The Open Mat – Introducing the 2019 Women’s Cadet World Team By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling

69 kg – Amit Elor (College Park, NCS) Photo by Wrestling Texas.

IRVING, Texas – The 2019 Cadet Women’s Freestyle World Team was set on Saturday evening after multiple dominant performances from some of the USA’s newest World Team members.

2018 Cadet World bronze medalist Sterling Dias of Nevada will return to the Cadet World Championships, set for July 29-Aug. 4 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

With only two in her weight class, Dias put together two shutout technical falls over Virginia Foard throughout the day, 10-0 and 11-0, to win the spot.

Rising stars within USA’s women’s development program, Kennedy Blades and Amit Elor, earned bids to their first Cadet World Championships.

Blades, who won a Cadet Pan American gold last summer, improved on her second-place finish from the 2018 Cadet World Team Trials, rolling through the 73 kg bracket with four pins and two tech falls throughout the day.

In the finals, Blades knocked off returning Cadet World Team member Tristan Kelly in the best-of-three series, with a seven-second pin and a 10-0 shutout victory.

2018 U15 Pan Am champion Elor fashioned five tech falls at 69 kg on Saturday without surrendering a single point. Her longest bout of the day was 52 seconds.

Kylie Welker, a 2016 U15 Pan Am bronze winner, was named the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler with a solid performance at 61 kg.

En route to making her first World Team, Welker defeated 2018 Cadet World Team member Cheyenne Bowman in the semifinals, 9-1. In the finals, Welker went 2-0 against Mia Macaluso with a pair of tech falls.

Four other athletes punched their tickets to Bulgaria with straight-set wins in the finals, including Cristelle Rodriguez at 49 kg, Adriana Dorado Marin at 53 kg, Skylar Hattendorf at 57 kg and Lillian Freitas at 65 kg.

Alex Szkotnicki and Sage Mortimer battled back from first-round finals losses to secure spots on the 2019 Cadet World Team.

Szkotnicki put together solid decisions against Lizette Rodriguez in the second and third rounds to claim the 43 kg spot.

Mortimer, the first female to become a Greco-Roman All-American at Fargo Nationals, bounced back from a tech fall loss with a 7-2 decision and a 40-second fall over Nyla Valencia to earn a bid to Bulgaria at 46 kg.

The 2019 Women’s Nationals continues Sunday with U23 and U15 World Team Trials. Action begins at 10 a.m. CT live on

at Irving, Texas, May 10-12

40 kg
1st – Sterling Dias (Team Nevada)
2nd – Virginia Foard (Team Virginia)

43 kg
1st – Alex Szkotnicki (Team Maryland) df. Lizette Rodriguez (Team California), two matches to one
Round one: Rodriguez dec. Szkotnicki, 6-4
Round two: Szkotnicki dec. Rodriguez, 7-3
Round three: Szkotnicki dec. Rodriguez, 10-2

3rd – Karina Vang (Team California) dec. Morgan Johnson (Team Colorado), 7-2
5th – Isabella Morales (Team Washington) TF Gabrielle Mederios (Team California), 14-1
7th – Grace Gundrum (Team Pennsylvania) dec. Makayla Young (Team Ohio), 12-8

46 kg
1st – Sage Mortimer (Team Utah) df. Nyla Valencia (Team California), two matches to one
Round one: Valencia TF Mortimer, 11-0
Round two: Mortimer dec. Valencia, 7-2
Round three: Mortimer df. Valencia, fall 0:40

3rd – Ava Bayless (Team Pennsylvania) dec. Estrella Dorado Marin (Team Colorado), 4-0
5th – Rayana Sahagun (Team Michigan) TF Shea Reisel (Team Illinois), 10-0
7th – Julianne Moccia (Team Maryland) df. Logan Farnsworth (Team Rhode Island), injury default

49 kg
1st – Cristelle Rodriguez (California) df. Samara Chavez (Texas), two matches to none
Round one: Rodriguez dec. Chavez, 10-4
Round two: Rodriguez dec. Chavez, 10-8

3rd – Alexis Janiak (Team Illinois) dec. Faith Cole (Team Missouri), 3-0
5th – Alejandra Corral (Team Hawaii) dec. Crystal Venegas (Team Texas), 10-1
7th – Adrienna Turner (Team California) df. Amani Jones (Team Georgia), fall 1:24

53 kg
1st – Adriana Dorado Marin (Team Colorado) df. Melanie Mendoza (Team California), two matches to none
Round one: Dorado Marin TF Mendoza, 13-2
Round two: Dorado Marin TF Mendoza, 15-4

3rd – Camille Fournier (Team Texas) df. Jennifer Soto (Team California), fall 0:51
5th – Claire Dicugno (Team Washington) TF Alexis Montes (Team Texas), 10-0
7th – Allison Hynes (Team Oklahoma) dec. Alisha Narvaez (Team California), 6-2

57 kg
1st – Skylar Hattendorf (Team New Hampshire) df. Skye Realin (Team Hawaii), two matches to none
Round one: Hattendorf df. Realin, fall 0:57
Round two: Hattendorf dec. Realin, 4-1

3rd – Nanea Estrella (Team Hawaii) dec. Korina Blades (Team Illinois), 10-5
5th – Sofia Macaluso (Team New York) df. Leilah Castro (Team Ohio), inj. default
7th – London Houston (Team Washington) TF Devin Patton (Team Texas), 10-0

61 kg
1st – Kylie Welker (Team Wisconsin) df. Mia Macaluso (Team New York), two matches to none
Round one: Welker TF Macaluso, 12-2
Round two: Welker TF Macaluso, 14-4

3rd – Cheyenne Bowman (Team California) dec. Destiny Rodriguez (Team Oregon), 10-4
5th – Reese Larramendy (Team Pennsylvania) TF Athena Willden (Team California), 10-0
7th – Jordan Suarez (Team Texas) df. Maggie Palmore (Team Maryland), inj. default

65 kg
1st – Lillian Freitas (Team California) df. Ella Nichols (Team Conneticut), two matches to none
Round one: Freitas df. Nichols, fall 0:34
Round two: Freitas TF Nichols, 10-0

3rd – Jade Herzer (Team Wisconsin) dec. Sara Sulejmani (Team Illinois), 6-0
5th – Jazzmine Seely (Team Missouri) TF Beyonce Garcia (Team California), 15-4
7th – Seda Tsarni (Team Maryland) df. Destiny King (Team Wisconsin), inj. default

69 kg
1st – Amit Elor (Team California) df. Tiffani Baublitz (Team Pennsylvania), two matches to none
Round one: Elor TF Baublitz, 10-0
Round two: Elor TF Baublitz, 11-0

3rd – Alexandria Sanford (Team Washington) df. Michelle Kamyshin (Team California), inj. default
5th – Sidney Sullens (Team Georgia) df. Skylah Chakouian (Team Rhode Island), fall 0:28
7th – Jason Foster (Team Texas) dec. Hailey Jo Ahsmuhs (Team Colorado), 4-3

73 kg
1st – Kennedy Blades (Team Illinois) df. Tristan Kelly (Team Colorado), two matches to none
Round one: Blades df. Kelly, fall 0:07
Round two: Blades TF Kelly, 10-0

3rd – Ariana Pereira (Team California) df. Alycia Pidgeon (Team Washington), fall 3:00
5th – Alivia White (Team Washington) df. Delaney Cobbs (Team Washington), fall 0:11
7th – Ananya Phochana-johnson (Team Nevada) dec. Mckenzie Samuels (Team New York), 5-4