Tatiana Suarez Pummels Former Champion Carla Esparza at UFC 228

DALLAS, Texas. – Former Northview grappler Tatiana Suarez showed every Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fan on Saturday evening why she is a title contender after mangling up former strawweight titleholder Carla Esparza.

Suarez wrestling skills were too much for Esparza throughout the match as Suarez got the initial takedown in the first period to drag Esparza into the canvas and overpower her with strong punches and elbows to the face.

The second period was much of the same with Suarez using her wrestling skill to take Esparza to the ground and punish her with multiple punches to the face. At the end of the second period, Esparza’s face was swollen with various lacerations on her face and head.

In the third and final period, Esparza attempted a takedown of her own with no luck as Suarez reshot to once again take her down for the third time on the match. Suarez chain wrestling was impressive as she was able to follow through with every move Esparza attempted.

Towards the end of the third period, Suarez was able to mount Esparza and hit her with everything she had to make referee Kerry Hatley see enough of the punishment Suarez was causing to Esparza and call the fight at 4:33 of the final round.

“This is something I’ve been working for my whole entire life,” Suarez told MMA Fighting.

With the victory, Suarez improved to (7-0) while Esparza to (13-6).