2020 Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association National Championships

CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS 101 – Esthela Trevino (Umpqua (W)) VPO1 Mckenzie Bacich (Campbellsville), 2-2 109 – Emily Shilson (Augsburg) VSU Mckayla Campbell (Campbellsville), 11-0 5:00 116 – Jaslynn Gallegos Clinton (Presbyterian) VSU Katlyn Pizzo (Campbellsville), 10-0 0:54 123 – Julia Vidallon (Life) VPO1 Vayle-rae Baker (Augsburg), 5-2 130 – Abigail Nette (Campbellsville) VPO1 Gabby Skidmore (Augsburg), […]

Nominations are open for TCW’s Irv Oliner & Cullen Fitzgibbons Awards – Due Thursday, February 13th

CULLEN FITZGIBBONS AWARD The Cullen Fitzgibbons Award is given to the most inspirational wrestler in the state of California by the California Wrestler (TCW). IRV OLINER AWARD The California Wrestler (TCW) awards the Irv Oliner Award at the CIF State Championships to individuals for their most outstanding contributions and promotion of wrestling in the state […]