Santa Ana’s Joey Daniel’s to compete for Clackamas College


Months away from making history at the state tournament for the Saints by becoming the first ever state champion, Joey Daniels, is back on track to making more history, but this time in the college level.

The California Wrestler recently learned that Daniel’s would take his talent to Oregon and compete for National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) powerhouse, Clackamas College.

“I like the scholarship they offered me,” said Joey Daniel’s. “I hope I have the same success I had in high school and win me a national title.”

Daniel’s will leave his home in Southern California real soon and enjoy a new journey making waves in the college scene. He is projected to compete at 174/184 for the Cougars and challenge the NJCAA field for the opportunity to become a national champion.

The cut to 174/184 shouldn’t be a tough one for Joey as he was a small 220-pound wrestler in high school.

“Many people didn’t know I was small for my weight class,” said Daniel’s “Nevertheless, I enjoy a challenge. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Joey will be studying Wildland Fire Forestry at Clackamas College and become a wildlife fireman either in Oregon or back in California once graduating from college.