Liberty’s Adrian Chavez Pins Way to Mile High Challenge title in Arizona

Adrian Chavez (Liberty, NC)
195 – ADRIAN CHAVEZ (Liberty, NC) 2018 CIF State Medalist


1 – Sunnyside: 275.0

2 – Hamilton: 195.5

3 – Brillion: 159.0

4 – St. Johns: 156.5

5 – Chino Valley: 153.0

6 – Campo Verde: 145.0

7 – Liberty (Calif.): 136.5

8 – Casteel: 127.5

9 – Canyon Del Oro; 127.0

10 – Tuscon Magnet: 126.5

106 Champion – Romeo Avalos (Canyon Del Oro)

2nd Place – Grant Geiger of Brillion

3rd Place – Cesar Avelar of Brophy

4th Place – Gavin Gonzales of Marcos De Niza

5th Place – Case Heap of St. Johns

6th Place – Victor Lopez of Sunnyside

113 Champion – James Brown (Sunnyside)

2nd Place – Colby Evens of Chino Valley

3rd Place – Eric Ramos of Hamilton

4th Place – Jack Garcia of San Clemente (Calif.)

5th Place – Keegan Arthur of Mountain Pointe

6th Place – James Maheras of Casteel

120 Champion – Raul Aispuro (Kofa)

2nd Place – Abrin Vasquez of Sunnyside

3rd Place – Kaleb Pool of Tuscon Magnet

4th Place – Wade Payne of Chino Valley

5th Place – Jaime Rivera of Sunnyside

6th Place – JoJo Nonaca of San Clemente (Calif.)

126 Champion – Jesse Ybarra (Sunnyside)

2nd Place – Tanner Crosby of St. Johns

3rd Place – Lane Evens of Chino Valley

4th Place – Isai Alonso of Kofa

5th Place – Colton Tomitz of Prescott

6th Place – Jeremy Wilkins of Deer Valley

132 Aaron Rodriguez (Sunnyside)

2nd Place – Daniel Hristov of Spring Valley

3rd Place – Cade Ignatov of Liberty (Calif.)

4th Place – Jonah Muhammad of Hamilton

5th Place – Ibrahim Sadi of Tuscon Magnet

6th Place – Mason Comer of Canyon Del Oro

138 Champion – Kaiden Smith (St. Johns)

2nd Place – Beto SantaMaria of Tuscon Magnet

3rd Place – Andres Garcia of Spring Valley

4th Place – Malik Shuaibe-Jones of Marcos De Niza

5th Place – Rene Garcia of Canyon Del Oro

6th Place – Jesus Morales of Hamilton

145 Champion – Joshua Cruz (Raymond Kellis)

2nd Place – Issac Evans of Hamilton

3rd Place – Nathanial Paulson of Liberty (Calif.)

4th Place – Corbin Nelson of Combs

5th Place – Garnett Stebane of Brillion

6th Place – Kyle Lund of Chino Valley

152 Champion – Anthony Echemendia (Sunnyside)

2nd Place – Julies Escandon of Hamilton

3rd Place – Phoenix Pough of Willow Canyon

4th Place – Anthony Morales of Kofa

5th Place – Austin Oppen of St. Johns

6th Place – Sam Galoff of Brillion

160 Champion – Scott Kellenberger (Horizon)

2nd Place – Keller Rock of Chino Valley

3rd Place – Zane McKissick of Canyon Del Oro

4th Place – Andrew (AJ) Valle of Casteel

5th Place – Freddy Latu of Hamilton

6th Place – Fernando Villaescusa of Sunnyside

170 Champion – Carter Stebane (Brillion)

2nd Place – Ty Ryan of Raymond Kellis

3rd Place – Noah Rupp of Maranatha Christian

4th Place – Chase Jarvis of St. Johns

5th Place – Chris Merkle of San Clemente

6th Place – Orlando Sotelo of Sunnyside

182 Champion – Donovan (Hamilton)

2nd Place – Jayden Fletcher of Campo Verde

3rd Place – Elijah Wyatt of Sunnyside

4th Place – Tanner Jenson of Willow Canyon

5th Place – Thomas Derr of Brophy

6th Place – Khajack Darcinian of San Clemente (Calif.)

195 Champion – Adrian Chavez (Liberty, Calif.)

2nd Place – Diego Torres of Casteel

3rd Place – James Soto of Sunnyside

4th Place – Garrett Christiansen of Horizon

5th Place – Ryan Castillo of Hamilton

6th Place – Tommy Towe of Campo Verde

220 Champion – David Palosika (Mountain Pointe)

2nd Place – Levi Galoff of Brillion

3rd Place – Rafael Masella of Horizon

4th Place – Devin Montgomery of Combs

5th Place – Zach Famoso of Marcos De Niza

6th Place – Jake Leighty of Campo Verde

285 Champion – Trevor Kauer (Campo Verde)

2nd Place – Matthew McClure of Willow Canyon

3rd Place – Adrian Monreal of Sunnyside

4th Place – Taniela Taunima of Combs

5th Place – Harold (Spencer) Robertson of San Clemente

6th Place – Drew Meneses of Dobson