Poway Produces Six Champions to Claim 12th Annual Battle for the Belt Title.

106 – Andre Gonzales (Poway, SD) B4B Champion


1 – Poway (SD): 351.0

2 – Bakersfield (CS): 233.5

3 – Vacaville (SJ): 205.5

4 – Temecula Valley (S): 149.5

5 – Sultana (S): 131.5

6 – De La Salle (NC): 123.0

7 – Shadow Ridge (Nevada): 119.0

8T – Righetti (CS): 110.0

8T – San Marino (S): 110.0

10 – Calvary Chapel (S): 108.0


1st Place – Andre Gonzales of Poway

2nd Place – Beau Mantanona of Palm Desert

3rd Place – Kainoa Medina of Vacaville

4th Place – Ethan Perryman of Temecula Valley

5th Place – Dominic Mendez of Righetti

6th Place – Bobby Cuevas of De La Salle

7th Place – Santino Sanchez of San Marino

8th Place – Dom De`Altonaga of Poway


1st Place – Brock Bobzien of Poway

2nd Place – Justin Rodriguez of Palm Desert

3rd Place – Devin Avedissian of Temecula Valley

4th Place – Eric Griego of Pueblo County

5th Place – Logan Valledor of Vacaville

6th Place – Sam Gallardo of Shadow Ridge

7th Place – Travis Ewing of Esperanza

8th Place – Coen Quintana of Dinuba


1st Place – Johnny Lopez of Poway

2nd Place – Noah Ozuna of Bakersfield

3rd Place – Ryan Luna of Saint Francis

4th Place – Joaquin Arroyo of Calvary Chapel-SA

5th Place – Tyson Escebedo of Righetti

6th Place – Sean Pamintuan of James Logan

7th Place – Boden White of Pueblo County

8th Place – Matthew Jordan of Valhalla


1st Place – Jason Miranda of Poway

2nd Place – Juan Sierra of Cibola

3rd Place – Eric Alamarinez of Vacaville

4th Place – Erik McCown of Palm Desert

5th Place – Jacob Spears of Bakersfield

6th Place – Trent Smith of Shadow Ridge

7th Place – Phillip Saucedo of Martin Luther King

8th Place – Mark Quindoy of Chaparral


1st Place – Ryan Spangler of Sultana

2nd Place – Noah Tolentino of Poway

3rd Place – MJ Gaitan of Temecula Valley

4th Place – Koa Ruiz of San Marino

5th Place – Sean Yamasaki of Dos Pueblos

6th Place – Gabriel Schumm of Citrus Hill

7th Place – Santi Garcia of Rancho Buena Vista

8th Place – Gabriel Talledo of Shadow Ridge


1st Place – Ethan Birch of Vacaville

2nd Place – Mark Takara of Temecula Valley

3rd Place – Devyn Che of San Marino

4th Place – Tharen Burns of Poway

5th Place – Triston Curtis of Shadow Ridge

6th Place – Elijah Holiday of Esperanza

7th Place – Mario De La Torre of Temescal Canyon

8th Place – Jasun Bautista of Righetti


1st Place – Luka Wick of San Marino

2nd Place – Alex Ramirez of Rowland

3rd Place – Luke Gayer of Calvary Chapel-SA

4th Place – Brandon Bollinger of Sultana

5th Place – Noah Cortez of Dinuba

6th Place – Cade Lucio of Bakersfield

7th Place – Christian Navida of Poway

8th Place – Matt Rodriguz of Righetti


1st Place – Aaron Gandara of Poway

2nd Place – Jaxon Garoutte of Pueblo County

3rd Place – Mario Franco of De La Salle

4th Place – Aissac Perales of Canyon Springs

5th Place – DJ Weimer of Bakersfield

6th Place – Justin Flores of Temescal Canyon

7th Place – Billy Hudson III of Pine Creek

8th Place – Devon Craig of Chaparral


1st Place – Andrew Sparks of Calvary Chapel-SA

2nd Place – JT Stinson of East Nicolaus

3rd Place – Ethan Aguiniga of Sultana

4th Place – Jaden Sanchez of Bakersfield

5th Place – Joey Mora of Esperanza

6th Place – Jacob Vale of Poway

7th Place – Hayden Crosson of Pueblo West

8th Place – Jace Graves of Pine Creek


1st Place – Alex Hernandez of Poway

2nd Place – Jarad Priest of Bakersfield

3rd Place – Draygan Colonese of Pine Creek

4th Place – Noah Rupp of Maranatha Christian

5th Place – RaQueal Wagstaff of Vista Murrieta

6th Place – Jake Merrifield of Temescal Canyon

7th Place – Deshawn Mercadel of Arlington

8th Place – Josh Newsom of Monache


1st Place – Joe Curtis of La Costa Canyon

2nd Place – Tommy McCormick of Churchill County

3rd Place – Noah Gallardo of Shadow Ridge

4th Place – Jairo Rivera of Birmingham

5th Place – Adrian Stout of Righetti

6th Place – Braden Pease of Poway

7th Place – Mario Albarran of Rancho Buena Vista

8th Place – Albert Torres of Oak Hills


1st Place – Guillermo Escobedo of Los Altos

2nd Place – Shane Hansen of Oceanside

3rd Place – Laith Gilmore of Poway

4th Place – Carsten Rawls of Saint Francis

5th Place – Liam Hoffmeyer of Cibola

6th Place – Bryce Garcia of Pueblo County

7th Place – Dillon Derting of Pueblo West

8th Place – Kurtis Modlin of Mira Mesa


1st Place – Brandon Leon of Eleanor Roosevelt

2nd Place – Justin Darter of Bakersfield

3rd Place – Eric Hayward of Vacaville

4th Place – Charles Geffroy of Poway

5th Place – Hunter Weimer of Monache

6th Place – Bradley Moore of De La Salle

7th Place – Jacob Medrano of St Joseph

8th Place – Owen Firm of Sultana


1st Place – Josiah Hill of Bakersfield

2nd Place – Chris Island of Vacaville

3rd Place – Ben Roe of De La Salle

4th Place – Karson Martin of Chaparral

5th Place – Javier Martinez of Dinuba

6th Place – Zion Longsine of Bonita

7th Place – Taven Avila of Monache

8th Place – Caspian Grabowski of Half Moon Bay