 111.0

7 – Half Moon Bay (CC): 97.0

8T – Amador Valley (NC)/American (NC): 96.0

10 – Dougherty Valley (NC): 75.0



1st Place – Lorenzo Gunn of Benicia

2nd Place – Michael Huh of Westmont

3rd Place – Max Felter of Palo Alto

4th Place – Tallon Chambers of Livermore

5th Place – Nathan Vasquez of Leland

6th Place – Mike Froess of Monta Vista Christian


1st Place – Theo Vo of Westmont

2nd Place – Kurt Mirador of Amador Valley

3rd Place – Enrique Macias of Andrew Hill

4th Place – Jordan Suba of American

5th Place – Fernando Diaz-marquez of Half Moon Bay

6th Place – Cian Hennebry of Burlingame


1st Place – Brandon Reynolds of Benicia

2nd Place – Amit Klair of Monta Vista Christian

3rd Place – Logan Kavanagh of Livermore

4th Place – Luke Neely of Amador Valley

5th Place – Enzo Cappabianca of Junipero Serra

6th Place – Mason Royster of American


1st Place – Irvin Reyes of Oceana

2nd Place – James Kioi of Doughtery Valley

3rd Place – Abdul Shukur of Monterey Trail

4th Place – Charles Matthews of Junipero Serra

5th Place – Viraj Bahl of Cupertino

6th Place – Aiden Brose of Berean Christian


1st Place – Basil Othman of Benicia

2nd Place – Kyle Botelho of Burlingame

3rd Place – Adar Schwarzbach of Palo Alto

4th Place – Luis angel Vasquez of El Camino

5th Place – Leon Belman of Westmont

6th Place – Timothy Cowan of Livermore


1st Place – Alex Cruz of Cupertino

2nd Place – Dara Heydarpour of Palo Alto

3rd Place – Philip Doan of Gunn

4th Place – Adam Louie of Terra Nova

5th Place – Aylo Corshen of Drake

6th Place – Ethan Butts of Junipero Serra


1st Place – Timothy Waymouth of Gunn

2nd Place – Edward Ruiz of Terra Nova

3rd Place – Halo Lynch of Palo Alto

4th Place – Lou Noble of Milpitas

5th Place – Ray Cruz of Cupertino

6th Place – Dylan Mesarchick of Livermore


1st Place – Marcus Curry of Pleasant Grove

2nd Place – Ron Belman of Westmont

3rd Place – Tyler Weaver-escobar of Palo Alto

4th Place – Mike Pechina of Junipero Serra

5th Place – Bryan Thorne of Half Moon Bay

6th Place – Nelsene Torino of American


1st Place – Charlie Williams of Palo Alto

2nd Place – Harrison Bera of American

3rd Place – Shaun Wu of Amador Valley

4th Place – Jiancarlo Perseveranda of Benicia

5th Place – Miles Stines of Doughtery Valley

6th Place – Gio Dellamaggiore of Saint Francis


1st Place – Robert Piearcy of Cupertino

2nd Place – Jack Woods of Junipero Serra

3rd Place – Nate Valencia of Pleasant Grove

4th Place – Eddy Lopez of Half Moon Bay

5th Place – Ryan Lee of Saint Francis

6th Place – Daniel Knox of Monterey


1st Place – Philip Tran of Livermore *OW

2nd Place – Sirr Henson of Benicia

3rd Place – Arman Popli of Junipero Serra

4th Place – Russell De vera of Monterey Trail

5th Place – Dash Lee of Gunn

6th Place – Sam Knight of Drake


1st Place – Cade Duncan of Half Moon Bay

2nd Place – Xavier Williams of Livermore

3rd Place – Daniel Ramirez of Monterey Trail

4th Place – Ryan Bischofberger of American

5th Place – Benicio Talamante of Terra Nova

6th Place – Aiden Sanchez of Doughtery Valley


1st Place – Mathieu Isanove of Drake

2nd Place – Ryan Bailey of Amador Valley

3rd Place – Jack O`connor of Pleasant Grove

4th Place – Roman Searles of Doughtery Valley

5th Place – Timmy Brans of Westmont

6th Place – Zack Ninekirk of Berean Christian


1st Place – Caspian Grabowski of Half Moon Bay

2nd Place – Marcellus Eison of Junipero Serra

3rd Place – Davis Salom of Archbishop Mitty

4th Place – Teva Freitas of Mountain View

5th Place – Thomas Faville of Drake

6th Place – Cesar Lozano of Andrew Hill