Martinez, Figueroa, Fiske, and Burton, ranked No. 1 in Inaugural National Girls High School Rankings

All photos courtesy of John Sachs (Tech-Fall)

USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, came out with the first ever girls high school rankings. Twenty-eighth grapplers from the Golden State are ranked, with Corey Burton (225), Alyvia Fiske (164), and the one-two-punch from Selma Alleida Martinez (112) and Gracie Figueroa (127), receiving top honors in their respective weight classes.

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100lbs: Angelina Gomez, sophomore, West Covina, Calif., Northview High School # 9

106lbs: Chelsea Wilson, senior, Redwood City, Calif., Menlo-Atherton High School # 9

112lbs: Alleida Martinez, junior, Selma, Calif., Selma High School # 1

117lbs: Trina Nguyen, junior, Walnut, Calif., Diamond Ranch High School # 6

122lbs: Alyssa Aceval, senior, San Jacinto. Calif., Corona High School # 4

122lbs: Mia Dow, senior, Ontario, Calif., Walnut High School # 6

127lbs: Grace Figueroa, junior, Sanger, Calif., Selma High School # 1

127lbs: Jessica Sanchez, sophomore, Tulare, Calif., Tulare Union High School # 5

127lbs: Christina Wilson, junior, Upper Lake, Calif., Upper Lake High School # 7

127lbs: Haley Valdez, senior, Covina, Calif., San Dimas High School # 10

132lbs: Candice Corralejo, junior, New Castle, Calif., Del Oro High School # 9

132lbs: Dalia Garibay, sophomore, Brentwood, Calif., Freedom High School # 10

138lbs: Shelley Avelino, senior, Vallejo, Calif., Benicia High School # 4

138lbs: Jenna Garcia, senior, Salinas, Calif., Notre Dame High School # 5

144lbs: Anatli Smalley, junior, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Upland High School # 10

152lbs: Alexis Young, sophomore, Yuba City, Calif., River Valley High School # 6

164lbs: Alyvia Fiske, senior, Napa, Calif., Vintage High School # 1

164lbs: Dymond Guilford, senior, Lancaster, Calif., Eastside High School # 5

164lbs: Emma Reusing, junior, Riverside, Calif., Hillcrest High School # 7

164lbs: Sara Aguilar, senior, Redwood, Calif., Palo Alto High School # 8

164lbs: Alexis Cavero, senior, Lodi, Calif., Tokay High School # 9

164lbs: Adelina Parra, freshman, San Fernando, Calif., San Fernando High School # 10

180lbs: Alexandra Castillo, junior, Arleta. Calif., Birmingham Charter High School # 2

200lbs: Corey Burton, junior, Hesperia, Calif., Oak Hills High School # 1

200lbs: Sierra Adams-Gregory, sophomore, Lakewood, Calif., Milliken High School # 3

225lbs: Stephanie Maldonado, senior, San Diego, Calif., Claremont High School # 4

225lbs: Arianna Cobian, junior, Pittsburg, Calif., Pittsburg High School # 6

225lbs: Alexis Garcia, senior, Santa Maria, Calif., Nipomo High School # 7