Novachkov and Smith added to list of Bay Area Olympians

ROBBY SMITH (San Ramon Valley HS, NC) 2016 Greco-Roman Olympian

ROBBY SMITH – 2016 Greco-Roman Olympian “RIO”


BORIS NOVACHKOV – Bulgaria Olympic Team “RIO”


Boris Novachkov (Fremont HS, CCS) 2016 Bulgaria Olympic Team Member (FS)
Robby Smith (San Ramon Valley HS, NCS) 2016 Olympic Team Member (GR)
Patricia Miranda (Saratoga HS, CCS) 2004 Olympic Team Member (Women’s FS)
Eric Guerrero (Independence HS, CCS) 2004 Olympic Team Member (FS)
Stephen Abas (James Logan HS, NCS) 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist (FS)
Marco Sanchez (Independence HS, CCS) 1996 Puerto Rico Olympic Team (GR)
Dave Schultz (Palo Alto HS, CCS) 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (FS)
Mark Schultz (Palo Alto HS, CCS) 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist/1988 Olympic Team (FS)
Buck Deadrich (Castro Valley HS, NCS) 1972 Olympic Team Member (GR)
Pat Lovell (Sequoia HS, CCS) 1964 Olympic Team Member (GR)
Ben Northrup (Lowell HS, SF) 1960 Olympic Team Member (GR)
Russ Camilleri (Campbell HS, CCS) 1960 & ’64 Olympic Team Member (GR)
Dave & Mark Schultz - 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (Palo Alto HS, CC)

DAVE & MARK SCHULTZ – 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist

Stephen Abas - 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist (James Logan HS, NC)

STEPHEN ABAS – 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist