Zahid Valencia Wins Midlands; Fresno State places 7th


1 – Iowa: 184.0

2 – Northern Iowa: 119.5

3 – Northwestern: 110.0

4 – Wisconsin: 97.5

5 – Princeton: 92.5

6 – Arizona State: 83.0

7 – Fresno State: 69.5

8 – Army West Point: 68.0

9 – Illinois: 65.0

10 – Campbell: 57.5

Midlands 125 Champion – Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern)

2nd Place – Spencer Lee of Iowa

3rd Place – Pat Glory of Princeton

4th Place – Connor Brown of Wisconsin

5th Place – Travis Piotrowski of Illinois

6th Place – Justin Cardani of Illinois – UNAT

7th Place – Kyle Biscolglia of Northern Iowa – UNAT

8th Place – Elijah Oliver of Indiana

1st Place Match

Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) won by decision over Spencer Lee (Iowa) (Dec 7-3)

3rd Place Match

Pat Glory (Princeton) major decision over Connor Brown (Wisconsin) (Maj 14-5)

5th Place Match

Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) medical forfeit over Justin Cardani (Illinois – UNAT) (MFF)

7th Place Match

Kyle Biscolglia (Northern Iowa – UNAT) decision over Elijah Oliver (Indiana) (Dec 3-1)

Midlands 133 Champion – Austin Desanto (Iowa)

2nd Place – Noah Gonser of Campbell

3rd Place – Zachary Sherman of North Carolina – UNAT

4th Place – Josiah Kline of Arizona State

5th Place – Paul Glynn of Iowa

6th Place – Dylan Duncan of Illinois

7th Place – Colin Valdivez of Northwestern

8th Place – Jens Lantz of Wisconsin

1st Place Match

Austin Desanto (Iowa) major decision over Noah Gonser (Campbell) (Maj 15-5)

3rd Place Match

Zachary Sherman (North Carolina – UNAT) decision over Josiah Kline (Arizona State) (Dec 7-3)

5th Place Match

Paul Glynn (Iowa) medical forfeit over Dylan Duncan (Illinois) (MFF)

7th Place Match

Colin Valdivez (Northwestern) decision over Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) (Dec 1-0)

Midlands 141 Champion – Josh Alber (Northern Iowa)

2nd Place – Max Murin of Iowa

3rd Place – Yahya Thomas of Northwestern

4th Place – Michael Blockhus of Northern Iowa – UNAT

5th Place – Joey Gould of Bucknell

6th Place – Corey Shie of Army West Point

7th Place – Tristan Moran of Wisconsin

8th Place – Ben Freeman of Michigan

1st Place Match

Josh Alber (Northern Iowa) decision over Max Murin (Iowa) (Dec 5-2)

3rd Place Match

Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) decision over Michael Blockhus (Northern Iowa – UNAT) (Dec 8-1)

5th Place Match

Joey Gould (Bucknell) major decision over Corey Shie (Army West Point) (Maj 13-5)

7th Place Match

Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) major decision over Ben Freeman (Michigan) (Maj 11-2)

Midlands 149 Champion – Mathew Kolodzik (Princeton)

2nd Place – Max Thomsen of Northern Iowa

3rd Place – Sammy Sasso of Ohio State – UNAT

4th Place – Pat Lugo of Iowa

5th Place – Jacori Teemer of Arizona State – UNAT

6th Place – Alec Pantaleo of Michigan

7th Place – Khristian Olivas of Fresno State

8th Place – Henry Pohlmeyer of South Dakota State

1st Place Match

Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton) decision over Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State – UNAT) sudden victory – 1 over Pat Lugo (Iowa) (SV-1 6-4)

5th Place Match

Jacori Teemer (Arizona State – UNAT) medical forfeit over Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) (MFF)

7th Place Match

Khristian Olivas (Fresno State) fall over Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State) (Fall 4:12)

Midlands 157 Champion – Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)

2nd Place – Kaleb Young of Iowa

3rd Place – Zach Hartman of Bucknell

4th Place – Jeren Glosser of Iowa

5th Place – Eric Barone of Illinois

6th Place – Mike D`Angelo of Unattached

7th Place – Logan Parks of Central Michigan

8th Place – John Vanbrill of Rutgers – UNAT

1st Place Match

Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) decision over Kaleb Young (Iowa) (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match

Zach Hartman (Bucknell) decision over Jeren Glosser (Iowa) (Dec 8-3)

