Q&A With Alta Loma’s Alex Nunez


ALEX NUNEZ – 2x CIF State Medalist

The California Wrestler continues its installment of interviews with some of the top wrestlers from the Golden State. This week’s athlete is two-time CIF state place winner Alex Nunez of Alta Loma. Nunez has advanced to the state tournament since his initial year of scholastic wrestling. This season, Alex will be one of the heavy favorites to win an individual state title.


TCW – How old were you when you began competing in the sport of wrestling?
Nunez – When I first began competing in wrestling I was 12, it was the start of my 7th-grade year.
TCW – Do you believe you could eventually become the best wrestler Alta Loma has ever had so far?
Nunez – After my 4th place finished in last year’s state championship, I think that I can achieve a State Championship this upcoming season. If I do this, I will have beaten Alta Loma’s top state finisher (3rd, Jacob Leon), although I hope that I can share this record with my training partner, Zander Silva.
TCW – How ready are you to return back to the CIF state tournament in 2017 and win an individual state championship?
Nunez – Winning a State Championship has been my goal ever since I first stepped foot in Rabobank Arena my freshman year. I believe I’m mentally and physically more prepared than ever.
TCW – Which style of wrestling do you prefer better: Folkstyle, Greco-Roman or Freestyle?
Nunez – I personally prefer Folkstyle over the other wrestling styles, although watching Freestyle never gets old.
TCW – What is a typical day of training for you?
Nunez – A typical day of off­season training for me includes 2 hours of wrestling, 1 and a ½ hours of weightlifting, and cardio 3 to ­4 times a week.
TCW – Is wrestling the only sport you participate in Alta Loma?
Nunez – Wrestling is the only sport I currently compete in at Alta Loma, but I’m considering doing Track after this season.
TCW – Who has been your toughest opponent thus far in your scholastic career?
Nunez – My toughest opponent I would have to say has been Liam Cronin, I had a hard time figuring him out.
TCW – Do you believe that with the addition of Zander Silva, Tino Lopez and Daniel Galvan at Alta Loma, you guys will compete for a CIF-SS team title?
Nunez – I think that our team is stronger than ever, and the energy that has been added to an already pumped room with the addition of my new teammates, will be enough to get my coach the CIF dual title he deserves.
TCW – Are you planning on competing in college? And if so, which college programs have you consider?
Nunez – I’m hoping to be able to continue my wrestling career in college, although there aren’t too many options in California, I’d love to add to the great programs our state does have to offer. However, I’m extremely open to the idea of competing out of state. There are a couple schools that I am considering, but none have really stood out so far.
TCW – How do you balance social life, school, and wrestling?
Nunez – I put school and wrestling above all else, then I try to maintain my social life in whatever time I have left.
TCW – Anything else of note/interest that you would like to talk about?
Nunez – I’m extremely grateful to all those who have supported me and helped me succeed in this sport. I’m grateful for my coach, Thomas J. Dawson, my teammates Zander Silva, Joseph Vargas, Antonio Cortina and the rest of my guys who grind with me every day. I thank God every day for my parents, without whom I would have never even started wrestling, and who have endured the burden of paying for my expenses that come with being a successful wrestler. I thank my school, which has supported me every step of the way, and my friends who know the struggle we wrestlers have to overcome. I thank everyone who has helped me take my skills to the next level and hope I can make them proud in my final High School season.