The 38th Annual Sacramento City College alumni wrestling scrimmage

Photo credit Coach David Pacheco (Sacramento City College)


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The meet took place on Sept. 2nd and was a huge success for the program.
Twenty-one Alumni competed in matches that are shorter in length than a regular match and scoring is unofficial. State Champions, All Americans, State Medalists and some that still have the love for the sport of wrestling and the school pride walked onto the two mats to put on a show for the large crowd. A lot of sweat was left on the mat, and many friendships were started or renewed.

Mat trivia for this event:

  • The newest administrator at SCC, President Michael Gutierrez came and supported the match. It may be his first SCC Athletic meet attended…but I am not sure. In talking to him, he was impressed with the crowd, the athletes and the alumni for making this a great event for him to attend.
  • The alumni that traveled the furthest was Mike Enzler. Mike was a member of Coach Pacheco’s first every team as a head coach. He now lives in Utah and flew in just for the match. He also was our announcer and did a fantastic job of giving information out on each alumni…..even if some was manufactured. As he told me, he is a professional.
  • The oldest competitor, at the age of 40 was Dustin Silva. He competed on the 1996 State Championship team and currently is a Sherriff with the Sac Sheriff’s department. A close second was Nate Coffin at 38. Both Nate and Dustin are from Trinity HS up north.
  • BJ Sheppard drove the most impressive vehicle to the match. He is a tow truck driver and had a huge tow truck, the type used for big rigs.
  • The parents that came the further to watch their son wrestle were Ted and Michele Kuahine. Their son Tyson was a part of the 2013 State Championship team. They flew in from Hawaii to attend the event.

  •  Tyler Brown was scheduled to go camping on the holiday weekend. Not only did he skip the camping trip to come to the meet, but he also brought his younger brother Josh, his girlfriend and his parents who are great boosters, Dan and Cindy Brown.
  • Jorge Landeros (2015) wrestled his younger brother Tomas with his parents, Jorge senior and his mom Sylvia along for the match. Another brother, Albert, also an SCC Alum could not make it as he is in Nebraska at Hastings College to finish his educational and wrestling careers.
  • Blair Kittle took time off from Law School at Cal Berkley to get in on the action.
    ·Brothers Isa and Francisco Hurtado joined the Alumni crew to compete against the new Panthers.
  • Three SCC State Champs of the past were on the mat: Kalen Hastey (2016); Desi Rios (2013) and Ken Steers III (2013). On hand to watch was State Champ Mark Loomis (1980)
  • All in All, 14 of the 21 wrestlers were state medalists at SCC
  • SCC’s newest administrator was on hand to watch the event, and from all indications, he was very impressed with the turnout of the alumni and the fans.
  • Ray Renaga, aka Ray Rey, came up from Los Angeles. He is a comedian/actor. He did a few minutes of comedy..mostly roasting his former coaches.

People always ask who won. Well, because it is a scrimmage, official scores are not kept. But based on what I saw, the alumni were pretty solid out there. My money would be on the alumni if a score were to be produced. Some of the best matches by the alumni were: Tyson Kuahine, Tyler Brown, and Kaleio Romero. For the SCC current team they were: Trevor Mattox, Morgan Sauseda, and Erick Pelayo Moreno.

Thanks to ALL that came and supported the event, especially President Gutierrez!!!