Nation’s best? Nwachukwu stifles Turner, highlights loaded SV Scuffle field

Adaugo Nwachukwu (Silver Creek, CCS): 2020 state champion

January 23, Bakersfield, Calif. — The girls brackets at the SV Scuffle Invitational were loaded with returning state medalists and qualifiers in action … including a state champion with something to prove? In the results below, returning state qualifiers will be identified in green.

The 126 weight class would be the envy of any national-level event, with three accomplished competitors battling for the top spot. According to the USA Wrestling/Flo rankings as of January 22, Adrienna Turner (4th CA 111 in 2020) is the #1 wrestler in the country at 127, having amassed an impressive body of work during the offseason. But the title went to defending state champion Adaugo Nwachukwu (1st CA 126), who won in resounding fashion, 11-2. Nwachukwu was ranked #10 in the country going in – likely due to limited action during the past 9 months. She also pinned the country’s #16-ranked competitor Solana Mottola (3rd CA 126) earlier in the day. In a round-robin format, Turner also beat Mottola 4-2. The 103 weight also featured three returning state qualifiers with Madison Avila winning the title over Jalen Bets and nationally-ranked Kaelani Shufeldt finishing 3rd.

At 131, Janida Garcia (4th CA 121), ranked #2 in the country following a preseason nationals title (Iowa) and undefeated run at Sunshine National Duals (Florida) in November, beat #14-ranked Maci Avila of Nevada by fall. Longtime youth star Isabella Marie Gonzales announced her intentions with a 3rd place finish, pinning Izabella Evans (4th CA 126) in the consolation finals after dropping a semifinals match-up against Avila. 143 was another monster weight, pitting two state medalists in the finals with nationally-ranked Taydem Khamjoi (8th CA 131) beating Nile Jernigan (5th CA 126 in 2019) by fall. Two returning state qualifiers, Alexandra Lopez and Ximena Pulido, rounded out the top 4. Kaiulani Garcia may very well be the best junior high school wrestler on the West Coast – she’s already ranked #11 in the country as an eighth grader – and she posted a dominant 18-3 tech fall over returning state qualifier Maria Dow in the 152 finals. Another elite junior high school competitor, Lilyana Balderas, who’s only in 7th grade, registered an impressive result by defeating returning state qualifier Diana Olivarez in the 110 finals. Also, as a note, Baoanh Duncan-Perez (3rd CA 170), ranked #8 in the country, took her talents to the boys draw, winning three matches in impressive fashion and finishing 3rd at 182.

High School Girls
1st Place – Madison Avila of Pma wrestling 4:57
2nd Place – Jalen Bets of Livermore Elite Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Kaelani Shufeldt of Dirty Goats 5-1
4th Place – Aleena Nguyen of Central Catholic

1st Place – Lilyana Balderas of Swamp Monsters 6-3
2nd Place – Diana Olivarez of Red Wave Wrestling
3rd Place – Valeria Ahumada of Norcal Queen 16-0
4th Place – Maile Nguyen of Livermore Elite Wrestling Club

1st Place – Cameron Ortiz of San Dimas 15-6
2nd Place – Kacey Schafer of Dirty Goats
3rd Place – Presley Anderson of Dirty Goats 2:22
4th Place – Pamela Decko of Swamp Monsters

1st Place – Isabella Ngo of LoneWolf 6-2
2nd Place – Sam Parcell of Dirty Goats
3rd Place – Yzabella Austin of Central Catholic 4:15
4th Place – Sabrina Cunha of Mad Dawg

1st Place – Adaugo Nwachukwu of Swamp Monsters 11-2
2nd Place – Adrienna Turner of Central Catholic
3rd Place – Solana Mottola of Panthers Academy of Wrestling 1:52
4th Place – Julissa Gonzalez of Shafter

1st Place – Janida Garcia of Central Catholic 2:34
2nd Place – Maci Avila of Panthers Academy of Wrestling
3rd Place – Isabella Marie Gonzales of FEARLESS 1:17
4th Place – Izabella Evans of Tulare Titans

1st Place – Taydem Khamjoi of Swamp Monsters 2:55
2nd Place – Nile Jernigan of Panthers Academy of Wrestling
3rd Place – Alexandra Lopez of Dirty Goats 4:00
4th Place – Ximena Pulido of Norcal Queen
5th Place – Yarely Coronado of Shafter

1st Place – Kaiulani Garcia of Norcal Queen 18-3
2nd Place – Mariah Dow of Panthers Academy of Wrestling
3rd Place – Raven Edwards of Swamp Monsters 1:54
4th Place – Danni Solorio of The Club

1st Place – Emily Adams of The Club 1:50
2nd Place – Naomi Roby of Top Dog Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Alessandra Alvarado of Ferny wrestling