Menlo-Atherton Crowns Four Champions at Girls Central Coast Section

Top 10 Teams

1 Menlo Atherton 217.0

2 Alisal 172.0

3 Gilroy 126.0

4 Terra Nova 117.0

5 Half Moon Bay 116.0

6 Lincoln-SJ 97.0

7 North Salinas 95.0

8 Milpitas 92.5

9 Evergreen 89.0

10 San Benito 87.0

Final Results


1st Place – Melissa Lee of Fremont

2nd Place – Charlie Nguyen of Wilcox

3rd Place – Arriana Sotto of Milpitas

4th Place – Kristal Betanzo of Aragon

5th Place – Camellia Ly of Washington-SF

6th Place – Sophia Mercado of Presentation


1st Place – Victoria Borrego of Terra Nova

2nd Place – Katherine Nguyen of Evergreen

3rd Place – Chrizna Milanes of Overfelt

4th Place – Milca Chacon of Gilroy

5th Place – Camila Barranco of Aptos

6th Place – Veronica Garcia-Ramirez of Soledad


1st Place – Carolina Johnson of North Salinas

2nd Place – Marisol Jimenz of Overfelt

3rd Place – Jenna Hartman of San Benito

4th Place – Maya Letona of Santa Cruz

5th Place – Brittney Dare of Lowell-SF

6th Place – Jenny Yang of Milpitas


1st Place – Anna Smith of Menlo Atherton

2nd Place – Greta Gustafson of Santa Cruz

3rd Place – Gabriella Sandoval of Scotts Valley

4th Place – Kaelyn Siason of Everett Alvarez

5th Place – Megan Lam of Milpitas

6th Place – Miriam Ahedo of Alisal


1st Place – Mia Olmos of Lincoln-SJ

2nd Place – Evelyn Calhoon of Menlo Atherton

3rd Place – Yadira Joya of Evergreen

4th Place – Daniela Romo of Lowell-SF

5th Place – Madeline Pena of San Benito

6th Place – Ashley Wang of Palo Alto


1st Place – Victoria Cabrera of Alisal

2nd Place – Angie Bautista of Menlo Atherton

3rd Place – Raquel Amezquita of Santa Teresa

4th Place – Aishah Maas of Palo Alto

5th Place – Padma Armstrong of Terra Nova

6th Place – Julianna Moreno of Lincoln-SJ


1st Place – Julissa Taitano of Silver Creek

2nd Place – Mikaela Contreras of Terra Nova

3rd Place – Iris Guizar-Avila of Sequoia

4th Place – Valeria Cortez of James Lick

5th Place – Masako Perez of Palo Alto

6th Place – Maria Lopez of Gonzales


1st Place – Lauren Mcdonnell of Menlo Atherton

2nd Place – Annie Hua of Fremont

3rd Place – Eleni Fakaosi of Lincoln-SJ

4th Place – Danelia Corona of Half Moon Bay

5th Place – Dafne Hernandez of Gilroy

6th Place – Zithaliyc Castro of Alisal


1st Place – Gianna Mosqueda of Watsonville

2nd Place – Kelly Nebesnick of Gilroy

3rd Place – Linden Aly of Milpitas

4th Place – Sue Minuth of Aptos

5th Place – Esmeralda Mendez-Nono of Half Moon Bay

6th Place – Sofia Lazo of Evergreen


1st Place – Marlene Salinas of Terra Nova

2nd Place – Kennedy Miedema of Lynbrook

3rd Place – Ruby Sartain-Miller of San Lorenzo Valley

4th Place – Aryana Perez of Everett Alvarez

5th Place – Luxora Gast of Silver Creek

6th Place – Ma`ata Fakaosita of Mills


1st Place – Adriana Orozco of Gilroy

2nd Place – Jezebel Garcia of Wilcox

3rd Place – Elena Felix of Everett Alvarez

4th Place – Hallie Beier of Half Moon Bay

5th Place – Annabel Garcia of Fremont

6th Place – Valerye Trevizo of Monterey


1st Place – Abby Ericson of Menlo Atherton

2nd Place – Marisol Licea of Alisal

3rd Place – Maribel Saucedo of San Benito

4th Place – Valentina Munoz of Woodside

5th Place – Amber Banks of Leland

6th Place – Sarah Quiñones of Lowell-SF


1st Place – Fola Akinola of Menlo Atherton

2nd Place – Pipiena Langi of Mills

3rd Place – Destiny Sanchez of Alisal

4th Place – Juliannah Bolli of Silver Creek

5th Place – Maria Cuevas of Half Moon Bay

6th Place – Mel Lopez of North Salinas


1st Place – Caterina Montante of Monterey

2nd Place – Morgan Sparks of Half Moon Bay

3rd Place – Natalya Andre of Valley Christian

4th Place – Sosefina Nawaikula of Lincoln-SJ

5th Place – Rosalba Orosco of Alisal

6th Place – Livienna Lie of Menlo Atherton