5th Place Match

Eric Barone (Illinois) won by decision over Mike D`Angelo (Unattached) (Dec 6-2)

7th Place Match

Logan Parks (Central Michigan) medical forfeit over John Vanbrill (Rutgers – UNAT) (MFF)

Midlands 165 Champion – Alex Marinelli (Iowa)

2nd Place – Evan Wick of Wisconsin

3rd Place – Joshua Shields of Arizona State

4th Place – Bryce Steiert of Northern Iowa

5th Place – Jonathan Viruet of Brown

6th Place – Caden McWhirter of Northern Illinois

7th Place – Joseph Gunther of Illinois

8th Place – Jacen Petersen of Arizona State

1st Place Match

Alex Marinelli (Iowa) decision over Evan Wick (Wisconsin) (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match

Joshua Shields (Arizona State) decision over Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) (Dec 3-2)

5th Place Match

Jonathan Viruet (Brown) decision over Caden McWhirter (Northern Illinois) (Dec 5-0)

7th Place Match

Joseph Gunther (Illinois) decision over Jacen Petersen (Arizona State) (Dec 6-5)

Midlands 174 Champion – Zahid Valenica (Arizona State)

2nd Place – Taylor Lujan of Northern Iowa

3rd Place – Brit Wilson of Northern Illinois

4th Place – Andrew Morgan of Campbell

5th Place – Willie Scott of Rutgers

6th Place – Ryan Christensen of Wisconsin

7th Place – Jairod James of Mount Union

8th Place – Ben Harvey of Army West Point

1st Place Match

Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) major decision over Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) (Maj 17-7)

3rd Place Match

Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois) decision over Andrew Morgan (Campbell) (Dec 11-5)

5th Place Match

Willie Scott (Rutgers) medical forfeit over Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) (MFF)

7th Place Match

Jairod James (Mount Union) medical forfeit over Ben Harvey (Army West Point) (MFF)

Midlands 184 Champion – Drew Foster (Northern Iowa)

2nd Place – Cash Wilcke of Iowa

3rd Place – Mason Reinhardt of Wisconsin

4th Place – Jackson Hemauer of Fresno State

5th Place – Gavin Hoffman of Ohio State – UNAT

6th Place – Christian LaFragola of Brown

7th Place – Trevor Allard of Bloomsburg

8th Place – Thomas Penola of Purdue

1st Place Match

Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) decision over Cash Wilcke (Iowa) (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match

Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin) decision over Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State) (Dec 4-1)

5th Place Match

Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State – UNAT) decision over Christian LaFragola (Brown) (Dec 4-3)

7th Place Match

Trevor Allard (Bloomsburg) decision over Thomas Penola (Purdue) (Dec 6-3)

Midlands 197 Champion – Patrick Brucki (Princeton)

2nd Place – Tanner Sloan of South Dakota State – UNAT

3rd Place – Lucas Davison of Northwestern – UNAT

4th Place – Rocco Caywood of Army West Point

5th Place – Jacob Warner of Iowa

6th Place – Thomas Lane of Cal Poly

7th Place – Josh Hokit of Fresno State

8th Place – Brett Perry of Buffalo

1st Place Match

Patrick Brucki (Princeton) decision over Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State – UNAT) (Maj 13-4)

3rd Place Match

Lucas Davison (Northwestern – UNAT) decision over Rocco Caywood (Army West Point) (Dec 6-4)

5th Place Match

Jacob Warner (Iowa) medical forfeit over Thomas Lane (Cal Poly) (MFF)

7th Place Match

Josh Hokit (Fresno State) fall over Brett Perry (Buffalo) (Fall 6:28)

Midlands 285 Champion – Tanner Hall (Arizona State)

2nd Place – Conan Jennings of Northwestern

3rd Place – Matt Stencel of Central Michigan

4th Place – Aj Nevills of Fresno State

5th Place – Mason Parris of Michigan – UNAT

6th Place – Jere Heino of Campbell – UNAT

7th Place – Tony Cassioppi of Iowa – UNAT

8th Place – Trent Hillger of Wisconsin

1st Place Match

Tanner Hall (Arizona State – UNAT) decision over Conan Jennings (Northwestern) (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match

Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) decision over Aj Nevills (Fresno State) (Dec 10-5)

5th Place Match

Mason Parris (Michigan – UNAT) medical forfeit over Jere Heino (Campbell – UNAT) (MFF)

7th Place Match

Tony Cassioppi (Iowa – UNAT) forfeit over Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) (FF)