165 – Jim Wilson (Stanford/McNair HS, SJ), 2015 NCAA Division I All-American


In July 2020, Stanford University announced its intention to eliminate 11 Varsity sports at the conclusion of the 2021 season, including wrestling, citing “finances and competitive excellence” as the primary drivers for this decision. This conclusion was reached in private, without consulting the student-athletes, coaches and alumni who care deeply about these programs and have contributed meaningfully to Stanford’s athletic success. We are prepared to present the University with a superior alternative, offering our resources and creativity to ensure the secure and permanent preservation of wrestling at Stanford

Our Plan

With the support of our community and in coordination with the administration, we plan to independently finance Varsity wrestling through a full endowment while ensuring that the University is in full compliance with Title IX. Instead of losing a quintessential sport with a proud tradition of success, Stanford will be able to reduce its athletic budget while continuing to benefit from a competitively successful, diverse program and the contributions and goodwill of over 400 wrestling alumni and thousands of supporters.


157 – Paul Fox (Stanford/Gilroy HS, CC): 7th Place (2017)

141 – Joe McKenna (Stanford/Blair Academy, NJ): 3rd Place (2016)

125 – Connor Schram (Stanford/Canon-McMillan HS, PA): 8th Place (2016)

165 – Jim Wilson (Stanford/McNair HS, SJ): 8th Place (2015)

125 – Ryan Mango (Stanford/Whitfield HS, Missouri): 5th Place (2012)

174 – Nick Armuchastegui (Stanford /Phoenix HS, Oregon): 2nd Place (2012)

125 – Ryan Mango (Stanford/Whitfield HS, Missouri): 6th Place (2011)

174 – Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford/Phoenix HS, Oregon): 2nd Place (2011)

197 – Zack Giesen (Stanford/North Valley HS, Oregon): 6th Place (2011)

165 – Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford/Phoenix HS, Oregon): 4th Place (2010)

125 – Tanner Gardner (Stanford/Shawnee Heights HS, Kansas): 5th Place (2008)

157 – Josh Zupancic (Stanford/Walsh Jesuit HS, Ohio): 6th Place (2008)

125 – Tanner Gardner (Stanford/Shawnee Heights HS, Kansas): 7th Place (2007)

157 – Josh Zupancic (Stanford/Walsh Jesuit HS, Ohio): 7th Place (2007)

125 – Tanner Gardner (Stanford/Shawnee Heights HS, Kansas): 8th Place (2006)

157 – Matt Gentry (Stanford/Grants Pass N. Valley HS, Oregon): NATIONAL CHAMPION (2004)

157 – Beau Weiner (Stanford/Ponderosa HS, SJ): 7th Place (1999)

142 – Todd Surman (Stanford/West Albany HS, Oregon): 7th Place (1996)

167 – Steve Buddie (Stanford/St. Ignatius HS, Ohio): 4th Place (1990)

167 – David Lee (Stanford University/Bella Vista HS, SJ): 5th Place (1986)

142 – Scott Wiggen (Stanford/Wheaton North HS, Illinois): 8th Place (1985)

177 – Jeff Wilson (Stanford/Mercer Island HS, Washington): 7th Place (1984)

190 – Doug Perkins (Stanford/Proctor HS, Nevada): 7th Place (1983)

150 – Chris Horpel (Stanford/Newport Harbor HS, S): 5th Place (1973)

152 – Len Borcher (Stanford University/Oregon): 4th Place (1967)

191 – Terry Crenshaw (Stanford/Grants Pass HS, Oregon): 4th Place (1967)