Mantanona and Omania win titles at UWW (U20) Greco-Roman World Team Trials

ANTHONY MANTANONA (University of Oklahoma)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. – Peyton Omania (Unattached) and Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma University) will represent the golden state in Slovakia after winning their weight class at the 2018 UWW Greco-Roman World Team Trial held Friday.

Competing at 67 kilograms, Omania was successful in defeating the challenge tournament champion Domenic Demas (Oklahoma University) In the best-two-out-of-three series. After going down (5-4) in their first contested bout, Omania defeated Demas in back-to-back matches (10-2 and 8-2) to be crowned the champion.

Mantanona won his spot at 77 kilograms as he outwrestled Josh Anderson (NMU-OTS/MWC) in two consecutive matches (14-12) and a fall in 1:11 to become a first-time UWW Greco-Roman World Team member.

Mason Hartshorn (NMU-OTS) placed second in the challenge tournament at 63 kilograms, by defeating Luis Hernandez of Garage boyz (13-11) in the semifinal round, before losing (8-0) to Dylan Gregerson (UVRTC) in the finals.

After going down in the semifinal round to Britton Holmes of NMU-OTS (9-0), Riley Briggs (NMU-OTS) defeated Tyler Cunningham of MWC Wrestling Academy (16-4) and Jose Rubio of SWC (9-0) to take third at 67 kilograms.

Both Omania and Mantanona will represent the U.S. in Trnava, Slovakia, at the UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Championships on September 17-23, 2018.